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Catalog of Programs in Category G

G. Radiological Safety, Hazard and Accident Analysis

ccc-0442 ACDOS3, Neutron Activation Activities and Dose Rates
nea-1072 ACFA, Isotope Activation of Coolant and Structure Materials
nea-0621 ACRO, Organ Doses from Acute or Chronic Radioactive Inhalation or Ingestion
ccc-0372 ACT-ARA, Time-Dependent Radiation Source Terms
nesc0908 AERIN, Organ and Tissue Doses from Radioactive Aerosols
ccc-0360 AIRDIF, Neutron and Gamma Doses from Nuclear Explosion by 2-D Air Diffusion
iaea1274 AIREKMOD-RR, Reactivity Transients in Nuclear Research Reactors
nea-1130 AIRGAMMA, External Gamma-Ray Exposure from Radioactive Cloud
ccc-0341 AIRSCAT, Dose Rate from Gamma Air Scattering by Single Scattering Approximation
ccc-0110 AIRTRANS, Time-Dependent, Energy Dependent 3-D Neutron Transport, Gamma Transport in Air by Monte-Carlo
nea-0500 ALARM, Thermohydraulics of BWR with Jet Pumps During LOCA
nea-0705 ALARM-P1, PWR Thermohydraulics for ECCS During Blowdown
ccc-0577 ALDOSE, Dose Rate from Alpha Disk Source in H20
uscd0795 AMRAW, Risk Assessment Method for Radioactive Waste Management
nesc0529 ANVENT, Temperature Distribution and Pressure in Containment and Ice Condenser after LOCA for LWR
iaea1219 APUD-3.0, Off-Site Contamination Assessment from Accidental Release
ests1169 ARCON96, Radioactive Plume Concentration in Reactor Control Rooms
nea-1368 ARIANNA-2, Sub-Compartment Thermo-Hydraulic Transients in LOCA
nea-0174 ARLEKIN, General Point Reactor Kinetics by Lie-Series Method
nea-1581 ART MOD2, Fission Product Migration in Primary System and Containment
nea-0539 ASCOT-1, Thermohydraulics of Axisymmetric PWR Core with Homogeneous Flow During LOCA
ccc-0417 AT123D, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Transient Waste Transport Simulation in Groundwater
psr-0431 ATHENA_2D, Simulation Hypothetical Recriticality Accident in a Thermal Neutron Spectrum
ccc-0179 ATR, Radiation Transport Models in Atmosphere at Various Altitudes
nea-1076 AVACOM-ETAP, Availability and Element Transient and Asymptotic Repair Process
nea-0861 AWE-1 AWE-2 BRUNA, Minimal Cut Sets of Logic Trees
nesc1020 BACFIRE, Minimal Cut Sets Common Cause Failure Fault Tree Analysis
iaea0820 BLAST, Accident Conditions in Critical and Subcritical Thermal Reactor System
psr-0377 BLOCKAGE2.5R, Plug of Emergency Core Cooling Suction Strainers by Debris BWR
ccc-0633 BLT, Waste Transport through Porous Media from Container Failure
iaea0915 BRA, Breast Radiation Analysis from Mammography
nea-0418 BRUCH-D-06, LOCA of PWR Primary System with 23 Control Volume and 9 Rupture Points
nea-1819 BURD, Bayesian estimation in data analysis of Probabilistic Safety Assessment
nea-0114 BURST, Time-Dependent Pressure and Coolant Flow after Circuit Fracture in HTGR
nesc0435 BURST-1, Rupture of 1-D Cylindrical Pressurized Liquid System, Hydrodynamic Calculation
nesc1080 BWR-GALE, Radioactive Gaseous and Liquid Waste Release from BWR
ccc-0485 BWR-LTAS, BWR Long Term Accident Simulation Program
nea-1313 BWRDYN, Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of a BWR Plant
ccc-0476 CAAC, System to Implement Atmospheric Dispersion Assessments
nea-1800 CAFDATS, Converter of Angular Fluxes of DORT, ANISN and TORT Systems
ccc-0594 CALKUX, Exposure Transmission of Medical X-Ray Beams Through Barrier Materials
ccc-0240 CAMERA CAM, Radiation Dose Absorption by Computer Man
