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Catalog of Programs in Category M

M. Data Management

nea-1732 3D-TRANS-2003, Workshop on Common Tools and Interfaces for Radiation Transport Codes
ests0171 ADASAGE, ADA Application Development System
ests0165 AES, Automated Construction Cost Estimation System
iaea1251 AMICO, Cross-Sections Data for ANISN, DOT from WIMS Library
ccc-0519 AUS, Neutron Transport and Gamma Transport System for Fission Reactors and Fusion Reactors
psr-0075 AXMIX, ANISN Cross-Sections Mixing, Transport Corrections, Data Library Management
psr-0297 AXMIX-PC, Cross-Sections Generator for ANISN, DOT from Different Sources
psr-0117 BINX, MINX Utility and SPHINX Utility, BCD to BIN Library Conversion
nea-0438 BRIGITTE-KA, ENDF/B to KEDAK Data Conversion with Resonance Cross-Sections Tables Generator
nea-0866 BTPLOT BTSPEC EXSPEC ORDTAB TABLST, Retrieval of ENDF/B Decay Spectra
nesc9789 CDMS, Cost Data Management System Spread Sheet
uscd1208 CHECKR, ENDF/B Format Check
psr-0117 CINX, MINX Utility and SPHINX Utility, Library Data Collapsing
nea-0915 COGEND, Decay Data Generated in ENDF-6 Format
psr-0607 COGLIBMAKER2014, Data Conversion Utility
nea-0325 CONDENSE, Conversion of JAERI Fast-Set to ABBN Format with Self-Shielding
iaea1307 CONVERT2010, FORTRAN Program Converter for Different Computers
nea-0948 CRECT-J, Input Preparation of Evaluated Data in ENDF-4, ENDF-5 and ENDF-6 Formats
iaea1308 DICTIN2010, Reaction Index Generated for ENDF Format
uscd1237 DRAGON2PARTISN, Cross-Sections Data Generation for PARTISN4.0
uscd1235 ENDF-UTILITY-CODES, codes to check and standardize data in the Evaluated Nuclear Data File (ENDF)
uscd1149 ENSDF ADDGAM, Adds Gammas to Adopted Data Sets
uscd1149 ENSDF ALPHAD, Calculation Alpha Hindrance Factors
uscd1149 ENSDF AVETOOLS, Three statistical methods to calculate averages of experimental data with uncertainties
uscd1149 ENSDF BRICC, Interpolates Band-Raman internal conversion and electron-positron pair coefficients and E0 form factors
uscd1149 ENSDF DELTA, Gamma-Gamma Correlation Analysis
uscd1149 ENSDF ENSDAT, Graphics and Tables Generation from ENSDF Data
uscd1149 ENSDF FETCH, Indexing of ENSDF Files
uscd1149 ENSDF FMTCHK, Format Checking Program
uscd1149 ENSDF GABS, Absolute Gamma-Ray Intensities from ENSDF Data
uscd1149 ENSDF GTOL, Least Squres Fit of Gamma Spectra and Level Assignment
uscd1149 ENSDF HSICC, Interpolation Between Hager-Seltzer and Dragoun-Plajner-Schmutzler
uscd1149 ENSDF LOGFT, Beta-Decay log-ft and Partial Capture Calculation
uscd1149 ENSDF MEDLIST, Dose Rates from Nuclear Decay Data (X-ray intensities)
uscd1149 ENSDF NSDFLIB, Subroutine Library for ENSDF Programs
uscd1149 ENSDF PANDORA, Physics Checks on ENSDF Data
uscd1149 ENSDF PROCESSING CODES, Analysis and Utility Programs
uscd1149 ENSDF RADLST, Dose Rates from Nuclear Decay Data (decay of nuclei)
uscd1149 ENSDF RULER, Reduced Transition Problems Abilities Calculation
uscd1149 ENSDF SPINOZA, Tables of Levels, Decay, Gammy-Ray Data from ENSDF
uscd1149 ENSDF TREND, Tabulation of ENSDF Data
iaea1285 EPICSHOW, Interactive Viewing of EPIC (Electron Photon Interaction Code) Data Library
nea-1048 ETOBOX, Cross-Sections Library Generated from ENDF/B for Program BOXER
nesc0350 ETOE ETOE-2, Cross-Sections Library for Program MC**2 Generator from ENDF/B
nea-0630 ETOI, Format Conversion of Resonance Parameter from ENDF/B to Program IRESINT-3 Library
iaea0898 F5TAB, ENDF/B-4 FILE 5 Data Conversion to Tabulated Form
iaea1245 FDMXPC, ENDF/B Processing, with Reich-Moore and Adler-Adler Resonance Parameter Calculation
iaea1309 FIXUP2010, ENDF Format Redundant Cross-Sections Check
uscd1209 FIZCON, ENDF/B Cross-Sections Redundancy Check
nesc9915 FRAMIS, Relational Data Base Management System
nea-1459 GALIST, Decay Gamma Spectra Retrieval from ENSDF
nea-1175 GAMFIL, Photon Production Cross-Sections in ENDF/B Format
uscd1210 GETMAT, ENDF/B Material Retrieval
psr-0229 GIP, Group Organized Cross-Sections Library for ANISN, DOT
psr-0192 GLUCS, Experimental Reaction Cross-Sections Evaluation for ENDF/B-5
uscd1211 GRALIB, DISSPLA Plot Routines Emulator
nea-1111 GROUPXS, MF6 Format ENDFB-6 Continuum Region Diffusion Cross-Sections Processing
iaea1253 HOMO, Homogenization of ANISN and DOT Condensed Cross-Sections Output
iaea1248 INDXENDF, Preparation of Visual Catalogue of ENDF Format Data
