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Catalog of Programs in Category I

I. Deformation and Stress Distributions, Structural Analysis and Engineering Design Studies

nea-0470 ANSCLAD-1, Creep Strain in Fuel Pin Zircaloy Clad During Temperature Transient
nea-0445 APS-2, Elastic Behaviour of Piping System
nesc0667 BUCKLE, Time-Dependent Deformation of 1-D Oval Pipe Under Pressure, Temperature, Neutron Flux
nea-0558 BUST, Elastic Stress in HTGR Pressurized Fuel Elements
psr-0388 CARES, Seismic Structure Safety Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants
ests0012 CARES-ESTSC, Seismic Structure Safety Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants
nea-1195 CASKET, Thermal and Structural Analyses for Transport and Storage Cask
nea-0340 COMET, Mechanical and Thermal Stress in Fuel Element Clad
nesc9958 CREEP-80, Creep Analysis of Concrete Structure by Finite Element Method
nesc9493 DATING, Temperature for Spent Fuel Dry Storage
nea-0217 DYNAPS, Vibration Analysis of Piping System in Earthquake
nea-1028 EDSPA, 1-D Mechanical Displacement for Elastic, Thermoelastic, Viscoelastic Behaviour
nesc0650 ELBOW, Stress Analysis, Flexibility Factors for Curved Pipes with Internal Pressure
nea-0458 ERDBEBEN, Structure Displacements and Forces Under Earthquake Conditions
nea-0408 EURCYL, Mesh Generator for 3-D Intersections of Pressure Vessel Nozzles
nea-1094 EURDYN, Nonlinear Transient Analysis of Structure with Dynamic Loads
ests0063 FAMREC, PWR Lateral Mechanical Fuel Rod Assembly Response
psr-0563 FEAST-METAL-V.1.0, Fuel Engineering and Structural analysis Tool
nea-1080 FEMAXI-6, Thermal and Mechanical Behaviour of LWR Fuel Rods
iaea1181 FINEDAN, Dynamic Stress Analysis in 2-D X-Y and Axisymmetric Geometry
nea-1901 FINIX 0.17.12, thermal and mechanical behaviour of a nuclear fuel rod during steady-state and transient conditions
nea-0551 FLANDES, Flange Design for He Circuits by Taylor-Forge Method
nesc0689 FLANGE-ORNL, Flanged Pipe Joint Stress Analysis, Internal Pressure, Moment Loads, Temperature
nea-0476 FLETU, Static Analysis of 3-D Pipeworks by Displacement Method
nea-0465 FRAMES, Vibration Analysis of Spaceframes with Lumped Mass Distribution
psr-0363 FRANCO, Finite Element Method (FEM) Fuel Rod Analysis for Solid and Annular Configurations
nea-1812 FUELPERFORMANCE-REP, Seminars on nuclear fuel performance based on basic underlining phenomena, proceedings
nesc0770 GAPCON-THERMAL3, Fuel Rod Steady-State and Transient Thermal Behaviour, Stress Analysis
nea-0535 GOLIA-RK, Structure Stress for Isotropic Materials with Creep and Temperature Fields
nea-0550 GOMESH, Finite Elements Structure Plot with Triangular Mesh
nesc0618 GTR2 GAPCON-THERMAL2, Steady-State Fuel Rod Thermal Behaviour and Fission Products Gas Release
nea-0547 HASSAN, Time-Dependent Temperature Distribution and Stress and Strain in HTR Fuel Pins
nesc0775 HEMP, 2-D Elastic Plastic Flow in 2-D X-Y or Cylindrical Geometry by Lagrangian Method
ests0406 HYFRACP3D, 3-D Hydraulic Fracture Propagation by Finite Element Method
nesc0657 LINDA, Diagnostics of Stress Analysis of Linear Elastic Structure by Least Square Fit
nesc0648 LUGS, Stress Analysis, Flexibility Factors for Rectangular Attachment on Thin Shell
nea-0565 MAILLE, Triangular Finite Elements Generator for Planar Structure
nea-0346 MESHGEN, Triangular Finite Elements Generator
nea-0348 MESHPLOT, CALCOMP Plot of 2-D Triangular Finite Elements Mesh
nea-0347 MESHREF, Finite Elements Mesh Combination with Renumbering
uscd1018 NONSAP, Finite Element Calculation for Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis of Complex Structures
nesc0974 NONSAP-C, Static and Dynamic Loads of 3-D Reinforced Concrete Structures
