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Catalog of Programs in Category L

L. Data Preparation

iaea1386 2GWIHLIB, Generation and Plot of Cross Sections for HYDMN
nea-1732 3D-TRANS-2003, Workshop on Common Tools and Interfaces for Radiation Transport Codes
nea-1708 ADEFTA 4.1, Atomic Densities for Transport Analysis
ccc-0831 ADVANTG 3.0.3, AutomateD VAriaNce reducTion Generator
nea-0661 ASNBILD, Generator of JCL and Data for Program ANISN on CDC Computer
nea-1678 BOT3P5.3, 3D Mesh Generator and Graphical Display of Geometry for Radiation Transport Codes, Display of Results
psr-0143 BREESE, Distribution Function for Program MORSE from Albedo Data
psr-0131 CARP-82, Multigroup Albedo Data using DOT Angular Flux Results
iaea0966 COMPAR, NJOY, GROUPIE, FLANGE-2, ETOG-3, XLACS MultiGroup Cross-Sections General Comparison
nea-1711 DORTDAT2, Input-Making Support System for a Two-Dimensional SN Code, DORT
psr-0251 DSNQUAD, Angular Quadrature Weights and Cosines for ANISN
iaea1402 ENDVER-ENDVER/GUI, The ENDF File Verification Support Package
nea-0408 EURCYL, Mesh Generator for 3-D Intersections of Pressure Vessel Nozzles
nesc1046 FED, Geometry Input Generator for Program TRUMP
iaea1221 FIGA, Source Distribution Conversion from X-Y to R-Theta Geometry
ests0576 GRIDMAKER, 2-D, 3-D Finite Element Method Grid Generation for Ground Water and Pollutant Transport
nea-1760 JANIS 4.0, a Java-based nuclear data display program
nea-0317 JFUSER, JAERI Fast-Set Group Constant Collapsing and Data Conversion for Program LTFR-70
nea-1859 MCUNED, MCNPX Extension for Using light Ion Evaluated Nuclear Data library
nea-0347 MESHREF, Finite Elements Mesh Combination with Renumbering
iaea1387 MEXP, EXTERMINATOR-2 Utility Programs
psr-0365 MOCUP, MCNP/ORIGEN Coupling Utility Programs
iaea1349 MSM-SOURCE, Neutron Source Generator for MCNP from Proton Neutron Interaction
uscd1242 NucWiz, set up and run Monte Carlo calculations
ests0329 ORMGEN3D, 3-D Crack Geometry FEM Mesh Generator
psr-0238 PICTURE, 2-D Slices Through 3-D CG of MORSE, QAD-CG
nea-1485 PREP-45, Input Preparation for CITATION-2
iaea1379 PREPRO2010, Data Preparation and Management, Subsidiary Calculations (ENDF Format)
nea-1679 PVIS-4, Pressure vessel irradiation, source preparation
nesc0612 QMESH RENUM QPLOT, Mesh Generator on 2-D Bodies for Finite Element Method Analysis, with Plot Utility
ests0332 QMESH RENUM QPLOT, Self-Organizing Mesh Generator
iaea0965 RGENDF, Conversion of NJOY MultiGroup Cross-Sections to ENDFB-5, EXPANDA, PFCOND, COMPAR Format
nea-1356 RIPP2, H2O Chemistry File Generator for Program PHREEQE
ccc-0517 SADDE-MOD1, Beta Spectra Evaluation Input Generator for Program VARSKIN
psr-0352 SCAMPI, Problem Dependent Library Preprocessing in AMPX Format
iaea1416 SIGACE, Code for Doppler broadening of ACE-formatted files
uscd1240 VIM_NC, VIM color syntax for Nuclear Codes: NJOY, DRAGON, PARTISN, TORT, MONK, and MCNP
nea-1882 XSUN-2017, Windows interface environment for transport and sensitivity-uncertainty software TRANSX-2, PARTISN and SUSD3D
iaea1412 ZZ MINSKACT, Evaluated neutron reaction data for Th-232, Pa, U, Np, Pu, Am and Cm isotopes