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NEA Director-General opens the Northeast Asia Nuclear Safety Symposium (2nd TRM+) in Seoul, Korea NEA Director-General opens the Northeast Asia Nuclear Safety Symposium
On 26 November 2014, the NEA Director-General opened the Northeast Asia Nuclear Safety Symposium (2nd TRM+) in Seoul, Korea. During his presentation, he stressed the importance of the human dimension in nuclear safety and finding mechanisms to implement safety culture concepts effectively in different national contexts. He noted that the NEA is in a very good position to help facilitate further nuclear safety discussions in the region, and assured participants of the NEA's support for that interaction. In closing, he recalled that "All problems have solutions, and working together we can overcome any challenge."

NEA Steering Committee for Nuclear Energy elects next Chair
Mrs Marie‑Elise Hoedemakers, Senior Policy Advisor for International Nuclear Affairs at the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands, has been elected as the next Chair of the NEA Steering Committee for Nuclear Energy, replacing Mr Richard Stratford of the US Department of State. Since 2011, she has been serving as a Vice‑Chair in the Steering Committee Bureau. Mrs Hoedemakers, who will become Chair on 1 January 2015, is the first woman to do so in the history of the Committee.

"I am very pleased with the Steering Committee decision and am looking forward to working with Mrs Hoedemakers," said NEA Director‑General Mr William D. Magwood, IV. "Her professional and personal qualities, combined with her extensive knowledge of NEA Steering Committee affairs, will be a great asset as we pursue future developments at the Agency."

Poland joins the NEA Data Bank
The NEA is pleased to announce that Poland has become the 25th country to join the NEA Data Bank, effective as of 24 October 2014. As Poland pursues the development of its nuclear power programme, access to the NEA Data Bank, an internationally recognised centre of reference for nuclear data tools and services, becomes increasingly important. NEA Director‑General Mr William D. Magwood, IV greatly welcomes Poland's membership, and notes that "this is another important step in Poland's efforts to build a robust infrastructure for the safe use of nuclear power in the future."

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