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Catalog of Programs in Category E

E. Space-Independent Kinetics

nea-0001 AIREK-MOD, Time Dependent Reactor Kinetics with Feedback Differential Equation
nea-0002 AIREK-PUL, Periodic Kinetics Problems of Pulsed Reactors
nesc0326 AIROS-2A, Space-Independent Reactor Kinetics and Space-Dependent Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer
nea-0174 ARLEKIN, General Point Reactor Kinetics by Lie-Series Method
iaea0827 BEAT, Reactor Response and Reactivity Analysis
iaea0820 BLAST, Accident Conditions in Critical and Subcritical Thermal Reactor System
nea-0516 BRANCALEONE, Transfer Function Roots for Linear System of Several Variables
nea-0090 DYNAMF, Time-Dependent Reactor Dynamics by Laplace Transformation
nea-0515 EROS-2, Time-Dependent of Linear System by Inverse Laplace Transformation
psr-0563 FEAST-METAL-V.1.0, Fuel Engineering and Structural analysis Tool
nesc0317 GAPOTKIN, Space-Independent Reactor Kinetics for a General Reactivity Function
nea-0606 GENDY, Reactor Dynamic Program with Variable Time Step Control
nea-1293 KINIK, Absorber Rod Calibration Kinetics
uscd1241 MCART, solve the time dependent neutron transport equation
nesc0491 MOD-5, Time-Dependent MultiGroup Slowing-Down Neutron Spectra and Keff Calculation, Green Function Method
nesc0255 R-101, 1 Group Space-Independent Reactor Kinetics for Neutron Density
nesc0168 R-102, 1 Group Space-Independent Inverse Reactor Kinetics
nea-0979 RETRANS, Reactivity Transients in LWR
nesc0245 RTS, Non-Equilibrium Reactor Kinetics in Delayed Neutron Regime
nesc9653 TEMPS, 1-Group Time-Dependent Pulsed Source Neutron Transport