ccc-0542 CAP-88, Dose Risk Assessment from Air Emissions of Radionuclides
nea-1735 CARL 2.3, radiotoxicity, activity, dose and decay power calculations for spent fuel
nea-0393 CARNAC, Neutron Flux and Neutron Spectra in Criticality Accident
nea-0712 CASSANDRE, 2-D Reactor Dynamic FEM Program with Thermohydraulic Feedback
ccc-0070 CHARGE-2/C, Flux and Dose Behind Shield from Electron, Proton, Heavy Particle Irradiation
nea-0631 CLAPTRAP, Pressure Transients in LWR Containment During LOCA
nesc9978 COBRA-3C/RERTR, Thermohydraulic Low Pressure Subchannel Transients Analysis
nesc0432 COBRA-4I, Transient Thermohydraulics Fuel Elements Clusters, Subchannel Analysis Method
psr-0375 COGAP, Nuclear Power Plant Containment Hydrogen Control System Evaluation Code
psr-0343 COMIDA, Radionuclide Food Chain Model for Acute Fallout Deposition
ests0023 COMPBRN3, Modelling of Nuclear Power Plant Compartment Fires
nesc0663 COMRADEX-4, Doses from Radioactive Release, Meteorological Dispersion, Aerosol
ccc-0416 CONDOS-II, Radiation Dose from Consumer Product Distribution Chain
nesc0433 CONTEMPT, LWR Containment Pressure and Temperature Distribution in LOCA
nesc0818 CONTEMPT-4/MOD5&6, LWR Containment Long-Term Pressure Distribution and Temperature Distribution in LOCA
nea-0567 CORAN, PWR and BWR Containment Response to LOCA
nea-0333 COSTANZA-RZ, 1-D Liquid Cooled Reactor Dynamic in R-Z Geometry
nea-0398 COSTAX-BOIL, Transient Dynamic Analysis of BWR and PWR in Axial Geometry
nea-0533 COSTAX-BWR, Coupled Time-Dependent 2 Group Neutron Diffusion and 2 Phase Fuel Rod Coolant Flow
ccc-0419 CRAC2, Reactor Accident Risk Assessment
nea-1734 CRISSUE-S, Neutronics/Thermal-hydraulics Coupling in LWR Technology
ccc-0518 CRRIS, Health Risk Assessment from Atmospheric Releases of Radionuclides
nea-1535 D2O, Computation of Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Heavy Water
ccc-0455 DEIS, Impact Measures of Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
nea-0840 DENZ, Dense Toxic or Explosive Gases Dispersion in Atmosphere
nea-0453 DEPCO-MULTI, Subcooled Decompression in PWR Primary System LOCA
ccc-0170 DISDOS, Kerma in Model Man from External Gamma Source
ccc-0454 DISPERS, Radioactive Release into Surface Water and Ground Water
nesc1146 DORIAN, Bayes Method Plant Age Risk Analysis
ccc-0624 DOSE-SGTR, Iodine Release During Steam Generator Tube Rupture (SGTR) in PWR
ccc-0536 DOSEFACTOR-DOE, Dose Rate Conversion Factors for Photon and Electron Exposure
iaea0885 DRUCK, Thermal, Mechanical Stress of PWR Fuel Rod During LOCA Blowdown
nea-0215 DRUCKSCHALE-44, Pressure and Temperature Transients in Blowdown Accident
nea-0839 DRUFAN-01/MOD2, Transient Thermohydraulics of PWR Primary System LOCA
nea-0457 DRUGEVO, Time-Dependent Containment Pressure and Temperature in BWR or PWR LOCA
nesc0784 DSNP, Program and Data Library System for Dynamic Simulation of Nuclear Power Plant
ccc-0634 DUST-BNL, Radioactive Waste Transport from Container Leaks into Ground Water
ccc-0383 DWNWND, Downwind Atmospheric Concentration and Dispersion by Gaussian Plume Model
psr-0191 EDISTR, Nuclear Data Base Generator for Internal Radiation Dosimetry Calculation
nea-0845 EDO, Doses to Man and Organs from Reactor Operation Noble Gas and Liquid Waste Release
nesc0600 EGAD, Ground Level Gamma Doses Function of Gamma Energy for Radioactive Releases
ccc-0119 ELBA, Bremsstrahlung Dose from Isotropic Electron Flux on Plane Al Shield
