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Catalog of Programs in Category D

D. Depletion, Fuel Management, Cost Analysis, and Power Plant Economics

nesc0325 2-DB, 2-D MultiGroup Diffusion, X-Y, R-Theta, Hexagonal Geometry Fast Reactor, Criticality Search
nesc0567 3-DB, 3-D MultiGroup Diffusion, X-Y-Z, R-Theta-Z, Triangular-Z Geometry, Fast Reactor Burnup
nea-1839 ACAB-2008, ACtivation ABacus Code
psr-0190 ADENA, Fission Products Beta Spectra and Gamma Spectra in 19 Group from U235 Pu239 Mixture
nea-0321 ANDROMEDA, 1-D Burnup for Fuel Cycle Analysis of FBR
nea-1638 ANITA-IEAF, Isotope Inventories from Intermediate Energy Neutron Irradiation for Fusion Applications
ccc-0519 AUS, Neutron Transport and Gamma Transport System for Fission Reactors and Fusion Reactors
nea-0373 BEST-4, Fuel Cycle and Cost Optimization for Discrete Power Levels
nea-0404 BEST-5, Power Reactor Fuel Cycle Optimization by Bellman Method
ccc-0657 BETA-S, Multi-Group Beta-Ray Spectra
nea-0591 BEVE, Isotope Buildup in LWR Fuel Pin with Self-Shielding in Pellet
nea-0870 BISON, 1-D Burnup and Transport in Slab, Cylindrical, Spherical Geometry
ccc-0459 BOLD/VENTURE-4, Reactor Analysis System with Sensitivity and Burnup
nea-0236 BOLERO, 2 Group Burnup for PWR and BWR in R-Z Geometry with Restart and Recycle
nea-1523 BOXER, Fine-flux cross section condensation, 2D few group diffusion and transport burnup calculations
nea-0237 BURNY, 5 Group BWR and PWR Burnup in X-Y Geometry by Diffusion Calculation
nea-0350 BURNY-SQUID, 2-D Burnup of UO2 and Mix UO2 PuO2 Fuel in X-Y or R-Z Geometry
nea-1735 CARL 2.3, radiotoxicity, activity, dose and decay power calculations for spent fuel
ests1071 CECP, Decommissioning Costs for PWR and BWR
ccc-0544 CEPXS ONELD, 1-D Coupled Electron Photon MultiGroup System
ccc-0837 CEPXS, Coupled Electron-Photon Cross Section
ccc-0604 CHAINS-PC, Decay Chain Atomic Densities
nea-0451 CICLON, Neutronics Calculation for PWR Transition Fuel Cycle Management
ccc-0755 CINDER 1.05, Actinide Transmutation Calculations Code
nesc0313 CINDER, Depletion and Decay Chain Calculation for Fission Products in Thermal Reactors
nesc0387 CITATION, 3-D MultiGroup Diffusion with 1st Order Perturbation and Criticality Search
ccc-0643 CITATION-LDI2, 2-D MultiGroup Diffusion, Perturbation, Criticality Search, for PC
iaea0883 CLUB, Cell Calculation PF Candu PWR Fuel Clusters
nesc0873 COAST-4, Design and Cost of Tokamak Fusion Reactors
psr-0614 COBRA-SFS CYCLE 4A, Code System for Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of Spent Fuel Casks
ests0135 COBRA-SFS CYCLE3, Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of Spent Fuel Casks
nea-1578 COMRAD96, Nuclear Fuel Burnup and Depletion Calculation System
nesc0498 CONCEPT-5, Cost and Economics Analysis for Nuclear Fuel or Fossil Fuel Power Plant
nea-0427 CONDOR-3, Local and Spectrum Dependent Burnup with Mesh-Wise Depletion
iaea1226 CORD, PWR Core Design and Fuel Management
nea-0463 CRACKLE, Fast Reactor Pu Fuel Management
iaea0873 CRITIC, In-Core Fuel Management for CANDU PWR
nea-1892 CUMYIELD.MT, cumulative yields calculations of radioactive decay isotopes considering decay chain
nea-0151 DANCOFF-3, Dancoff Correction for Cylindrical Fuel Rod at H2O Gaps and for Fuel Clusters
ccc-0640 DCHAIN, Isotope Buildup and Isotope Decay by 1 Point Approximation
nea-0664 DCHAIN, Isotope Buildup and Isotope Decay by 1 Point Approximation
nea-1603 DCHAIN-SP 2001, Code System for Analyzing Decay and Build-up Characteristics of Spallation Products
nea-1893 DECAYHEAT.MT, decay heat calculations from radioactive isotopes
nea-0446 DELIGHT-7, Point Reactivity Burnup for HTGR Lattice with P1 Neutron Scattering Approximation
psr-0523 DEPLETOR Version 2, provides depletion capability to the Purdue Advanced Reactor Core Simulator (PARCS) code
nea-1887 DESAE, develop prospective nuclear energy scenarios in a regional and global scale
nea-0298 DISCOUNT-G, Nuclear Power Program with Cost Analysis and Pu Production Optimization
