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Catalog of Programs in Category O

O. Experimental Data Processing

nea-0511 ACTIV, Sandwich Detector Activity from In-Pile Slowing-Down Spectra Experiment
iaea0960 ACTIV-JINR, Experimental Gamma Spectra Unfolding
nea-0590 AKIMA'S-SPLINE, Curve and Surface Fit of Uni-Variate and Bi-Variate Function
nea-0585 ALPS, Solid-State Detector Alpha Spectra Unfolding
nesc0815 ALVIN, Diffusion and Integral Data Comparison and Sensitivity Analysis
nea-0403 AMARA, Correlation of Nuclear Data to Integral Experiment by Lagrange Multipliers
nea-0179 AXIFLUX, Cosine Function Fit of Experimental Axial Flux in Cylindrical Reactor
iaea0953 BASACF, Integral Neutron Spectra Adjustment and Dosimetry
nea-0660 BOB-7, Ge(Li) Detector Gamma Spectra Unfolding
iaea1246 BOMJ, Level Assignments from Gamma Spectra Measurements
psr-0173 BON, Unfolding of Multisphere Spectrometer Neutron Spectra
ccc-0610 CALOR95, High-Energy Calorimeter Design and Data Evaluation by Monte-Carlo
psr-0017 COOLC, Ne-213 Liquid Scintillation Detector Neutron Spectra Unfolding
nea-0718 CRAPONE, Optical Model Potential Fit of Neutron Scattering Data
ccc-0233 CRYSTAL-BALL, Neutron Spectra Calculation from Activation Experiment with Error Estimate
nea-0694 DANTE, Activation Analysis Neutron Spectra Unfolding by Covariance Matrix Method
iaea1269 DIFBAS, Spectra Unfolding of Ne213 P Recoil Detectors
nea-0643 DISCUS, Neutron Single to Double Scattering Ratio in Inelastic Scattering Experiment by Monte-Carlo
psr-0617 F-SCORE, F-Score Nuclide ID Scoring Applications
nea-0732 FATAL, General Experiment Fitting Program by Nonlinear Regression Method
psr-0273 FERD-PC, Interactive Multichannel Neutron and Gamma Spectrum Matrix Unfolding
psr-0102 FERDO/FERD, Unfolding of Pulse-Height Spectrometer Spectra
psr-0145 FERRET, Least Square Fit to Nuclear Data and Reactor Physics Problems
psr-0196 FLYSPEC, Neutron Spectra Unfolding from Ne213 and Stilbene Scintillation Detectors
psr-0092 FORIST, Ne-213 Scintillation Detector Neutron Spectra Unfolding
psr-0610 GADRAS-DRF-18.7.6, Gamma Detector Response and Analysis Software-Detector Response Function
nesc9654 GAMANAL, Radioactive Species Mixtures by Gamma Spectra Analysis
psr-0154 GAMIDENT, Aid Identification of Unknown Materials by Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy
iaea0877 GASPAN-ZKD, Ge(Li) Detector and Multichannel Analyser Gamma Spectra Unfolding
nesc0622 GAUSS-6, Experimental Gamma Spectra Analysis, Isotope Identification, Decay Rates
ests0742 GENAEA, Alpha Spectra Unfolding
iaea1175 GRAP, Gamma-Ray Level-Scheme Assignment
nesc0624 GRAPH, Data Processing, Statistical Analysis, Correlations and Graphics
nea-0433 GRETEL, Ge(Li) Gamma Spectra Unfolding
psr-0321 GRPANL, Ge Gamma and Alpha Detector Spectra Unfolding
nea-1899 GRUCON-D-2017-01, Data Processing for Evaluated Working libraries (transport and shielding)
nea-1666 HEPROW, Unfolding of pulse height spectra using Bayes theorem and maximum entropy method
psr-0101 HYPERMET, Ge(Li) Detector Multichannel Analyser Gamma Spectra Evaluation
iaea0940 JADSPE, Multi-Channel Gamma Spectra Unfolding Program
nea-0192 LAZY, General Experimental Data Processing Program
nea-1026 LOUHI, Generator Spectra Unfolding Program with Linear and Nonlinear Regularization
nea-0983 MARTHA, Nai(Tl) Gamma Scintillation Detector Response by Monte-Carlo
psr-0130 MATXUF, Ne-213 Liquid Scintillation Detector Neutron Spectra Unfolding
nesc9479 MGA, Pu Isotope Abundance from Multichannel Analyzer Gamma Spectra
psr-0542 MGA8, Determine Pu Isotope Abundances from Multichannel Analyzer Gamma Spectra
psr-0261 MICAP, Ionization Chamber Detector Response by Monte-Carlo
psr-0085 NAISAP, Theory and Use of Gamma-Ray Spectrum Analysis Codes for NaI(Tl) Detectors.