nesc0546 EMERALD, Radiation Release and Dose after PWR Accident for Design Analysis and Operation Analysis
nesc0685 EMERALD-NORMAL, Routine Radiation Release and Dose for PWR Design Analysis and Operation Analysis
nea-0561 ESDORA, Continuous and Instantaneous Fission Products Release into Atmosphere
nea-0447 EUREKA, Reactivity Transients in LWR from Control Rod, Coolant Flow, Temperature
nea-0424 EXCURS, Heat Transfer Transients in Cylindrical Reactor Channel LOCA
nea-0228 EXCURS-3, Reactor Kinetics and Heat Transfer in Cylindrical Channel During Accident
iaea1273 EXCURS-3-RR, Kinetics of Research Reactor Reactivity Transient Analysis
iaea0868 FAPCO, Evaluation of Flaws in Nuclear Power Plant Component Structures
nesc1095 FASTGRASS, Gaseous Fission Products Release in UO2 Fuel
nesc1092 FIRAC, Nuclear Power Plant Fire Accident Model
nesc9597 FLODIS, Thermal Response of FSV HTGR Core
nea-0669 FONTA, Radiation Release in Atmosphere and Deposition in Human Organs
nesc0694 FRAP-S3 FRAP-S1, Steady-State LWR Oxide Fuel Elements Behaviour
nesc0658 FRAP-T, Temperature and Pressure in Oxide Fuel During LWR LOCA
nesc0694 FRAPCON2, Steady-State LWR Oxide Fuel Elements Behaviour, Fission Products Gas Release, Error Analysis
nesc0479 FREADM-1, Reactor Kinetics Thermohydraulics Calculation for Fast Reactor Accidents
nea-0692 FRELIB, Failure Reliability Index Calculation
nea-0982 FRETA-B, LWR Fuel Rod Bundle Behaviour During LOCA
nesc9659 FRTGEN, Fault Trees by Subtree Generator from Parent Tree for Program FTAP
nesc9659 FRTPLT, Fault Tree Structure and Logical Gates Plot for Program FTAP
nesc0666 FTA, Fault Tree Analysis for Minimal Cut Sets, Graphics for CALCOMP
nesc9659 FTAP, Minimal Cut Sets of Arbitrary Fault Trees
nea-1601 GARDEC, Estimation of dose-rates reduction by garden decontamination
ccc-0463 GASPAR-II, Radiation Exposure to Man from Air Releases of Reactor Effluents
ccc-0737 GENII 2.10, Environmental Radiation Dosimetry System
ccc-0601 GENII-LIN, Multipurpose Health Physics Code
ests0075 GRASS-SST, Fission Products Gas Release and Fuel Swelling in Steady-State and Transients
ccc-0774 GRSAC, Graphite Reactor Severe Accident Code
nea-1690 GRTUNCL-3D/R-THETA-Z, Code to Calculate Semi Analytic First Collision Source and Uncollided Flux in an R-theta-Z grid
ccc-0721 GRTUNCL3D, Code to Calculate Semi Analytic First Collision Source and Uncollided Flux (X, Y, Z)
nesc0443 HAA3B, Heterogeneous Aerosol Transport after LMFBR Accidents, Lognormal Size Distribution
nesc0797 HAARM, Time-Dependent Diffusion and Deposition of Radioactive Aerosols, LMFBR Accidents
ccc-0665 HABIT 1.1, Toxic and radioactive release hazards in reactor control room
ests1100 HABIT, Toxic and Radioactive Release Hazards in Reactor Control Room
ccc-0452 HADOC, External and Internal Organ Doses from Radiation Release at Hanford
ccc-0387 HARAD, Decay Isotope Concentration from Atmospheric Noble-Gas Release
nea-1125 HEXANN-EVALU, Neutron Irradiation of Reactor Pressure Vessels
ests0545 HGSYSTEM, Atmospheric Dispersion for Ideal Gases and Hydrogen Fluoride (HF)
ests1242 HGSYSTEMUF6, Simulating Dispersion Due to Atmospheric Release of Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6)
nea-1169 HORN, Fission Products Transport in Primary Coolant System of BWR and PWR in LOCA
ccc-0644 HOTSPOT 3.0.1, Health Physics Code System for Evaluating Accidents Involving Radioactive Materials
nea-0499 HYDY-B1, Channel Thermohydraulics During LOCA of BWR, PWR
