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Catalog of Programs in Category K

K. Reactor Systems Analysis

psr-0315 AMPX-77, Modular System for Coupled Neutron-Gamma MultiGroup Cross-Sections from ENDF/B-5
ccc-0519 AUS, Neutron Transport and Gamma Transport System for Fission Reactors and Fusion Reactors
ccc-0459 BOLD/VENTURE-4, Reactor Analysis System with Sensitivity and Burnup
nesc0387 CITATION, 3-D MultiGroup Diffusion with 1st Order Perturbation and Criticality Search
ccc-0643 CITATION-LDI2, 2-D MultiGroup Diffusion, Perturbation, Criticality Search, for PC
ccc-0650 DOORS, 1-,2-,3-dimensional discrete-ordinates system for deep-penetration neutron and photon transport
uscd1234 DRAGON 3.05D, Reactor Cell Calculation System with Burnup
ccc-0647 DRAGON, Reactor Cell Calculation System with Burnup
nesc0784 DSNP, Program and Data Library System for Dynamic Simulation of Nuclear Power Plant
nea-1683 ERANOS 2.3, Modular code and data system for fast reactor neutronics analyses
nea-1265 HERMES-KFA, High-Energy Radiation Transport by Monte-Carlo
ests0003 IRRAS, Integrated Reliability and Risk Analysis System for PC
nea-0624 JOSHUA, Neutronics, Hydraulics, Burnup, Refuelling of LWR
iaea1232 LABAN-PEL, 2-D MultiGroup Neutron Diffusion in X-Y Geometry by Response Matrix Eigenvalue
nea-1238 PASC-1, Petten AMPX-II/SCALE-3 Code System for Reactor Neutronics Calculation
nea-0615 RELOSS, Reliability of Safety System by Fault Tree Analysis
nea-0598 RSYST, Modular System for Reactor Core and Shielding Problems
psr-0608 SAPHIRE 8.0.9, Systems Analysis Programs for Hands-On Integrated Reliability Evaluations
ccc-0834 SCALE 6.2.3, A Comprehensive Modeling and Simulation Suite for Nuclear Safety Analysis and Design
iaea1437 SUPERMC, Super Monte Carlo simulation program for nuclear and radiation process
ccc-0248 SWAN-PPL, Fusion Reactor 1-D Particle Transport Optimization
iaea1370 TRIGLAV, Research Reactor Calculations
uscd1239 VENTEASY, Criticality Search for a Desired Keffective by Adjusting Dimensions, Nuclide Concentrations, or Buckling
ccc-0654 VENTURE-PC 1.1, Reactor Analysis System with Sensitivity and Burnup
iaea0871 VPI-NECM, Nuclear Engineering Program Collection for College Training
nea-0655 VSOP, Neutron Spectra, 2-D Flux Synthesis, Fuel Management, Thermohydraulics Calculation