nea-1683 ERANOS 2.3, Modular code and data system for fast reactor neutronics analyses
nea-0534 EREBUS, Burnup by 2-D MultiGroup Neutron Diffusion with Criticality Search
nea-0341 ERUPT, 2-D 2 Group Fuel Management in R-Z Geometry with Fuel Shuffling
nea-0617 FAPMAN-IC, LWR Fuel Cost Analysis with Program ORSIM Interface
nea-0693 FAPMAN-ORSIM, General Cost Optimization for System of Nuclear Power Plants
nea-1080 FEMAXI-6, Thermal and Mechanical Behaviour of LWR Fuel Rods
nea-1901 FINIX 0.17.12, thermal and mechanical behaviour of a nuclear fuel rod during steady-state and transient conditions
nea-0897 FISP-6, Fission Products Inventory and Energy Release in Irradiated Fuel
nea-0706 FISPIN, Isotope Buildup and Isotope Decay for Actinides, Fission Products, Structure Materials
nea-0235 FLARE-JAERI, 3-D BWR and ATR Simulation
ccc-0603 FPZD, Reactor Burnup by MultiGroup Neutron Diffusion
nesc0301 FREVAP-6, Metal Fission Products Release from HTGR Fuel Elements
nea-0314 FURNACE-J, 2-D Diffusion Burnup for Fast Reactors from JAERI Fast-Set
nesc0223 GAD-2, Fuel Cycle Depletion Calculation with Partial Refueling and Fuel Recycling
nesc0576 GEM, Fuel Cycle Cost and Economics for Thermal Reactor, Present Worth Analysis
iaea1222 HAMCIND, Cell Burnup with Fission Products Poisoning
nea-0176 HETERO, Flux and Power Distribution in Thermal Reactor by 3-D, 2 Group Line Source Sink Method
nea-0100 HYTHEST, Dependence of Fuel Fabrication Tolerances on Hydraulics of BWR, PWR
nea-0353 ICON, Reactor Operation Fission Products Inventory Calculation
nea-1894 INVENTDYN.MT, calculates the dynamics of the amount of isotope and its daughter nuclides with time stamps
nea-0434 ISOTEX-1, Time-Dependent Heavy Isotope and Fission Products Concentration in U Reactor or Pu Reactor
nea-0624 JOSHUA, Neutronics, Hydraulics, Burnup, Refuelling of LWR
nea-0288 KERBREK, Fuel Cycle Cost Analysis for Power Reactor
nea-1001 KORIGEN, Isotope Inventory, Radiation Heat from PWR Burnup
nea-0417 KOSAK, Power Plant Cost Optimization with Pu Availability Option
nea-0441 KPD, Time-Dependent Fuel Cycle Cost Calculation for Various Reactor Types
nesc0249 LASER, Slowing-Down Neutron Spectra and Burnup for Thermal Reactors, Neutron Transport Theory
nea-0573 LASER-PNC, Neutron Spectra in Uniform Lattice with Burnup Calculation
ccc-0343 LEOPARD-MICRO, Spectrum-Dependent Non-Spatial Fuel Depletion
nesc9449 LPGC, Levelized Steam Electric Power Generator Cost
ccc-0631 LWRARC, PWR and BWR Spent Fuel Decay Heat Generator
nea-1643 MCB1C, Monte-Carlo Continuous Energy Burnup Code
iaea0889 MCRAC, In Core Fuel Management, Program of PFMP System
nesc9479 MGA, Pu Isotope Abundance from Multichannel Analyzer Gamma Spectra
psr-0455 MONTEBURNS 2.0, An Automated, Multi-Step Monte Carlo Burnup Code System
nesc0798 MSF21/VTE21, Desalination Plant Heat, Mass Balance, Design, Cost Optimization
nea-1845 MURE v2 - SMURE, MCNP Utility for Reactor Evolution: couples Monte-Carlo transport with fuel burnup calculations
iaea1411 NAAPRO, Neutron Activation Analysis Prognosis and Optimization code
nesc0683 NUFUEL, Conditions for Power Production, U Fuel, Pu Recycle and Reprocessing
nesc0588 ORCOST-2, PWR, BWR, HTGR, Fossil Fuel Power Plant Cost and Economics
nea-1324 OREST, LWR Burnup Simulation Using Program HAMMER and ORIGEN
ccc-0371 ORIGEN-2.2, Isotope Generation and Depletion Code Matrix Exponential Method
ccc-0702 ORIGEN-ARP 2.00, Isotope Generation and Depletion Code System-Matrix Exponential Method with GUI and Graphics Capability
nea-0622 ORIGEN-JR, Radiation Source and Nuclide Transmutation with In-Core Burnup
nea-1880 ORIP-XXI, isotope transmutation simulations
nea-0521 PAS-1, 2-D, 3-D Linear Static and Dynamic Stress Analysis with 2-D Steady-State Temperature Distribution
iaea0819 PELINOMIC, Power Plant Cost Optimization for Dispersed Load Centres
nea-1339 PEPIN, Methodology for Computing Concentrations, Activities, Gamma-Ray Spectra, and Residual Heat from Fission Products.
