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Catalog of Programs in Category V

V. Particle Accelerators and High Voltage Machines

ests0288 EBQ, Steady-State Space Charge Transport in Cylindrical Geometry
nesc0983 EGUN, Charged Particle Trajectories in Electromagnetic Focusing System
ccc-0359 MAGIK, Photon Dose Rates from Nucleon-Nucleus % Meson-Nucleus Collisions
ests0428 POISSON SUPERFISH, Poisson Equation Solver for Radio Frequency Cavity
ccc-0228 SPAR, High-Energy Muon, Pion, Heavy Ion Stopping-Powers and Ranges
ests0682 SWIMS, Sigmund and Winterbon Multiple Scattering of Ion Beams
nesc0791 TRANSPORT, Charged Particle Beam Transport 1st Order and 2nd Order Optical Analysis