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Catalog of Programs in Category F

F. Space - Time Kinetics, Coupled Neutronics - Hydrodynamics - Thermodynamics

ccc-0793 AMP, Advanced Multi-Physics
psr-0431 ATHENA_2D, Simulation Hypothetical Recriticality Accident in a Thermal Neutron Spectrum
nesc0191 AX-TNT, Super Prompt Critical Excursions in Spherical Geometry, Thermohydraulics
ccc-0459 BOLD/VENTURE-4, Reactor Analysis System with Sensitivity and Burnup
nea-0712 CASSANDRE, 2-D Reactor Dynamic FEM Program with Thermohydraulic Feedback
nesc0387 CITATION, 3-D MultiGroup Diffusion with 1st Order Perturbation and Criticality Search
ccc-0643 CITATION-LDI2, 2-D MultiGroup Diffusion, Perturbation, Criticality Search, for PC
nea-0255 CLUS, Heat Transfer and Fuel Power in Liquid Cooled 7 Rod Fuel Elements Cluster
nea-1614 COBRA-EN, Thermal-Hydraulic Transient Analysis of Reactor Cores
nea-1375 COSIMA, BWR Core Performance Simulator
nea-0160 COSTANZA-AX, 1-D Neutronics and Thermodynamics of Liquid Cooled Reactor in Axial Geometry
nea-0160 COSTANZA-CYL, 1-D Neutronics and Thermodynamics of Liquid Cooled Reactor in Cylindrical Geometry
nea-0333 COSTANZA-RZ, 1-D Liquid Cooled Reactor Dynamic in R-Z Geometry
nea-0425 COSTANZA-XE, 2-D Pebble-Bed or Prismatic Fuel Elements HTR Dynamic in Cylindrical Geometry
nea-0398 COSTAX-BOIL, Transient Dynamic Analysis of BWR and PWR in Axial Geometry
nea-1734 CRISSUE-S, Neutronics/Thermal-hydraulics Coupling in LWR Technology
nea-0371 CYLFUX, Fast Reactor Reactivity Transients Simulation in LWR by 2-D 2 Group Diffusion
nea-1506 DPOL3D, 2 Group, 3-D Core Transients and Steady State
nea-1411 DYN3D/M2, Reactivity Transients in Light H2O Reactors with Hexagonal Geometry
nea-1686 ENTREE 1.4.0, BWR Core Simulation System for Space and Time Dependent Coupled Phenomena
nea-0447 EUREKA, Reactivity Transients in LWR from Control Rod, Coolant Flow, Temperature
nea-0424 EXCURS, Heat Transfer Transients in Cylindrical Reactor Channel LOCA
nea-0228 EXCURS-3, Reactor Kinetics and Heat Transfer in Cylindrical Channel During Accident
nea-0310 FIP-DIG, 1-D Time-Dependent Fission Products Diffusion in Slab, Cylindrical, Spherical Geometry with Gaseous Precursor
nesc0174 FORE-2, Thermohydraulics and Space-Independent Reactor Kinetics for Transients
nea-0396 FRANCESCA, 2 Phase Flow Dynamic in Boiling Test Channel and Heat Elements Conduction
nea-0397 FRANCESCA-BWR, 2 Phase Flow Dynamic for BWR Cooling Channel
nesc0862 FX2-TH, 2-D MultiGroup Neutron Diffusion in X-Y, R-Z and R-Theta Geometry with Thermal Feedback
nesc0310 GAKIN-2, 1-D MultiGroup Time-Dependent Neutron Diffusion, Finite Difference Method
nea-0547 HASSAN, Time-Dependent Temperature Distribution and Stress and Strain in HTR Fuel Pins
ests0405 HYFRAC3D, 3-D Hydraulic Rock Fracture Propagation by Finite Element Method
nea-0995 IBIS, FBR 3-D Steady-State and Kinetics with Thermohydraulic Feedback
nea-1871 JN-METD, N Transport with Isotropic Scattering, Bare Slabs and Homogeneous Slabs (JN-METD1), Multilayer Slabs (JN-METD2)
nea-0492 KAMCCO, 3-D Time-Dependent Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Neutron Transport by Monte-Carlo Method
nea-0112 KINAX-3, 1-D 1 Group Reactor Kinetics with Xe and I and Fission Products Heating and Auto-Control
nea-1293 KINIK, Absorber Rod Calibration Kinetics