nea-0216 HYTRAN, Open Channel Thermal and Hydraulic Transients in LOCA
ests0005 IMPACTS-BRC2.1, General Radiological Impacts Analysis
nesc0779 IMPORTANCE, Minimal Cut Sets and System Availability from Fault Tree Analysis
iaea1378 INDOSE V2.1.1, Internal Dosimetry Code Using Biokinetics Models
nea-1904 INES-CLASS, assessment of accidents significance occurred at nuclear facilities
psr-0313 INFLTB, Dosimetric Mass Energy Transfer and Absorption Coefficient
ccc-0185 INREM-EXREM-3, Time-Dependent Organ Doses from Isotope Inhalation and Ingestion
iaea0886 INTERTRAN-I and INTERTRAN-II, Radiation Exposure from Vehicle Transport of Radioactive Material
ests0109 IRDAM, Interactive Rapid Dose Assessment from Reactor Accident Effluents
ests0003 IRRAS, Integrated Reliability and Risk Analysis System for PC
nea-1838 JASMINE V.3, Steam explosion simulation
psr-0306 KAOS-V, Neutron Fluence to Kerma Factor Evaluation from ENDF/B-5 and JENDL-2
nea-1824 KCUT, code to generate minimal cut sets for fault trees
nea-1865 KICHE 1.3, Kinetics of Iodine Chemistry in the Containment of LWRs under Severe Accident Conditions
nea-1002 KINE, 1-D PWR Dynamic with Partial Core Boiling
nesc0528 KITT, Component and System Reliability Information from Kinetic Fault Tree Theory
ccc-0229 KRONIC, Annual Body Tissue Dose from Continuous Atmospheric Release
psr-0277 LEPRICON, PWR Vessel Dose Analysis with DORT and ANISN Program
nea-0860 LISA, Hazard Assessment of Nuclear Waste Disposal in Geological Formations
nea-0623 LOCA-MARK-2, Fuel Temperature and Clad Temperature in HWR Steam Generator LOCA
ccc-0385 LPGS, Radiation Exposure from Radioactive Release into Hydrosphere
ccc-0064 LPSC, Protons and Neutron Flux, Spectra Behind Slab Shield from Protons Irradiation
nea-1306 LSHINSE, Air Scattering Neutron and Gamma Doserates for Complex Shielding Geometry
psr-0233 LSL-M2, Neutron Spectra Log Adjustment for Dosimetry Applications
nea-1047 MANYCASK, Radiation Dose Rate Around Many Casks
nesc0734 MARCH, Containment Behaviour after LOCA, Blowdown, Meltdown, Metal H2O Reaction
ccc-0503 MARINRAD, Health Hazard from Radioactive Material Release into Ocean
nesc0745 MATADOR, Fission Products Release and Deposition in LWR Containment, Meltdown Accident
nea-0380 MATRA, Void Simulation in Steam and H2O Mixture Channel in Accident
nea-1889 MEGA, Mechanistic and Engineering Fission Gas Release Model for a Uranium Dioxide Fuel
nesc0700 MELT-3, Thermohydraulics and Neutronics, Fast Reactor Transients with Feedback
ests0331 MESORAD, Emergency Response Airborne Dose Assessment
nea-1534 MESYST, Simulation of 3-D Tracer Dispersion in Atmosphere
nesc9460 MILDOS-AREA, Radiological Impact of Airborne U238 from Mining and Milling
nesc0653 MOCUS, Minimal Cut Sets and Minimal Path Sets from Fault Tree Analysis
psr-0411 MORECA, Simulating Modular High-Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor Core Heatup
nesc0508 MUCHA1, Fuel Rod Pair Thermohydraulics During LOCA and ECCSA for LWR
nesc0508 MUCHA2, Primary Coolant Thermohydraulics During LOCA and ECCS for LWR
nea-0933 MULTI-KENO, Criticality Safety Analysis by Monte-Carlo
nea-1041 MULTIPLET, Large Event Trees for Risk Assessment Calculation
ccc-0164 NAC, Neutron Activation Analysis and Isotope Inventory
nea-0806 NAIAD, LOCA Transient and Steady-State 2 Phase Flow in Channel Network
nesc0719 NATRAN-2, LMFBR Piping System Pressure Transients, Fluid Hammer and Na H2O Reaction
