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Catalog of Programs in Category P

P. General Mathematical and Computing System Routines

nesc0806 2DEPEP, Partial Differencial Equation Solution and Eigenvalues for Potential and Diffusion Problems
nea-0912 ABLEIT-TRANS, Isotope Concentration and Sensitivities on Cross-Sections Data
nea-0976 ACCULIB, Program Library of Mathematical Routines
iaea0975 ACORNS, Covariance and Correlation Matrix Diagonalization
ests0171 ADASAGE, ADA Application Development System
nea-0590 AKIMA'S-SPLINE, Curve and Surface Fit of Uni-Variate and Bi-Variate Function
nesc0562 AMDLIBAE, IBM 360 Subroutine Library, Special Function, Polynomials, Differential Equation
nesc0563 AMDLIBF, IBM 360 Subroutine Library, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, Matrix Inversion
nesc0564 AMDLIBGZ, IBM 360 Subroutine Library for Data Processing, Graphics, Sorting
nesc9977 ANYOLS, Least Square Fit by Stepwise Regression
nea-0367 APPROX, 1-D and 2-D Function Approximation by Polynomials, Splines, Finite Elements Method
nesc0738 ARSTEC, Nonlinear Optimization Program Using Random Search Method
psr-0008 AUTOJOM, Quadratic Equation Coefficient for Conic Volume, Parallelepipeds, Wedges, Pyramids
nea-1076 AVACOM-ETAP, Availability and Element Transient and Asymptotic Repair Process
nesc9700 AVPROG, Monte-Carlo Simulation of System Availability
nea-0861 AWE-1 AWE-2 BRUNA, Minimal Cut Sets of Logic Trees
nea-0541 BICUSP, Solution and Derivatives of 2-D Function in Rectangular Mesh Grid by Splines
ests0298 BIMOND3, Monotone Bivariate Interpolation
nesc1037 BIMOND3, Monotone Bivariate Interpolation
nea-0978 BLOOM, Principal Component Analysis and Correspondence Analysis Using IMSL Subroutines
nea-0516 BRANCALEONE, Transfer Function Roots for Linear System of Several Variables
nesc9804 BRGLM, Interactive Linear Regression Analysis by Least Square Fit
nea-1819 BURD, Bayesian estimation in data analysis of Probabilistic Safety Assessment
uscd1151 BWIP-RANDOM-SAMPLING, Random Sample Generation for Nuclear Waste Disposal
nea-0716 CHOLESK, Diffusion Calculation with 2-D Source in X-Y or R-Z Geometry
nesc9602 CIRCLE-SPLINE, 2-D, 3-D Spline Curve Fitting
nesc0649 COMQC, Quality Control Statistical Analysis for Means, Errors, Skewness, Kurtosis
nea-0574 COVAL, Compound Probability Distribution for Function of Probability Distribution
nea-0507 CURFIT SURFIT, 2-D Polynomial Least Square Fit to Experimental Data
nesc9918 DASSL, Solution of Differential Algebraic Equation
ests0848 DDASAC, Double-Precision Differential or Algebraic Sensitivity Analysis
nesc0640 DE/STE/INTRP, 1st Order Ordinary Differential Equation for Initial Value Problems
nesc9681 DEM4-26, Least Square Fit for IBM PC by Deming Method
ests0763 DENDRO, Cluster Analysis of Experimental Data with Tree Plot
nesc0847 DISPL-1, 2nd Order Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation System Solution for Kinetics Diffusion Problems
psr-0110 DOQDP ADOQ, Discrete Ordinate Quadrature Generator for Programs DOT and ANISN
nesc0534 EISPACK, Subroutines for Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, Matrix Operations
nea-1895 ENDSAM, a code for random sampling and validation of covariance data of resonance parameters in ENDF-6 format
nesc0675 EPISODE, 1st Order Stiff or Non-Stiff Ordinary Differential Equation, Initial Value Problems
nesc0705 EPISODE-B, 1st Order Stiff or Non-Stiff Ordinary Differential Equation, Initial Value Problems
nea-0515 EROS-2, Time-Dependent of Linear System by Inverse Laplace Transformation
nesc0321 EXPALS, Least Square Fit of Linear Combination of Exponential Decay Function
psr-0354 FASTPLOT, Interface Routines to MS FORTRAN Graphics Library
nea-0930 FELPO, 2-D Minimization of Quadratic Functionals by Finite Elements Method
nea-1692 FFT-BM, Code Accuracy Evaluations with the 1D Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Methodology
nesc0514 FORSIM, Solution of Ordinary or Partial Differential Equation with Initial Conditions
psr-0078 FORSIM-6, Automatic Solution of Coupled Differential Equation System
nea-0593 FPSPH DFPSPF, Line Shape Function for Doppler Broadened Resonance Cross-Sections Calculation
nea-0692 FRELIB, Failure Reliability Index Calculation
nesc9659 FRTGEN, Fault Trees by Subtree Generator from Parent Tree for Program FTAP
