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NEACRP-H2O-LATTICES, Compilation of reactor physics measurements in LWRs lattices

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Program name Package id Status Status date
NEACRP-H2O-LATTICES NEA-1874/01 Arrived 12-DEC-2012

Machines used:

Package ID Orig. computer Test computer
NEA-1874/01 Many Computers
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The Light Water Lattice Data compilation of benchmarks edited by Enrico Bernocchi and Renato Martinelli in 1977, denoted also as NEACRP-U-190, contains 317 different benchmark cases. This original collection (denoted as LWL in the following) contains data from different critical, sub-critical and exponential experiments performed in a variety of laboratories around the world. Each benchmark case is described only with its basic lattice data and related experimental results. Original source of data (references) are also reported. The purpose of this collection was to provide a list of experimental data for validation of different unit cell calculation tools developed in the 70's. As a consequence, data collected in the LWL report are not complete benchmark reports. The reports are in particular limited only to two dimensions, which are needed to model unit cells. In addition, several parameters - such as burnup and temperature effects - are outside the scope of the experiments reported in LWL compilation. Data sheets for a majority of the cases were filled by the editors (Bernocchi and Martinelli) and not by the benchmark authors or evaluators. The editors used the data taken from literature to fill this report.

U-235 enrichments vary from  1.311 to 5.742%

Pu content varies from 1.5, 2.0. 4.0 and 25%

Measured parameters reported are:
- Critical number of fuel rods,
- Radial and axial reflector savings,
- Radial, axial and material buckling,
- Ratio of epi-cadmium to sub-cadmium neutron capture rates in U-238,
- Ratio of fission rate in U-238 to fission rate in U-235,
- Thermal disadvantage factor (ratio of the average thermal neutron activation of selected material in moderator to that in fuel),
- Ratio of effective delayed neutron fraction to prompt neutron generation time,
- Temperature coefficient of reactivity,
- Modified conversion ratio (ratio of neutron capture rate in U-238 to fission rate in U-235),
- Initial conversion ratio,
- Ratio of epi-cadmium to sub-cadmium fission rates in U-235,
- Ratios of total to epi-cadmium fission rates in U-235 and in U-238.
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Package ID Status date Status
NEA-1874/01 12-DEC-2012 Masterfiled Arrived
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NEA-1874/01, included references:
- Enrico Bernocchi, Renato Martinelli, (editors), Light Water Lattice Data,
Comitato Nazionale per L'Energia Nucleare, Dipartamento Ricerca Tecnologica di
Base ed Avanzata, Quaderno RIT/FIS(77)1, NEACRP-U-190 (1977).
- Andrej Trkov, Francisco Leszczynski, Daniel Lopez Aldama: WIMS-D Library
Update, IAEA, Vienna 2007
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11. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS:  Requires Microsoft Word and Acrobat Reader
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No specified programming language
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Edited by Enrico Bertocchi and Renato Martinelli
ENEA Centro della Casaccia
Via Anguillarese, 301
00123 Roma Italy

Reviewed, revisited by
Tomaz Zagar
Reactor Physics Department
Jozef Stefan Institute
Jamova 39
1000 Ljubljana

Coordinated by
E. Sartori
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- readme.txt  description of content  and instructions
- Tomaz Zagar: QA report "NEACRP-U-190 Light Water Lattice Data with UO2 and
PuO2-UO2 Fuels", July 2006
- /NEACRP-U-190/ directory is the main directory:
- LWL-OVERVIEW.xls MS Excel file with hyperlink to all benchmarks files  in
directory /NEACRP-U-190/
- NEACRP-U-190.pdf Adobe file - scanned original 1977 document
- 133 .xls files - all report tables in EXCEL format containing benchmark data
- /Files/  subdirectory with description for each modeled benchmark case
- 2 subdirectories with  inputs for WIMSD of each modeled benchmark (69 and 172
- /References/ subdirectory with scanned original references
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Keywords: LWR reactors, MOX, experiment, reactor physics, thermal reactors.