nesc0718 NATRANSIENT, LMFBR Piping System Pressure Transients, Fluid Hammer, Na H2O Reaction
nea-0853 NAUA-MOD5 NAUA-MOD5/M, Aerosols in Reactor Containment During Meltdown
nea-1635 NIRAD, A Two-Dimensional Radiation Hydrodynamics Code
nea-0671 NORCOOL, BWR LOCA Analysis with Thermal Non-Equilibrium and Counter Current Flow
nea-0921 NOTAM, Neutronics Hydraulics of BWR in Steady-State Conditions
ccc-0684 NRCDOSE 2.3.20, Evaluation of Routine Radioactive Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants
ccc-0768 NRCDOSE72 1.2.3, Evaluation of Routine Radioactive Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants with Windows Interface
nesc9888 NUTRAN, Doses by Radionuclide Migration from Nuclear Waste Storage
nesc1125 OCA-P, PWR Vessel Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics
nesc0898 OCTAVIA, PWR Pressure Vessel Failure Probability for Routine Pressure Transients
nea-1249 ORION-II, Concentration and Dose from Radioactive Release into Atmosphere
nesc0555 PARET-ANL(NESC), Thermohydraulics of Reactivity Accident in LWR
psr-0516 PARET-ANL, Code System to Predict Consequences of Nondestructive Accidents in Research and Test Reactor Cores
ccc-0499 PART61, Low Level Radioactive Waste Impact Analysis
nea-1680 PASCAL, Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Structural Components in Aging LWR
ccc-0445 PAVAN, Atmospheric Dispersion of Radioactive Releases from Nuclear Power Plants
ests0071 PC-PRAISE, BWR Piping Reliability Analysis
ests0764 PCDOSE-ESTSC, Radioactive Dose Assessment and NRC Verification
psr-0432 PHAZE, Parametric Hazard Function Estimation
nea-1612 PIN99W, Modelling of VVER and PWR Fuel Rod Thermomechanical Behaviour
nea-0493 PLUDOS, Ground Level Gamma Dose from Radioactive Release at Various Heights
nea-0704 PLUMEX, Gamma Doses from Atmospheric Plume
nea-0904 PRECIP-2, Zircaloy Cladding Oxidation Simulation for LWR under LOCA Conditions
nesc0528 PREP KITT, System Reliability by Fault Tree Analysis
nesc0528 PREP, Min Path Set and Min Cut Set for Fault Tree Analysis, Monte-Carlo Method
nea-0251 PREST, Pressure Temperature Transients, I Inhalation in Containment Building from LOCA
nea-0695 PROCIV, Protection Coefficient from Fallout in Residential Area Housing
nesc0778 PROSA-1 PROSA-2, Accidents Probability Analysis Using Response Surface Method
iaea1174 PSAPACK, Probabilistic Safety Analysis with Fault Event Trees
nesc0155 PTH-1, Pressure and Temperature in Containment after Blowdown of H2O Coolant System
nesc1081 PWR-GALE, Radioactive Gaseous Release and Liquid Release from PWR
ccc-0617 QBF, Radiation Dose Distribution Around Spent Fuel Shipping Casks
nea-1600 QUARK, 2-Group 3-D Neutronic Kinetics Coupled to Core Thermalhydraulics
ccc-0556 QUINCE, Dose Absorption, Health Risk from Skin Contamination
ests0062 RABFIN PARTS, Noble Gas, Iodine, Particulate Gaseous Effluent Dose Parameters
ccc-0422 RADRISK, Doses to Human Organs and Health Effects from Inhalation and Ingestion
ccc-0800 RADTRAD 3.03, Model for Radionuclide Transport and Removal and Dose Estimation
ccc-0783 RASCAL 4.2, Radiological Doses from Accidental Release to Atmosphere
ests0050 RATAF, Radioactive Liquid Tank Failure
ccc-0632 RBD, Doses from Radionuclide Inhalation, Ingestion, Wound Uptake from Bioassays
nesc1090 RCSLK9, PWR Coolant System Leak Rate
iaea0846 REBEL-3, Whole Body and Organ Gamma Doses of Inhomogeneous Phantom by Monte-Carlo