nesc9659 FRTPLT, Fault Tree Structure and Logical Gates Plot for Program FTAP
nesc0666 FTA, Fault Tree Analysis for Minimal Cut Sets, Graphics for CALCOMP
nesc9659 FTAP, Minimal Cut Sets of Arbitrary Fault Trees
nea-0606 GENDY, Reactor Dynamic Program with Variable Time Step Control
psr-0367 GMA, Generalized Least-Squares Cross-Sections Evaluation for ENDF Format
nesc0624 GRAPH, Data Processing, Statistical Analysis, Correlations and Graphics
psr-0231 GRESS-3.0, FORTRAN Precompiler with Differentiation Enhancement
ests0167 ICCG2, 2-D Partial Differential Equations Linear Symmetric Matrix Solver
ests0168 ICCG3, 3-D Partial Differential Equations Linear Symmetric Matrix Solver
nea-1326 IFF, Full-Screen Input Menu Generator for FORTRAN Program
ests0169 ILUCG2, 2-D Partial Differential Equations Asymmetric Matrix Solver
ests0170 ILUCG3, 3-D Partial Differential Equations Linear Asymmetric Matrix Solver
nesc0779 IMPORTANCE, Minimal Cut Sets and System Availability from Fault Tree Analysis
nesc0975 INGEN, 2-D, 3-D Mesh Generator for Finite Elements Program
nesc1058 JAKEF, Gradient or Jacobian Function from Objective Function or Vector Function
psr-0008 JOMREAD, Check of 3-D Geometry Structure from Quadratic Surfaces
nea-1824 KCUT, code to generate minimal cut sets for fault trees
nesc0556 KEELE, Minimization of Nonlinear Function with Linear Constraints, Variable Metric Method
nesc0528 KITT, Component and System Reliability Information from Kinetic Fault Tree Theory
nesc9520 KRYSI, Ordinary Differential Equations Solver with Sdirk Krylov Method
nesc0918 LASO, Subroutine Library for Matrix Manipulation, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
nea-0192 LAZY, General Experimental Data Processing Program
nesc9426 LFK, FORTRAN Application Performance Test
psr-0394 LHS, Multivariate Sample Generator by Latin Hypercube Sampling
nesc1085 LHS-ESTSC, Multivariate Sample Generator by Latin Hypercube Sampling
nesc0800 LINPACK, Subroutine Library for Linear Equation System Solution and Matrix Calculation
iaea1331 LINTAB, Linear Interpolable Tables from any Continuous Variable Function
iaea1304 LPA1, LPA2, Deconvolution Program Using Fourier Transform
iaea1260 LPTAU, Quasi Random Sequence Generator
nesc9721 LRSYS, PASCAL LR(1) Parser Generator System
uscd1227 LSODA, Ordinary Differential Equation Solver for Stiff or Non-Stiff System
uscd1228 LSODAR, Ordinary Differential Equation Solver for Stiff or Non-Stiff System with rootfinding
uscd1223 LSODE, 1st Order Stiff or Non-Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations System Initial Value Problems
uscd1229 LSODES, Ordinary Differential Equations System Sparse Matrices
uscd1224 LSODI, Implicit Ordinary Differential Equations System Either Dense or Banded Matrices
uscd1225 LSODIS, Implicit Ordinary Differential Equations System Sparse Matrices
ests0264 LSODKR, Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) System Solver with Krylov Iteration and Rootfinding
uscd1230 LSODKR, Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) System Solver with Krylov Iteration with Rootfinding
uscd1231 LSODPK, Ordinary Differential Equations Solver for Stiff and Nonstiff System with Krylov Corrector Iteration
uscd1226 LSOIBT, Implicit Ordinary Differential Equations System Block Tridiagonal Matrices
iaea1268 LSQXY, Curve Fitting with Uncertainty Weighting
nea-0931 MAIA, Eigenvalues for MHD Equation of Tokamak Plasma Stability Problems
uscd1159 MATXTST, Basic Operations for Covariance Matrices
psr-0001 MAX-XTREME, 1 Constraint Lagrange Multipliers for 25 Variables
nesc0825 MESA, Fourier Analysis of Maximum Entropy Spectra and Correlation Function Analysis
nesc0888 MINPACK-1, Subroutine Library for Nonlinear Equation System
nesc0653 MOCUS, Minimal Cut Sets and Minimal Path Sets from Fault Tree Analysis
nesc0678 MORTRAN-2, FORTRAN Language Extension with User-Supplied Macros
ests1098 MPICH, Message Passing Interface (MPI) Subroutine Library for Parallel Computers and Networks
nesc0709 NIXLIN, Function Minimization Using Direct Search Simplex Method for Nonlinear Equation Fit
uscd1232 ODEPACK, Initial Value Problems of Ordinary Differential Equation System
nea-0552 OPTIM, Minimization of Band-Width of Finite Elements Problems
nesc0829 OPTIMIZERS, Subroutine Library for Unconstrained Nonlinear Optimization Problems