uscd1212 INTER, ENDF/B Thermal Cross-Sections, Resonance Integrals, G-Factors Calculation
uscd1213 INTLIB-6, Graphic Device Interface Library for ENDF/B Processing Codes
nea-0317 JFUSER, JAERI Fast-Set Group Constant Collapsing and Data Conversion for Program LTFR-70
nea-0578 KEMA, KEDAK Utility, Data Update
nea-0342 KTOE, KEDAK to ENDF/B Format Conversion with Linear Linear Interpolation
nesc0691 LASIP-3, CCCC Utility for BCD to BIN Conversion and BIN Data Listing
iaea1310 LEGEND2010, Angular Distribution Table Calculations in ENDF Format
iaea1311 LINEAR2010, Linear-Linear Interpolation of ENDF Format Cross-Sections
psr-0117 LINX, MINX Library Utility, Data Merge
uscd1214 LISTEF, ENDF/B Data File Summary List
nea-0316 LTFR-4, Library Generated for Fast Reactor Design Program from JAERI Fast-Set MultiGroup Constant
nea-0517 MAPLIB, Thermodynamics Materials Property Generator for FORTRAN Program
psr-0117 MARS-ORNL, Processing Program Collection for AMPX, CCCC, ANISN, DOT, MORSE Format Library
nea-0452 MCDATA, MC**2 Cross-Sections Conversion for Programs CITATION, ANISN, DOT
iaea1312 MERGER2010, Merges ENDF/B Data by Material Number or Identifier
nea-0474 MISSIONARY, ENDF/B to UKNDL Format Conversion
iaea1313 MIXER2010, Cross Sections Calculations for a Composite Mixture of ENDF Format Material
psr-0365 MOCUP, MCNP/ORIGEN Coupling Utility Programs
nea-1347 NSLINK, Coupling of NJOY Cross-Sections Generator Code to SCALE-3 System
nea-1492 NUCLEUS-CHART, Interactive Chart of Nuclides
nea-1271 OMICRON, LLNL ENDL Charged Particle Data Library Processing
uscd1205 PCNUDAT-PCNULIB, Nuclear Properties Data Base and Retrieval System
iaea0936 PLOTC4, Plotting of ENDF/B and EXFOR Data
uscd1215 PLOTEF, ENDF/B Data Plot
nea-0522 PLOTENDF, Log-Log Plot of ENDF/B Point Cross-Sections
iaea0944 POLLA/IECTA, ENDF/B Reich-Moore to Adler-Adler Resonance Parameter Conversion
iaea1379 PREPRO2010, Data Preparation and Management, Subsidiary Calculations (ENDF Format)
nesc0846 PROMSYS, Plant Equipment Maintenance and Inspection Scheduling
nea-1138 PSACON, Conversion Program for PSAOUT-I Output Files
uscd1216 PSYCHE, ENDF/B Data Consistency Check in ENDF Format
nea-0914 REFIT, Multilevel Resonance Parameter Least Square Fit of Neutron Transmission, Capture, Fission & Self Indication Data
iaea1314 RELABEL2010, Labels FORTRAN Statements in ENDF Format Processing Programs
ests0579 REMIT, Radiation Exposure Monitoring and Information Transmittal System
psr-0482 REMIT5.1, Radiation exposure monitoring and information transmittal system
nea-1405 SCALPLO, Plotting of Flux Output from SCALE Program
psr-0352 SCAMPI, Problem Dependent Library Preprocessing in AMPX Format
uscd1217 SETMDC: Preprocessor for CHECKR, FIZCON, INTER, etc. ENDF Utility source codes
iaea1356 SGNUCDAT, Nuclear Data Display for IAEA Safeguard Material Analysis
iaea1283 SIXPAK2010, ENDF Format Double Differential Cross Section Converter to Single Differential Format
nesc9770 SLIB77, Source Library Data Compression and File Maintenance System
psr-0174 SORA, Radionuclide Analysis Data Storage and Retrieval
iaea1433 SPECTRA2010, Convert model and general tabulation to linearized spectra (MF=5)
uscd1218 STANEF, ENDF/B Book-keeping Operations for ENDF Format Files
nea-0634 THERLIB, Library Generated for THERMOS from FACEL Library
nea-0634 THERMLIB, Generator and Edit of Program THERMOS-OTA Library
nea-1406 TOPICS-B, Neutron and Gamma Cross-Sections Library Handling in FIDO Format
psr-0317 TRANSX-2.15, Neutron Gamma Particle Transport Tables from MATXS Format Cross-Sections
psr-0015 UKE, Format Conversion from UKNDL to ENDF/B
nea-1139 UNC32/33, Covariance Matrices from ENDF/B-5 Resonance Parameter Uncertainties
nea-0356 UTOE, UKNDL to ENDF/B Format Conversion with Log-Log Interpolation and Angular Distribution Tables
iaea0932 VIRGIN2010, Calculates Uncollided Neutron Flux and Neutron Reactions from Transmission in ENDF Format
iaea1210 WEDRO, Data Processing Routines for WIMS-D/4 WIMSE File
iaea1243 WILIT, Utility Program for WIMS Library Handling
iaea0946 WILMA, WIMS Nuclear Data Library Maintenance
iaea1254 WINTER, Interactive WIMS Input Preparation
iaea0897 X4ECS, ENDF/B-4 and EXFOR Data Comparison
iaea0896 X4R, EXFOR Evaluated Data Retrieval
iaea0936 X4TOC4, Neutron Cross-Sections Data Conversion from EXFOR to Computation Format