nesc0369 RELAP-4, Transient 2 Phase Flow Thermohydraulics, LWR LOCA and Reflood
nesc0917 RELAP-5, Transient 2 Phase Flow Thermohydraulics, LWR LOCA Accidents
nea-0437 RELAP-UK, Thermohydraulic Transients and Steady-State of LWR
nea-0821 RELAP/REFLA, Core Reflooding During PWR LOCA
nea-0615 RELOSS, Reliability of Safety System by Fault Tree Analysis
ests0579 REMIT, Radiation Exposure Monitoring and Information Transmittal System
nea-0429 REMO, Failure Analysis of System with Reparable and Standby Components by Monte-Carlo
ccc-0786 RESRAD 6.5, Residual Radioactive Material Guideline Implementation
ests1225 RESRAD-BUILD2.36, Residual Radioactive Material Guideline Implementation
iaea1286 RETRAC, Reactor Core Accident Simulation
ccc-0137 RIBD, Fission Products Inventory and Delay Heat in Fast Reactors, with Data Library
nea-1825 RIMACS, Reactor Inspection Main Control System
ccc-0486 RISKAP, Risk Assessment of Radiation Exposure for Population
ccc-0623 RISKIND, Radiological Risk Assessment for Spent Nuclear Fuel Transportation
ests0608 RSAC-6, Gamma doses, inhalation and ingestion doses, fission products inventory after fission products release
ccc-0761 RSAC-7.2, Gamma doses, inhalation and ingestion doses, fission products inventory after fission products release
nesc0674 SAFTAC, Monte-Carlo Fault Tree Simulation for System Design Performance and Optimization
nea-1898 SAUNA V1.1, Severe Accident UNcertainty Analysis
ccc-0834 SCALE 6.2.3, A Comprehensive Modeling and Simulation Suite for Nuclear Safety Analysis and Design
nea-1755 SCIP, Radioactive Surface Contamination Investigation Program
nea-0498 SCORCH-B2, BWR Core Heating During LOCA
ests0015 SCORE-EVET, 3-D Hydraulic Reactor Core Analysis
nea-1540 SCRELA, LOCA Analysis of Super-Critical Light-Water Reactors
nea-0865 SCRIMP, Steady-State Thermohydraulics of HTGR Subchannel
ccc-0620 SEECAL-2.0, Specific Effective Energy in Human Body Due to Radiation
ccc-0310 SFACTOR, Dose Equivalent to Target Organs from Radionuclides in Organs
ccc-0379 SHIELDOSE, Doses from Electron and Proton Irradiation in Space Vehicle Al Shields
nea-0538 SHOSPA-MOD, Hot Spot Factors for Fuel and Clad, Hot Channel Factors
ccc-0118 SIGMA/B, Doses in Space Vehicle for Multiple Trajectories, Various Radiation Source
nesc1082 SIGPI, Probabilistic System Performance by Fault-Tree Analysis
nea-1570 SITE-94, Biosphere Model for SKI Project on the island of Aspro
ccc-0289 SKYSHINE, Dose Rate Outside Concrete Steel Building from 6 MeV Gamma by Monte-Carlo
ccc-0646 SKYSHINE-KSU, Gamma Skyshine Doses by Integral Line-Beam Method
ccc-0704 SLIDERULE 1.0,Slide Rule for direct radiation exposure approximation in criticality accidents
nea-1046 SMART, Radiation Dose Rates on Cask Surface
ccc-0602 SMART-BNL, Offsite Radionuclide Air Concentration from Reactor Accident
nesc0559 SOFIRE-2, Containment Temperature and Pressure During Na Pool Fire, 1-Cell or 2-Cell Analysis
psr-0174 SORA, Radionuclide Analysis Data Storage and Retrieval
nea-0187 SOREX-1, Worst Accident Simulation in Sora Pulsed Fast Reactor
ccc-0120 SPACETRAN, Radiation Leakage from Cylinder with ANISN Flux Calculation
nea-1165 SPEEDI,EXPRESS, Radiation Dose from Plume Release in Nuclear Accident
ests0054 SPIRT, Stress Strains from Transient Pressure
nesc0716 SPRAY-3, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer of Na Sprays in LMFBR after Pipe Failure
psr-0533 SQUIRT 1.1, predicts leakage rate and crack area for cracked pipes in nuclear power plants
