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Catalog of Programs in Category R

R. Environmental and Earth Sciences

nea-1250 2D-SEEP, 2-D Ground Water Flow in Permeable Geologic Media
nesc9739 2DFLOW, 2-D Drainage Winds and Diffusion Simulation
nea-1250 3D-SEEP, 3-D Ground Water Flow in Permeable Geologic Media
ccc-0360 AIRDIF, Neutron and Gamma Doses from Nuclear Explosion by 2-D Air Diffusion
ccc-0341 AIRSCAT, Dose Rate from Gamma Air Scattering by Single Scattering Approximation
ccc-0612 ALPHN, (Alpha, N) Neutron Production in High-Level Waste Canisters
uscd0795 AMRAW, Risk Assessment Method for Radioactive Waste Management
ests1169 ARCON96, Radioactive Plume Concentration in Reactor Control Rooms
ccc-0417 AT123D, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Transient Waste Transport Simulation in Groundwater
ccc-0179 ATR, Radiation Transport Models in Atmosphere at Various Altitudes
uscd1158 BALANCE, Mass Transfer in Groundwater Aqueous Solution
ccc-0633 BLT, Waste Transport through Porous Media from Container Failure
uscd1151 BWIP-RANDOM-SAMPLING, Random Sample Generation for Nuclear Waste Disposal
nesc9537 CFEST-1.1, Coupled Fluid, Energy, Solute Transport in Ground-Water System
ccc-0584 CHAINT-MC, 2-D Radionuclide Transport in Fractured Porous Medium
nea-1346 CHEMTARD, Simulation of Chemical Species Through Porous Media
nea-0903 COLUMN, 1-D Migration for Various Physical Chemical Processes
nesc0663 COMRADEX-4, Doses from Radioactive Release, Meteorological Dispersion, Aerosol
nea-1040 CRUNCH, Dispersion Model for Continuous Dense Vapour Release in Atmosphere
ccc-0273 DACRIN, Dose in Respiratory Tract and Organs from Aerosol Inhalation
ests0357 DASH-FP, Multicomponent Time-Dependent Concentration Diffusion
ccc-0455 DEIS, Impact Measures of Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
nea-0840 DENZ, Dense Toxic or Explosive Gases Dispersion in Atmosphere
nea-1067 DIFMOD, Radionuclide Leaching and Cement Corrosion in Brine
ccc-0454 DISPERS, Radioactive Release into Surface Water and Ground Water
nesc9532 DISPOSAL_SITE, Low-Level Radioactive Waste Storage Cost Analysis
ccc-0624 DOSE-SGTR, Iodine Release During Steam Generator Tube Rupture (SGTR) in PWR
ests0599 DPCT, Probabilistic Deterministic Contaminant Transport in Ground Water
ests0637 DSEM, Radioactive Waste Disposal Site Economic Model
ccc-0634 DUST-BNL, Radioactive Waste Transport from Container Leaks into Ground Water
ccc-0383 DWNWND, Downwind Atmospheric Concentration and Dispersion by Gaussian Plume Model
ests1300 E3D, 3-D Elastic Seismic Wave Propagation Code
ests0219 ECO2N, a TOUGH2 fluid property module for mixtures of water-NaCl-CO2
nesc0886 EQ-3 EQ6, Thermodynamics Equilibrium for Aqueous Solution Mineral System
nea-0458 ERDBEBEN, Structure Displacements and Forces Under Earthquake Conditions
nea-0561 ESDORA, Continuous and Instantaneous Fission Products Release into Atmosphere
nea-0592 FALT, Orientation of Double Coupled Earthquake Source with Given Amplitudes
nesc9722 FE3DGW, Ground Water Flow Model Using Finite Element Method
ests1121 FEHM, Finite Element Heat and Mass Transfer Code
ests0198 FEM-3, Heavy Gas Dispersion Incompressible Flow