uscd1241 MCART, solve the time dependent neutron transport equation
nesc0700 MELT-3, Thermohydraulics and Neutronics, Fast Reactor Transients with Feedback
nea-1279 MODICO, 1-D Time-Dependent 1 Group, 2 Group Neutron Diffusion with Delayed Neutron Precursors
nea-1635 NIRAD, A Two-Dimensional Radiation Hydrodynamics Code
ccc-0582 NITRAN, Neutron Transport Code System Based on Anisotropic Scattering
nea-1388 NORMA, Neutron & Thermo-Hydraulic Behaviour of LWR's by Coarse-Mesh Diffusion Methods
nea-1611 NORMA-FP, Perform Subchannel Analysis from Converged Coarse-Mesh Nodal Solutions
nesc0901 PAD, Coupled Neutronics, Thermohydraulics in 1-D Spherical, Cylindrical, Planar Geometry
iaea1216 PRORIA, Fast Reactivity Transients in PWR with Two-Phase Flow Model
iaea1228 PULSTRI, Mixed Core Triga Reactor Pulse Calculation
nea-1600 QUARK, 2-Group 3-D Neutronic Kinetics Coupled to Core Thermalhydraulics
nesc0474 QX-1, 1-D MultiGroup Time-Dependent Neutron Diffusion in Planar Cylindrical and Spherical Geometry for Fast Reactors
nea-1867 RAPID, RAdial power and burnup Prediction by following fissile Isotope Distribution in the pellet
nea-0101 REP-3, Time-Dependent Xe and Sm Poisoning from Space-Dependent Flux Distribution
ccc-0187 SAM-CE, Time-Dependent 3-D Neutron Transport, Gamma Transport in Complex Geometry by Monte-Carlo
ccc-0361 SANDYL, 3-D Time-Dependent and Space-Dependent Gamma Electron Cascade Transport by Monte-Carlo
nea-0520 SARAZE-2, Energy Release from Reactivity Transient Fast Reactor Accident
nea-0537 SCOTCH, 1-D 2 Group HTGR Core Kinetics with Temperature Transients and Fluid Dynamic
nea-1577 SKETCH-N 1.0, Solve Neutron Diffusion Equations of Steady-State and Kinetics Problems
nea-0468 SPARK, Time-Dependent 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Diffusion with Heat Transfer and Feedback
nea-0609 SPLOSH-3, 1-D Time-Dependent Coupled Neutron Kinetics Thermohydraulics for PWR Transient
nesc0558 TASK, 1-D MultiGroup Diffusion or Transport Theory Reactor Kinetics with Delayed Neutron
ccc-0180 TDA, Time-Dependent 1-D Neutron Transport, Gamma Transport by ANISN Method in Slab, Spherical, Cylindrical Geometry
ccc-0256 TDT, Time-Dependent and Steady-State Reactor Kinetics with Arbitrary Delayed Neutron Group
ccc-0709 TDTORT: Time-Dependent, 3-D, Discrete Ordinates, Neutron Transport Code System with Delayed Neutrons
nesc0756 TIMEX, 1-D Time-Dependent MultiGroup Transport Theory with Delayed Neutron, Planar Cylindrical and Spherical Geometry
nea-0387 TIMOC-72, 3-D Time-Dependent Homogeneous or Inhomogeneous Neutron Transport by Monte-Carlo
nea-1155 TPTRIA, Reactivity for 2-D Triangular Geometry by Transport Perturbation Theory
nea-1593 TRAC-PF1/EN MOD 3, Best Estimate Coupled 3-D Neutronics-Thermalhydraulics
nea-0807 TRAWA, LWR Dynamic by Coupled Neutron Diffusion and Thermohydraulics Calculation
ccc-0654 VENTURE-PC 1.1, Reactor Analysis System with Sensitivity and Burnup
nesc0511 VENUS-2, Reactor Kinetics with Feedback, 2-D LMFBR Disassembly Excursions
iaea0871 VPI-NECM, Nuclear Engineering Program Collection for College Training
nea-0506 WAKE, Navier Stokes Equation with 2-D Turbulence, Stream Function, Vorticity
nea-0564 XBWR, 1-D Xe Transients for BWR in Axial Geometry
nea-0283 ZEUS-ALB.5, 3-D 1 Group Neutron Transport Kinetics in Slits, Channels, Tunnels by Monte-Carlo