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Catalog of Programs in Category 1


nesc0925 ARRRG/FOOD, Doses from Radioactive Release to Food Chain
nesc0638 CAREN-4, ENDF/B Utility, Discontinuity Check at Resonance Region Boundary
nesc0638 CHECK-4, ENDF/B Utility, Structure Consistency Check and Format Check
nesc0638 CRECT, ENDF/B Utility, Data Correlation and Data Update
nesc0638 DICT-4, ENDF/B Utility, Section Table of Contents Generator
nesc0232 GAZELLE-5, Gas Cooled Fast Reactor Core Design and Core Performance
nesc0638 LISTF-4, ENDF/B Utility, Data Listing
nesc0171 NEARREX, Compound Nucleus Neutron Cross-Sections
nesc0638 RIGEL-4, ENDF/B Utility, Data Retrieval, BCD to BIN Conversion
nesc1063 SEISIM-1, Seismic Probabilistic Risk Assessment
nesc0638 SUMUP-4, ENDF/B Utility, Partial Cross-Sections Sum Check Against Tot Cross-Sections
nesc0050 TEMPEST-2, Thermalization Program for Neutron Spectra and MultiGroup Cross-Sections
dlc-0018 ZZ NAB, 100 Neutron-Group Cross-Section Library of Na and Al for ANISN, DOT, MORSE Neutron Transport