ccc-0451 FEMWASTE FEMWATER, Finite Elements Method Waste Transport Through Porous Media
nesc1144 FEMWATER BLT, Water or Waste Transport in Soil
ccc-0477 FEWA-FEMA, Finite Element Method Model of Materials Transport in Ground Water
nesc9844 FFSM, Long-Term Nuclear Waste Repository Site Simulation by Monte-Carlo
nea-0669 FONTA, Radiation Release in Atmosphere and Deposition in Human Organs
nesc9411 FRACFLO, 2-D Radionuclide Groundwater Transport in Fracture System
nesc9860 FTRANS, Radionuclide Flow in Groundwater and Fractured Rock
ccc-0737 GENII 2.10, Environmental Radiation Dosimetry System
nesc0887 GETOUT, Radioactive Release and Decay Chain Calculation for Nuclear Waste Disposal
nea-0584 GFX/GAMP1, Above-Ground Radiation Field from Terrestrial K, U, Th Gamma Emitters
ests0576 GRIDMAKER, 2-D, 3-D Finite Element Method Grid Generation for Ground Water and Pollutant Transport
nesc9845 GSM, Columbia-Plateau Geologic Repository Site Long-Term Evolution Simulation
nea-1400 GTM-1, Radionuclide Transport Through Ground Water
nesc0443 HAA3B, Heterogeneous Aerosol Transport after LMFBR Accidents, Lognormal Size Distribution
ccc-0665 HABIT 1.1, Toxic and radioactive release hazards in reactor control room
ests1100 HABIT, Toxic and Radioactive Release Hazards in Reactor Control Room
nea-1345 HARPHRQ, Geochemical Reaction Modelling
nesc0527 HERMES, Regional Release of Radionuclides from Reactor Plant Operation
ests0545 HGSYSTEM, Atmospheric Dispersion for Ideal Gases and Hydrogen Fluoride (HF)
ests1242 HGSYSTEMUF6, Simulating Dispersion Due to Atmospheric Release of Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6)
ests0405 HYFRAC3D, 3-D Hydraulic Rock Fracture Propagation by Finite Element Method
ests0406 HYFRACP3D, 3-D Hydraulic Fracture Propagation by Finite Element Method
ests0005 IMPACTS-BRC2.1, General Radiological Impacts Analysis
nea-1154 INTRUDE, Radiation Risk from Intrusion into Shallow Land Waste Storage Site
nea-1153 INVENT, Dose Rates, Inhalation, Ingestion Risk from Closed Waste Storage Site
ccc-0365 IODES, Calculating the Estimation of Dose to the World Population from Releases of Iodine-129 to the Environment.
ccc-0526 IONMIG, Radionuclide Migration Through Porous Media
ests0109 IRDAM, Interactive Rapid Dose Assessment from Reactor Accident Effluents
ests0219 ITOUGH2, Inverse Modeling for TOUGH2 Multiphase Flow Simulators
ccc-0229 KRONIC, Annual Body Tissue Dose from Continuous Atmospheric Release
nesc0992 LADTAP-2, Organ Doses to Man and Other Biota from Aquatic Environment
nea-0860 LISA, Hazard Assessment of Nuclear Waste Disposal in Geological Formations
nesc1006 MAEROS, Multicomponent Aerosol Time Evolution
ests0386 MAGNUM-2D, Heat Transport and Groundwater Flow in Fractured Porous Media
ccc-0503 MARINRAD, Health Hazard from Radioactive Material Release into Ocean
ests0212 MASCON, Mass-Consistent Atmospheric Flux Model
nesc9522 MASCOT, Multi Dim Groundwater Transport of Radioactive Waste
ests0279 MATHEW/ADPIC, Air Concentration and Ground Deposition from Point Sources
nea-1632 MCDSIM, Atmospheric Monte Carlo Dispersion Simulation
nea-1057 MELODIE, Radiological Assessment of Nuclear Waste Migration in Ground Water