ests1052 SQUIRT, Seepage in Reactor Tube Cracks
nea-0684 SSYST, Modular System for Transient Fuel Rod Behaviour Under Accident Condition
nea-0575 STESTA, Steady-State State-Variable Profiles of Thermohydraulic Piping System
nea-0993 STRADE, Stratified Random Design for Reactor Safety Analysis
nesc0924 SUBDOSA, External Gamma, Beta Doses from Radionuclide Release into Atmosphere
nea-0594 SYNTH-C, Steady-State and Time-Dependent 3-D Neutron Diffusion with Thermohydraulic Feedback
nesc1113 TACT-5, Doses of Radioactivity Release from Reactor Core into Environment
psr-0308 TAM3, Monte-Carlo Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of Radium in Lake Contamination Model
nea-1328 TERFOC-N, Radiation Doses in Food Chain from Atmospheric Release
iaea1272 THACT-RR, Analysis of Thermal Hydraulics Transients in Research Reactor Core
nea-0774 THALES, Thermohydraulic LOCA Analysis of BWR and PWR
nesc0512 THETA-1B, Fuel Rod Temperature Distribution by 2-D Diffusion, Heat Transfer to Coolant, LWR LOCA
nea-0778 THYDE-B2, Thermohydraulic Transients During LOCA of BWR
nea-0779 THYDE-P, PWR LOCA Thermohydraulic Transient Analysis
nea-1592 TIBSO, Nuclear Transitions and Radioactivity Migration in Technological System
nea-0701 TIRION-4, Atmospheric Dispersion of Radioactive Materials for Various Weather Conditions
nesc1093 TORAC, Flows, Pressure, Materials Transport within Structure During Tornado
nesc9710 TOXRISK, Toxic Gas Release Accident Analysis
nesc0836 TRAC, Thermohydraulics, Reactor Kinetics, 2 Phase Flow LOCA Analysis
nesc1031 TRAC-BD1, LOCA Analysis of BWR with 3-D Pressure Vessel and Multi Bundle Fuel Model
nea-1593 TRAC-PF1/EN MOD 3, Best Estimate Coupled 3-D Neutronics-Thermalhydraulics
nea-1291 TRANS-ACE, Radioactive Materials Transport in Reprocessing Plant Fire Accident
nesc0268 TRANS-FUGUE-1, Single Channel 2 Phase Flow Heat Transfer after Boiling
iaea1209 TRANSV2, LOCA and Steady-State Thermohydraulic Analysis of MTR
nea-0745 TRAPSCO-2, Pressure and Temperature Transients in PWR Subcompartments During LOCA
nesc1028 TRIPM, Isothermal Transport and Decay of Radionuclides in Aquifer
iaea1337 TRISTAN-IJS, Steady-State Axial Temperature and Flow Velocity in Triga Channel
nesc0712 TWODEE-2/MOD3, 2-D Time-Dependent Fuel Elements Thermal Analysis after PWR LOCA
ccc-0781 VARSKIN 4 V4.0.0, Dose Calculation for Skin Contamination, with Sadde Input Generator
nesc1115 VISA-2, Reactor Vessel Failure Probability Under Thermal Shock
iaea0871 VPI-NECM, Nuclear Engineering Program Collection for College Training
nea-0610 WEERIE, Radioactive Release from Reactor to Cooling Circuit and Atmosphere
nesc0278 WHAM-6, Pressure and Velocity Transients in Fluid Pipes, Wave Superposition Method
ccc-0427 WRAITH, Internal and External Doses from Atmospheric Release of Isotopes
nea-0401 ZOCO-6, Temperature Transients in BWR and PWR Containment During LOCA
nea-1251 ZYLIND, Gamma Penetration for Cylindrical Source and Shield Geometry
iaea0867 ZZ IRDF-2002, 640-Group Cross-Section Library and Spectra for Dosimetry Calculation in ENDF-6 Format
iaea0867 ZZ IRDF-2002-ACE, Cross-Section Library and Spectra for Dosimetry Calculation in ACE Format for Monte Carlo methods
iaea0867 ZZ IRDF-82, 620-Group Cross-Section Library and Spectra for Dosimetry Calculation in ENDF-5 Format
iaea0867 ZZ IRDF-90, 640-Group Cross-Section Library and Spectra for Dosimetry Calculation in ENDF-6 Format