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Catalog of Programs in Category N

N. Subsidiary Calculations

iaea1386 2GWIHLIB, Generation and Plot of Cross Sections for HYDMN
nea-1732 3D-TRANS-2003, Workshop on Common Tools and Interfaces for Radiation Transport Codes
iaea1380 ACTIVATE2010, Activation Cross Section by Combining Cross Section and Multiplier (ENDF Format)
nea-0633 ANIPLO-D50, Plot of Scalar Flux and Dose Rates from ANISN Calculation
nea-0546 APPLE, Plot of 1-D MultiGroup Neutron Flux and Gamma Flux and Reaction Rates from ANISN
psr-0065 APSAI, Activation Calculation and Plot of Neutron Spectra, Gamma Spectra by ANISN
iaea1385 CITOPP,CITMOD,CITWI, Processing codes for CITATION Code
iaea1321 COMPLOT2010, Compare ENDF/B Plots of Reaction Data
nea-0383 COSANI-2, Gamma Doses from SABINE Calculation, Activity from ANISN Flux Calculation
iaea0891 DIAG, 2-D Plotting Program for PDP-11/34
nesc9639 DIGLIB, General Graphics Subroutine Package for Different Computers
ests0243 DIGLIB, Multi Platform Graphics Subroutine Library
psr-0155 DOGS, Flux Plots of Radiation Transport Program Using DISSPLA
nea-1412 DRAWBS, NJOY Graphics Output of ENDF, PENDF, GENDF Data in GKS Format
nesc9575 EDTGRAF, DISSPLA User Interface Program
uscd1235 ENDF-UTILITY-CODES, codes to check and standardize data in the Evaluated Nuclear Data File (ENDF)
iaea1322 EVALPLOT2010, ENDF Plots Cross Section, Angular Distribution and Energy Distribution
psr-0237 EZVIDEO, DISSPLA Graphics Software Simulation on IBM PC
nesc9592 FLOWPLOT2, 2-D, 3-D Fluid Dynamic Plots
nesc9659 FRTGEN, Fault Trees by Subtree Generator from Parent Tree for Program FTAP
nesc9659 FRTPLT, Fault Tree Structure and Logical Gates Plot for Program FTAP
nesc9659 FTAP, Minimal Cut Sets of Arbitrary Fault Trees
nea-0550 GOMESH, Finite Elements Structure Plot with Triangular Mesh
uscd1211 GRALIB, DISSPLA Plot Routines Emulator
ccc-0697 GUI2QAD, Graphical Interface for QAD-CGPIC, Point Kernel for Shielding Calculations
uscd1213 INTLIB-6, Graphic Device Interface Library for ENDF/B Processing Codes
psr-0054 INTRIGUE-2L, Subroutines for Linear, Log, Semi-Log CALCOMP Plotter
nea-1821 IPLOT, interactive MELCOR data plotting system
iaea0940 JADSPE, Multi-Channel Gamma Spectra Unfolding Program
nea-1760 JANIS 4.0, a Java-based nuclear data display program
psr-0541 KENO2MCNP, Version 5L, Conversion of Input Data between KENOV.a and MCNP File Formats
psr-0450 KENO3D, Visualisation Tool for KENO V.A and KENO-VI Geometry Models
nesc1033 LSAP-DIGLIB, Linear Control System Design, Analysis, Plotting
nea-1096 MAPLE, Fault Tree Plotting
nesc0939 MAPPER, Graphics for Transparencies and Slides Using DISSPLA System
nea-0348 MESHPLOT, CALCOMP Plot of 2-D Triangular Finite Elements Mesh
iaea1387 MEXP, EXTERMINATOR-2 Utility Programs
nea-1886 PENGEOM, tools for handling complex quadric geometries in Monte Carlo simulations of radiation transport
nesc0544 PLOT-3D, Graphics Subroutines for 3-D Surface Plots with Arbitrary Rotations
nea-1879 PLOT-S, Plotting Program with special Features for Windows Environment
iaea0936 PLOTC4, Plotting of ENDF/B and EXFOR Data
uscd1215 PLOTEF, ENDF/B Data Plot
iaea1329 PLOTTAB, Curve and Point Plotting with Error Bars
iaea1379 PREPRO2010, Data Preparation and Management, Subsidiary Calculations (ENDF Format)
nea-1825 RIMACS, Reactor Inspection Main Control System
psr-0242 SABRINA, Geometry Plot Program for MCNP
nea-0548 SPIRIT, Plot of Geometry and Results of 2-D Finite Elements Calculation
nea-0349 STRESSPLOT, CALCOMP Plot of 2-D Finite Elements Calculation
nesc9652 TEKLIB, TEKTRONIX Graphics Subroutine Library
nea-1070 TPLOT, Interactive Postprocessor of Transient Structure Problems
nesc1021 TREDRA, Minimal Cut Sets Fault Tree Plot Program
nea-1856 VESTA 2.1.5, Monte Carlo depletion interface code and AURORA 1.0.0, Depletion analysis tool
psr-0618 VISUAL EDITOR 61, MCNPX/6 Visual Editor Computer Code
iaea0936 X4TOC4, Neutron Cross-Sections Data Conversion from EXFOR to Computation Format
iaea1395 XNWLUP, Graphical user interface to plot WIMS-D library multigroup cross sections