ests1049 NRCPIPES, Fracture Mechanics of Cracked Pipes
nesc0790 NUBOW-2D/INEL, 2-D Core Restraint System Stress Analysis, with Bowing, Creep, Swelling
psr-0538 P-CARES 2.0.0, Probabilistic Computer Analysis for Rapid Evaluation of Structures
nea-0521 PAS-1, 2-D, 3-D Linear Static and Dynamic Stress Analysis with 2-D Steady-State Temperature Distribution
nea-1680 PASCAL, Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Structural Components in Aging LWR
ests0071 PC-PRAISE, BWR Piping Reliability Analysis
nesc1070 PRAISE-C, Double-Ended Guillotine Break (DEGB) Breaks from Weld Cracks in Light-Water Reactor Piping System
ests0790 PROGRAM-K, Transonic Airfoil, Turbine, Compressor Blade Design
nesc0542 PSA-2, Stress Analysis, Thermal Expansion and Loads in Multi Anchor Piping System
nesc0612 QMESH RENUM QPLOT, Mesh Generator on 2-D Bodies for Finite Element Method Analysis, with Plot Utility
nea-0460 SAFE-2D/FBM, Elastic Stress Analysis of Mix of Plane and Axial Structure
nesc0332 SAFE-3D, Stress Analysis of 3-D Composite Structure by Finite Elements Method
nesc0251 SAFE-AXISYM, Stress Analysis of Axisymmetric Composite Structure by Finite Elements Method
nesc0451 SAFE-CRACK, Viscoelastic Analysis of Plane and Axisymmetric Concrete System, Finite Elements Method
nesc0300 SAFE-CREEP, Viscoelastic Analysis of Concrete Structure, Age Temperature and Temperature Dependent Creep
nesc0250 SAFE-PCRS, Stress Analysis of Axisymmetric Composite Structure by Finite Elements Method
nesc0252 SAFE-PLANE, Stress Analysis of Planar Structure by Finite Elements Method
nesc0253 SAFE-SHELL, Stress Analysis of Axisymmetric Thin Shells by Finite Elements Method
nesc1120 SAMCR, 2-D Elastodynamic Fracture Analysis
nesc9603 SANCHO, Quasistatic Large Deformation Inelastic Response of Planar, Axial Solids
nesc0641 SAP-4, Static and Dynamic Linear System Stress Analysis for Various Structures
nesc1119 SCANS, Shipping Cask Design Safety Analysis
nea-0444 SCARF-4, Nonlinear Stresses in Pressure Vessel Liner with Plastic Behaviour Simulation
nesc0452 SHELL-5, Elastic Stress Analysis of 3-D Thin Shells Using Finite Elements Method
nea-0571 SIGMARZ, Stress Analysis of Axisymmetric or Plane Structures
nesc0581 SLADE-D, Transient Dynamic Response of Elastic Shells by Finite Elements Method
nea-1641 SONATINA, Predicts Behaviour of Prismatic HTGR Core under Seismic Excitation
iaea0895 SPAGAF, PWR Fuel, Cladding Behaviour with Fission Products Gas Release
nea-0219 SPANDE, Stress Analysis of General Spaceframe and Pipework
nea-0219 SPATAM, Tilt Angle Calculation of Framework for Program SPANDE
nea-0548 SPIRIT, Plot of Geometry and Results of 2-D Finite Elements Calculation
ests0054 SPIRT, Stress Strains from Transient Pressure
ests1052 SQUIRT, Seepage in Reactor Tube Cracks
nea-0549 STIGMA STIG STEGT STAGT STABA, Stress Analysis of Dragon HTR Graphite Structure
iaea0900 STOFFEL-1, Steady-State In-Pile Behaviour of Cylindrical H2O Cooled Oxide Fuel Rod
nesc0539 STRAP-2, Stress Analysis of Structure with Static Loading by Finite Elements Method
nesc0539 STRAP-D, Stress Analysis of Structure with Time-Dependent Loading by Finite Elements Method
nea-0349 STRESSPLOT, CALCOMP Plot of 2-D Finite Elements Calculation
nesc9766 T-HEMP3D, 3-D Time-Dependent Elastic Plastic Flow
nesc0627 TOODY-2, Lagrangian Nonlinear Wave Propagation in 2-D X-Y or Cylindrical Geometry
nea-1070 TPLOT, Interactive Postprocessor of Transient Structure Problems
nea-0361 TRESS, Triangular Mesh Stress and Strain in R-Z, X-Y Geometry for Various Load and Temperature
nesc1115 VISA-2, Reactor Vessel Failure Probability Under Thermal Shock
ests1197 WFSFIT, Wilson-Fowler Spline Fit Algorithm