nea-1663 PLUTON, Isotope Generation and Depletion in Highly Irradiated LWR Fuel Rods
nea-1675 PPICA, Power Plant Investment Cost Analysis
iaea0888 PSU-LEOPARD, Program LEOPARD in PFMP System, Fast Neutron and Thermal Neutron Spectra Calculation
nesc0441 PWCOST, Fuel Cycle Cost and Economics by Present Worth Levelized Method
ccc-0639 RACC-PULSE, Neutron Activation in Fusion Reactor System
ccc-0627 RADAC, Radioactive Decay and Accumulation of Long Lived Isotopes
nea-0475 RASPA, Burnup with Fission Products Inventory, Gamma Spectra, Isotopic Power Density
ccc-0443 REAC*3, Isotope Activation and Transmutation in Fusion Reactors
ccc-0708 REBUS-PC 1.4, Code System for Analysis of Research Reactor Fuel Cycles
ccc-0653 REBUS3/VARIANT8.0, Code System for Analysis of Fast Reactor Fuel Cycles
ests0176 RECAP, Replacement Energy Cost for Short-Term Reactor Plant Shut-Down
nesc1065 REFCO83, Nuclear Fuel Cycle Cost Economics Using Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
nea-0262 REFLOS, Fuel Loading and Cost from Burnup and Heavy Atomic Mass Flow Calculation in HWR
nea-1231 REFREP, Near-Field Model for Spent Fuel Repository
nea-0101 REP-3, Time-Dependent Xe and Sm Poisoning from Space-Dependent Flux Distribution
ccc-0137 RIBD, Fission Products Inventory and Delay Heat in Fast Reactors, with Data Library
ccc-0382 RIBD-IRT, Isotope Buildup and Isotope Decay from Fission Source
nea-0239 RIBOT-5, 0-D Burnup for 5 Group BWR or PWR Lattice
nea-0589 RICE-CEGB, Long-Term Actinides and Fission Products Inventory of Irradiated Fuel
nea-0598 RSYST, Modular System for Reactor Core and Shielding Problems
nea-1078 SACHET, Dynamic Fission Products Inventory in PWR Multiple Compartment System
nea-1779 SAGEP-FR, Sensitivity Analysis of Fast Reactor Parameters
ccc-0834 SCALE 6.2.3, A Comprehensive Modeling and Simulation Suite for Nuclear Safety Analysis and Design
nea-0235 SCOPERS-2, BWR and PWR Core Performance Simulation
nea-1840 SERPENT 1.1.7, 3-D continuous-energy Monte Carlo reactor physics burnup calculation, lattice physics applications
nea-1767 SMAFS, Steady-state analysis Model for Advanced Fuelcycle Schemes
nea-0450 SOTHIS, PWR Fuel Cycle Equilibrium Cost Evaluation
nea-0374 SPES, Fuel Cycle Optimization for LWR
iaea0882 STAR, Fuel Management of BWR
iaea0900 STOFFEL-1, Steady-State In-Pile Behaviour of Cylindrical H2O Cooled Oxide Fuel Rod
nea-1151 SUSD, Sensitivity and Uncertainty in Neutron Transport and Detector Response
nea-1628 SUSD3D, 1-, 2-, 3-Dimensional Cross Section Sensitivity and Uncertainty Code
nea-1698 SWAT, Step-Wise Burnup Analysis Code System to Combine SRAC-95 Cell Calculation Code and ORIGEN2
iaea1338 TEMPUL, Temperature Distribution in Fuel Element after Pulse
nea-0486 TOTEM, Demand Assessment for Nuclear Power Plants and Conventional Power Plants
iaea1214 TRIGAC, Flux and Power Distribution and Burnup for TRIGA Reactor
nea-0415 TRITON, 3-D Multi-Region Neutron Diffusion Burnup with Criticality Search
iaea0884 TRIVENI, 3-D Fuel Management for PHWR CANDU
ccc-0654 VENTURE-PC 1.1, Reactor Analysis System with Sensitivity and Burnup
nea-1856 VESTA 2.1.5, Monte Carlo depletion interface code and AURORA 1.0.0, Depletion analysis tool
iaea0871 VPI-NECM, Nuclear Engineering Program Collection for College Training
nea-0655 VSOP, Neutron Spectra, 2-D Flux Synthesis, Fuel Management, Thermohydraulics Calculation
nea-1882 XSUN-2017, Windows interface environment for transport and sensitivity-uncertainty software TRANSX-2, PARTISN and SUSD3D
nea-0072 ZADOC, 2 Group Time-Dependent Burnup in X-Y Geometry with Fuel Management