nea-0599 NE-SPEC, Ne-213 Liquid Scintillation Detector Fast Neutron Spectra Unfolding
nea-0823 NEUPAC, Experimental Neutron Spectra Unfolding with Sensitivities
nea-0700 NRESP-4, Organic Scintillation Detector Response to Monoenergetic Fast Neutron
psr-0014 O5S, Calibration of Organic Scintillation Detector by Monte-Carlo
nesc1130 PLOTNFIT.4TH, Data Plotting and Curve Fitting by Polynomials
nea-0487 RADAK, Multichannel Analyser Neutron Spectra and Gamma Spectra Unfolding
psr-0348 RADCOMPT, Sample Analysis for Alpha and Beta Dual Channel Detectors
nea-0181 RADIFLUX, Bessel Function Fit of Radial Flux Data in Cylindrical Reactor
nea-0168 RDMM, Flux Spectra from In-Pile Fast Neutron Activation Experiment
nea-0914 REFIT, Multilevel Resonance Parameter Least Square Fit of Neutron Transmission, Capture, Fission & Self Indication Data
nesc9580 RICKI, Interactive Gamma Spectra Unfolding with Isotope Identification
nea-1884 SACALC-ELLIPSOID, Calculates the average solid angle subtended by a ellipsoid solid or surface
nea-1688 SACALC3, Calculates the average solid angle subtended by a volume
psr-0158 SAMMY 8.1.0, Multilevel R-Matrix Fits to Neutron and Charged-Particle Cross-Section Data Using Bayes' Equations
nea-0691 SAMPO80, Ge(Li) Detector Gamma Spectra Unfolding with Isotope Identification
ccc-0112 SAND-2, Neutron Flux Spectra from Multiple Foil Activation Experiment
psr-0267 SCINFUL, Scintillation Neutron Detector Response by Monte-Carlo
nea-0654 SELFS-3, Self-Shielding Correlation of Foil Activation Neutron Spectra Analysis by SAND-2
psr-0139 SIOB, Least Square Fit of Neutron Transmission Data Using Multilevel Breit-Wigner
psr-0345 SNL-SAND-II, Neutron Flux Spectra from Multiple Foil Activation Analysis
psr-0266 SPUNIT, Multisphere Neutron Spectra Unfolding
psr-0113 STAY-SL, Dosimetry Unfolding with Activation, Dosimetry, Flux Error Calculation
iaea1176 SULSA, New Method for Neutron Spectrum Unfolding Problem
nea-1151 SUSD, Sensitivity and Uncertainty in Neutron Transport and Detector Response
nea-1628 SUSD3D, 1-, 2-, 3-Dimensional Cross Section Sensitivity and Uncertainty Code
ccc-0767 SWORD 6.0, SoftWare for Optimization of Radiation Detectors
nea-1665 UMG 3.3, Analysis of data measured with spectrometers using unfolding techniques
ests0827 UNSPEC, X-Ray Spectrum Unfolding
iaea1279 ZZ NMF-90, Database for Neutron Spectra Unfolding
iaea1257 ZZ XG, Radionuclide Decay Parameters for Gamma and X-Ray Detector Calibration