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Catalog of Programs in Category Q

Q. Materials

nea-0290 CARBOX, Equilibrium of Non-Stoichiometric Mixtures of Oxides, Carbides, Methane
nesc0758 COREL, Ion Implantation in Solids, Range, Straggling Using Thomas-Fermi Cross-Sections
nesc0758 DAMG2, Ion Implantation in Solids, Energy Deposition Distribution with Recoils
nea-1885 DART-V.1, displacement per atom, primary knocked-on atoms produced in an atomic solid target
nea-0229 DCXE, Time-Dependent Xe Diffusion in Non-Multiplying Slab
iaea0868 FAPCO, Evaluation of Flaws in Nuclear Power Plant Component Structures
nea-0472 FIREFLY, X-Ray Diffraction Intensities for Powder Patterns
nesc0620 GROUP-2, Atomic and Molecular Lattice Vibrations, Group Theory and Symmetry
nea-0481 HEXCO-H, Coherent Elastic Scattering and Inelastic Scattering in Hexagonal Isotropic Crystal
nesc0609 INDX, X-Ray Diffraction Powder Pattern Indexing, Trial Unit Cell Testing
nea-0517 MAPLIB, Thermodynamics Materials Property Generator for FORTRAN Program
psr-0137 MARLOWE 15b, Computer Simulation of Atomic Collisions in Crystalline Solids
nea-1414 MOLGEO, Molecular Structure Data Tables
nea-0904 PRECIP-2, Zircaloy Cladding Oxidation Simulation for LWR under LOCA Conditions
nesc0758 RASE4, Ion Implantation in Solids, Range, Straggling, Energy Deposition, Recoils
nesc0521 SOCOOL-2, Molten Materials Na Coolant Interaction, Temperature and Pressure Transient
nea-0919 SRIM-2008, Stopping Power and Range of Ions in Matter