psr-0275 ORMONTE, Uncertainty Analysis for User-Developed System Models
nesc9469 OTTER, Resolution Style Theorem Prover
nesc9617 PC-BLAS, PC Linear Algebra Subroutines
nesc1057 PCC/SRC, PCC and SRC Calculation from Multivariate Input for Sensitivity Analysis
nesc9917 PCHIP, Piecewise Cubic Hermite Data Interpolation
ests1145 PCX, Interior-Point Linear Programming Solver
ests0847 PDASAC, Partial Differential Sensitivity Analysis of Stiff System
nesc9839 PDES, Fips Standard Data Encryption Algorithm
psr-0432 PHAZE, Parametric Hazard Function Estimation
ests0585 PICL, Portable Instrumented Communication Library
nea-1058 POISSON, Analysis Solution of Poisson Problems in Probabilistic Risk Assessment
nea-0488 POISSX, Poisson Equation on Rectangle with Various Boundary Condition
nesc9983 PRAXIS, High Level Computer Language for System Applications
nesc0528 PREP KITT, System Reliability by Fault Tree Analysis
nea-1173 PREP, Input Preparation for Monte-Carlo Program SPOP
nesc0528 PREP, Min Path Set and Min Cut Set for Fault Tree Analysis, Monte-Carlo Method
iaea1174 PSAPACK, Probabilistic Safety Analysis with Fault Event Trees
nea-0819 QUADPACK, Numerical Integration by Gauss Kronrod Quadrature
nesc0843 RANDOM_NUMBERS, Random Number Sequence Generated from Gas Ionisation Chamber Data
nesc9967 RECOG-ORNL, Pattern Recognition Data Analysis
nea-0615 RELOSS, Reliability of Safety System by Fault Tree Analysis
nea-0429 REMO, Failure Analysis of System with Reparable and Standby Components by Monte-Carlo
nesc0674 SAFTAC, Monte-Carlo Fault Tree Simulation for System Design Performance and Optimization
nea-0212 SAHYB-2, Solution of Ordinary Differential Equation with User-Supplied Subroutine
nesc0879 SAMPLE, Mean and Standard Deviation and Probability of Given Function by Monte-Carlo
nea-1405 SCALPLO, Plotting of Flux Output from SCALE Program
nesc1002 SCREEN, Statistical Sensitivity Ranking of Program Input Variables
nesc9717 SCWEB, Scientific Workstation Evaluation Benchmark
nesc9438 SENSIT MUSIG COMSEN, Sensitivity Test Analysis
nesc0623 SETS, Boolean Manipulation for Network Analysis and Fault Tree Analysis
nesc9776 SLAP, Large Sparse Linear System Solution Package
ests0181 SLATEC-4.1, Subroutine Library for Solution of Mathematical Problems
nesc9641 SPECFUN1, Portable Special FORTRAN Routines with Test Drivers
nea-0462 SPLINE, Spline Interpolation Function
nesc9736 SPLPKG WFCMPR WFAPPX, Wilson-Fowler Spline Generator for Computer Aided Design And Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Systems
nea-1173 SPOP-4, Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis Monte-Carlo Program with Input from PREP
nea-0986 STATCAT, Statistical Analysis of Parametric and Non-Parametric Data
nea-0908 STATISTICS, Program System for Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data
nesc9749 STATLIB, Interactive Statistics Program Library of Tutorial System
nea-0993 STRADE, Stratified Random Design for Reactor Safety Analysis
nesc9608 SUPES, Engineering Sciences Utilities Program Library
nesc0731 SUPORT, Solution of Linear 2 Point Boundary Value Problems, Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg Method
psr-0308 TAM3, Monte-Carlo Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of Radium in Lake Contamination Model
nea-1301 TAPE, General Copy Utility for VAX/VMS and IBM Tapes
nesc1084 TEMAC, Top Event Sensitivity Analysis
ests0643 TIDY6.21, Reformatting of FORTRAN Source Programs
nesc9863 TOEPLITZ, Solution of Linear Equation System with Toeplitz or Circulant Matrix
nesc1056 TOOLPACK1, Tools for Development and Maintenance of FORTRAN 77 Program
psr-0522 TRUMP, Steady-State and Transient 1-D, 2-D and 3-D Potential Flow, Temperature Distribution
psr-0245 UPEML, Computer Independent Emulator of CDC Update Utility
ests0752 VCODE, Ordinary Differential Equation Solver for Stiff and Non-Stiff Problems
psr-0311 VIDEO-PC, SVGA Routines for FORTRAN on PC
nesc0922 VMCON, Minimization of Nonlinear Function with Constraints
ests0426 VODE, Variable Coefficient Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) Solver
ests1197 WFSFIT, Wilson-Fowler Spline Fit Algorithm
nesc0988 XERROR, FORTRAN Library Error Message Processing Routines
iaea1371 ZOTT99, Data Evaluation Using Partitioned Least-Squares