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Catalog of Programs in Category W

W. Physics

nesc9677 BARMOM, Fission Barriers and Moments of Inertia
nea-1561 CHEMENGL/CHIMISTE, Chemical and Physical Properties of Elements
nea-0903 COLUMN, 1-D Migration for Various Physical Chemical Processes
ccc-0295 ELGATL, Calculation of Energy Spectra from Coupled Electron-Photon Slowing Down
iaea1282 ESTAR PSTAR ASTAR, Stopping Power and Range of Electrons, Protons, Alpha
nesc0987 L2RMAT, L**2 Method of R Matrix Propagation
ccc-0220 LUIN-II, Cosmic Ray Cascade Generator and Particle Fluxes
nesc0574 MACS, Lattice Vibrations Structure Factors for Thermal Neutron Scattering in Moderators
ests0221 MAXWELL3, 3-D FEM Electromagnetics
nesc0632 MMM-3, Semi Rigid Molecule Normal Modes and Frequencies for Slow Neutron Scattering Calculation
nea-0974 NMTC/JAERI97, High-Energy P, N, Pion Reaction Monte-Carlo Simulation
nea-1653 NMTC/JAM, Simulates High Energy Nuclear Reactions and Nuclear-Meson Transport Processes
nea-1857 PHITS-2.88, Particle and Heavy Ion Transport code System
nea-1867 RAPID, RAdial power and burnup Prediction by following fissile Isotope Distribution in the pellet
nea-0508 RHFPPP, SCF-LCAO-MO Calculation for Closed Shell and Open Shell Organic Molecules
ests0238 SIMION, Electrostatic Lens Analysis and Design
ests0682 SWIMS, Sigmund and Winterbon Multiple Scattering of Ion Beams
ests0827 UNSPEC, X-Ray Spectrum Unfolding