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NEA Regulators' Forum in Helsinki2015 NEA Regulators' Forum (RWMC/RF) workshop
This week, the NEA Regulators' Forum (RWMC/RF) is conducting an international workshop on Challenges to the Regulators in Siting and Licensing the Construction and Operation of Radioactive Waste Repositories. The workshop is being hosted by the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy (MEE) and the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) in Helsinki, Finland. It aims to provide a forum to discuss and to exchange experience and approaches in preparing for license application reviews. Read more about the NEA Regulators' Forum (RWMC/RF).

Mr Masahiko FujiharaSenior appointments

Masahiko Fujihara has been appointed NEA Deputy Director‑General for Legal Affairs and Strategic Resources. He took up his duties on 7 September 2015. He will work with the NEA Director‑General, overseeing the NEA Office of Legal Counsel and the Office of Administration in order to ensure the efficient implementation of the NEA's programme of work in the field of nuclear law and the sound management of NEA resources. Read more

Mr Ho NiehHo Nieh has been appointed NEA Head of the Division of Nuclear Safety Technology and Regulation. He took up his duties on 31 August 2015. Mr Nieh will support the NEA Director‑General on activities associated with nuclear safety regulatory policy, research and international co-operation. He will develop new approaches to enhanced horizontal co-operation within the NEA and with external bodies in order to promote effective nuclear safety worldwide. Read more

Ms Yeonhee HahYeonhee Hah has been appointed NEA Head of the Division of Human Aspects of Nuclear Safety (HANS). She took up her duties on 7 September 2015. Ms Hah will support the NEA Director‑General in areas associated with improving nuclear safety culture in the context of national cultures; enhancing stakeholder and public engagement in nuclear regulatory, nuclear safety and radioactive waste contexts; and fostering appropriate levels of training to ensure high levels of nuclear safety in NEA member countries. Read more

China's National Nuclear Emergency Response Technical Assistance Center visits the NEA to discuss nuclear emergency managementChina's National Nuclear Emergency Response Technical Assistance Center visits the NEA to discuss nuclear emergency management

On 1 September 2015, Mr Hu Jinwu, Director of the National Nuclear Emergency Response Technical Assistance Center of the China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA), and 17 CAEA and other Chinese experts met with Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) Director‑General Mr William D. Magwood, IV, and senior staff to discuss international nuclear emergency management. Mr Magwood presented the Agency as well as its activities in follow-up to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident. The meeting also provided information on the NEA International Nuclear Emergency Exercise INEX‑5, which has been designed to test national and regional emergency management aspects of notification, communications and interfaces between and among countries and international organisations during the intermediate phase of an accident involving a radiological release from a nuclear power plant deteriorated by a natural disaster. China has been invited to participate. Presentations were also given on other activities involving the NEA and China.

Joint Declaration on the Security of Supply of Medical Radioisotopes
Belgium has recently adhered to the Joint Declaration on the Security of Supply of Medical Radioisotopes, bringing the number of adhering countries to 14. The Joint Declaration, which seeks to ensure the security of supply of the most widely used medical radioisotope, molybdenum-99 (Mo-99), remains open to adhesion by any country that wishes to do so. Read the declaration and see the list of adhering countries: oe.cd/RW

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