nesc9862 MESOI2.0, Atmospheric Transport of Effluent Puffs
nea-1534 MESYST, Simulation of 3-D Tracer Dispersion in Atmosphere
nesc9460 MILDOS-AREA, Radiological Impact of Airborne U238 from Mining and Milling
uscd1097 MINEQL, Chemical Equilibrium Composition of Aqueous Systems
nesc1101 MINTEQ, Geochemical Equilibria in Ground Water
nea-1158 NEARSOL, Aqueous Speciation and Solubility of Actinides for Waste Disposal
ests1365 NLCGCS_MPV3.0, Inversion of electromagnetic fields for subsurface electrical properties
ests0262 NORIA, 2-D Non-Isothermal 2-Phase Flow Through Porous Media
ccc-0684 NRCDOSE 2.3.20, Evaluation of Routine Radioactive Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants
ccc-0768 NRCDOSE72 1.2.3, Evaluation of Routine Radioactive Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants with Windows Interface
nesc9888 NUTRAN, Doses by Radionuclide Migration from Nuclear Waste Storage
nea-1249 ORION-II, Concentration and Dose from Radioactive Release into Atmosphere
nesc0926 PABLM, Doses from Radioactive Releases to Atmosphere and Food Chain
ccc-0621 PAGAN-1.1, Low-Level Nuclear Waste in Ground Water, Performance Assessment Code
ccc-0499 PART61, Low Level Radioactive Waste Impact Analysis
ests0764 PCDOSE-ESTSC, Radioactive Dose Assessment and NRC Verification
nesc9800 PFPL, Puff Plume Atmospheric Radioactive or Toxic Deposition
uscd1222 PHAST, Calculation of isotope equilibrium constants for geochemical models
uscd1207 PHREEQC, Modeling of Geochemical Reactions, Calculation of pH, REDOX Potential
uscd1207 PHREEQCI, Windows Interactive Version of PHREEQC
nesc9674 PHREEQE, Modelling of Geochemical Reaction, Calculation of P-H, Redox Potential
uscd1207 PHRQCGRF, code to create graphs from the data generated by PHREEQC
uscd1183 PHRQPITZ, Geochemical Calculation in Brines
nesc0591 PLETHS, Isopleth Area for Pollution Downwind from Single Steady-State Source
nea-0493 PLUDOS, Ground Level Gamma Dose from Radioactive Release at Various Heights
nea-1173 PREP, Input Preparation for Monte-Carlo Program SPOP
ccc-0504 PRESTO-II, Low Level Radioactive Waste Transport and Risk Assessment
ests0062 RABFIN PARTS, Noble Gas, Iodine, Particulate Gaseous Effluent Dose Parameters
ccc-0800 RADTRAD 3.03, Model for Radionuclide Transport and Removal and Dose Estimation
nea-0843 RANCH, Radionuclide Migration in Geological Media
nea-1539 RAPRAN, Radionuclide Migration from Waste Glass Release
nea-1231 REFREP, Near-Field Model for Spent Fuel Repository
ccc-0586 REPRISK-PC, Radioactive Waste Storage Risk Assessment
nea-1356 RIPP2, H2O Chemistry File Generator for Program PHREEQE
ccc-0626 RIVER-RAD, Radionuclide Transport in Surface Waters
psr-0573 SAEROSA, Single-Species Aerosol Coagulation and Deposition with Arbitrary Size Resolution
nesc9849 SALT-4, Temperature and Stress from Radioactive Waste Disposal in Bedded Salts
psr-0608 SAPHIRE 8.0.9, Systems Analysis Programs for Hands-On Integrated Reliability Evaluations
ccc-0629 SESOIL, 1-D Vertical Transport for Unsaturated Soil Zone
nesc0893 SHAFT-79, 2 Phase Flow in Porous Media for Geothermic Energy System
ests0204 SHC, Seismic Hazard Assessment for Eastern US
