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Catalog of Programs in Category X

X. Magnetic Fusion Research

nea-1839 ACAB-2008, ACtivation ABacus Code
nea-1638 ANITA-IEAF, Isotope Inventories from Intermediate Energy Neutron Irradiation for Fusion Applications
ccc-0519 AUS, Neutron Transport and Gamma Transport System for Fission Reactors and Fusion Reactors
nesc0873 COAST-4, Design and Cost of Tokamak Fusion Reactors
nea-1200 ELEORBIT, 3-D Simulation of Electron Orbits in Magnetic Multipole Plasma Source
nea-0490 HEDO-2, Magnetic Field Calculation and Plot of Air Core Coils
ests0167 ICCG2, 2-D Partial Differential Equations Linear Symmetric Matrix Solver
ests0168 ICCG3, 3-D Partial Differential Equations Linear Symmetric Matrix Solver
ests0169 ILUCG2, 2-D Partial Differential Equations Asymmetric Matrix Solver
ests0170 ILUCG3, 3-D Partial Differential Equations Linear Asymmetric Matrix Solver
nea-0485 INDRA, Fusion Reactor Blanket Neutronics, Gamma Heating, H3 Breeding
ccc-0359 MAGIK, Photon Dose Rates from Nucleon-Nucleus % Meson-Nucleus Collisions
nea-0931 MAIA, Eigenvalues for MHD Equation of Tokamak Plasma Stability Problems
nea-1140 MEDUSA-1B, 1-D Plasma Hydrodynamic Analysis of Fusion Pellet Ion Beams
nea-0583 MEDUSA-PIJ, 1-D Thermohydraulic Analysis of Laser Driven Plasma
ests0233 MGMHD, Multigrid 3-D for the Analysis of Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Channels
nea-1181 MORSE-DD, Monte-Carlo Neutron Transport with Combinatorial Geometry Using DDL Cross-Sections Library
nea-0951 NUCCON, Nuclide Concentration and Activation in D-T Fusion Reactor
psr-0106 PLASMX, MultiGroup Neutral Particle Transport in Tokamak CTR Plasma
ccc-0639 RACC-PULSE, Neutron Activation in Fusion Reactor System
ccc-0443 REAC*3, Isotope Activation and Transmutation in Fusion Reactors
iaea0943 STRIMP, Impurity Evolution in Tokamak Fusion Reactor Discharge
ccc-0248 SWAN-PPL, Fusion Reactor 1-D Particle Transport Optimization
nea-0869 THIDA, Transmutation, Hazard Potential, Dose Rate in Fusion Reactor
nea-0869 THIDA-2, Transmutation, Activation, Decay Heat, Dose Rate in Fusion Reactor
ests0551 TMAP4, Tritium Migration Analysis Program Version 4
nesc0561 TOKMINA, Toroidal Magnetic Field Minimization for Tokamak Fusion Reactor
nesc0561 TOKMINA-2, Total Power for Tokamak Fusion Reactor
iaea0909 TOPIC-RUM, Plasma Impurities in Tokamak Reactor by MHD Method
nea-0642 ZZ UKCTR-1, Cross-Section Library for Neutron Flux and Neutron Reaction Rates in CTR Calculation
nea-0680 ZZ UKCTRIIIA, Neutron Cross-Section Data Library for Fusion Reactor Materials Activation