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Catalog of Programs in Category S

S. Legacy books

nea-1827 GANAPOL-ABNTT, Analytical Benchmarks for Nuclear Engineering Applications, Case Studies in Neutron Transport Theory
nea-1823 ICRS1, Proceedings of the First Radiation Shielding Symposium, Cambridge, UK 1958
nea-1811 JDL-IMPORTANCE, Adjoint Function: Physical Basis of Variational & Perturbation Theory in Transport & Diffusion Problems
nea-1843 JDL-REACTOR-KINETICS, Nuclear Reactor Kinetics and Control
nea-1844 JDL-THERMODYNAMICS, Thermodynamics: Frontiers and Foundations
nea-1706 MMRW, Canadian and early British Energy Reports on Nuclear Reactor Theory (1940-1946)
nea-1792 MMRW-BOOKS, Legacy books on slowing down, thermalization, particle transport theory, random processes in reactors
nea-1828 Proceedings of PHYSOR'90 conference: Physics of Reactors, Operation, Design and Computation, Marseille, 23-27 April 1990
nea-1873 REACTORPHYSICS-62-91, Archive of Reactor Physics Reports and Summaries of [N]EACRP (1962-1991)
nea-1814 REACTORSHIELDING-NMS, Reactor Shielding for Nuclear Engineers by N. M. Schaeffer
nea-1835 Reactor Shielding Design Manual by Rockwell T. III