ests0767 SIMSOL, Multiphase Fluid and Heat Flow in Porous Media
nesc0687 SITE-2, Power Plant Siting, Cost, Environment, Seismic and Meteorological Effects
nea-1570 SITE-94, Biosphere Model for SKI Project on the island of Aspro
nea-0770 SITO, Environmental Impact of Major Industrial Activities
ccc-0289 SKYSHINE, Dose Rate Outside Concrete Steel Building from 6 MeV Gamma by Monte-Carlo
nesc1077 SMACS, Probabilistic Seismic Analysis Chain with Statistics
ccc-0602 SMART-BNL, Offsite Radionuclide Air Concentration from Reactor Accident
uscd1100 SOLUPLOT, Eh-pH Diagram, a02-pH Diagram Plots for Aqueous Chemical Systems
nea-1173 SPOP-4, Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis Monte-Carlo Program with Input from PREP
nesc9850 STAFAN, Fluid Flow, Mechanical Stress in Fractured Rock of Nuclear Waste Repository
nea-1725 STAMPI, Application to the Coupling of Atmosphere Model (MM5) and Land-surface Model (SOLVEG)
nesc9852 STFLO, Steady-State H2O Flow in Porous Media
nesc9811 SWENT, 3-D Fluid, Heat, Radionuclide Transport in Heterogeneous Geologic Medium
nesc0973 SWIFT, 3-D Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer, Decay Chain Transport in Geological Media
nea-1023 SYVAC, Risk Assessment from Underground Radioactive Waste Disposal in UK
ests0219 T2VOC, H2O, Air, VOC Flow Simulation in Porous Multidimensional Media
nea-1592 TIBSO, Nuclear Transitions and Radioactivity Migration in Technological System
nea-1077 TIME-2, Radioactive Waste Disposal Climatic Change Risk Assessment
nea-0701 TIRION-4, Atmospheric Dispersion of Radioactive Materials for Various Weather Conditions
ests0219 TMVOCV1.0, Multicomponent, multiphase, nonisothermal flows of water, soil gas, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs)
nesc0599 TOPLYR-2, Open Channel H2O Flow Temperature, Distant Source, Time-Dependent Boundary Conditions
ests0219 TOUGH2, Unsaturated Ground Water and Heat Transfer
ests0219 TOUGHREACTV1.2, Chemically reactive non-isothermal flows of multiphase fluids in porous and fractured media
nesc9710 TOXRISK, Toxic Gas Release Accident Analysis
nesc1028 TRIPM, Isothermal Transport and Decay of Radionuclides in Aquifer
ests0308 TRITMOD, Environmental Transport and Cycling of H3 after Atmospheric Releases
nesc9668 UCBNE, Radionuclide Migration in Porous Media
nesc9667 UCBNE25, Radionuclide Migration in Geologic Media
nesc9848 UTAH-2, Thermoplastic Response in Anisotropic Rock
uscd1150 UTAP, U Tailings Assessment Program
ccc-0500 UTMTOX, Toxic Chemical Transport in Atmosphere, Ground Water, Sediments
nesc9826 VERTPAK-1, Fluid Flow, Rock Deformation, Solute Transport in Porous Media
nesc9846 VISCOT, Viscous Mechanical Behaviour of Rock Mass Under Thermal Stress
nea-1142 WADOSE, Radiation Source in Vitrification Waste Storage Apparatus
nesc9673 WAPPA, Waste Package Performance Assessment
uscd1157 WATEQ4F, Aqueous Speciation Calculation of Natural Waters
ests0160 WELBORE, Transient Wellbore Fluid Flow Model
nea-1147 WHATIF-AQ, Geochem Speciation and Saturation of Aqueous Solution
nesc0964 XOQDOQ, Meteorological Evaluation of Atmospheric Nuclear Power Plant Effluents
nea-1210 ZZ HATCHES-20, Database for radiochemical modelling