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Reactor Shielding (47)
Winfrith Iron Benchmark (ASPIS)
Winfrith Iron 88 Benchmark (ASPIS)
Winfrith Graphite Benchmark (ASPIS)
Winfrith Water/Iron Benchmark (ASPIS-PCA REPLICA)
Winfrith Water Benchmark
Winfrith Neutron-Gamma Ray Transport through Water/Steel Arrays (ASPIS)
NESDIP-2 Benchmark (ASPIS)
NESDIP-3 Benchmark (ASPIS)
JANUS Phase I (Neutron Transport Through Mild and Stainless Steel)
JANUS Phase VIII (Neutron Transport Through Sodium Mild Steel)
Ispra Sodium Benchmark (EURACOS)
Ispra Iron Benchmark (EURACOS)
Cadarache Sodium (HARMONIE)
Karlsruhe Iron Sphere
Wuerenlingen Iron Benchmark (PROTEUS)
Neutron Leakage from Water Spheres (NIST)
Streaming Through Ducts (IRI-TUB)
Gamma-ray Production Cross Sections from Thermal Neutron Capture in 14 elements and SS
Averaged Gamma-ray Production Cross Sections from Fast Neutron Capture in 14 ele. & SS
JASPER Advanced Reactor Axial Shield Measurements
JASPER Advanced Reactor Intermediate Heat Exchanger Measurements
JASPER Advanced Reactor Radial Shield Measurements
ORNL TSF Iron Broomstick
ORNL TSF Oxygen Broomstick
ORNL TSF Nitrogen Broomstick
ORNL TSF Sodium Broomstick
ORNL TSF Stainless Steel Broomstick
ORNL Neutron Transport Through Iron and SS - Part I
ORNL Neutron Transport in Thick Sodium
Pool Critical Assembly-Pressure Vessel Facility Benchmark
University of Illinois Iron Sphere (CF-252)
University of Tokyo-YAYOI Iron Slab
Radiation field parameters for pressure vessel monitoring in NRI LR-0 VVER-440 reactor
Radiation field parameters for pressure vessel monitoring in NRI LR-0 VVER-1000 reactor
Balakovo-3 VVER-1000 Ex-vessel Neutron Dosimetry Benchmark
VENUS-3 LWR-PVS Benchmark
H.B. Robinson-2 Pressure Vessel
Photon Leakage Spectra from Al, Ti, Fe, Cu, Zr, Pb, U238 Spheres
Photon Spectra from H2O, SiO2 and NaCl
IPPE Th shell with 14 MeV and Cf-252 source neutrons
Baikal-1 Skyshine Benchmark Experiment
NAĻADE 1 Graphite Benchmark (60cm) and NAĻADE 1 Iron Benchmark (60cm)
NAĻADE 1 Light Water Benchmark (60cm)
NAĻADE 1 Concrete Benchmark (60cm)
IPPE neutron transmission through bismuth shell
Photon Skyshine Experiment Benchmark
Polyethylene Reflected Plutonium Metal Sphere: Subcritical Neutron and Gamma Measurements (~1987)

Fusion Neutronics Shielding (31)
Osaka Nickel Sphere (OKTAVIAN)
Osaka Iron Sphere (OKTAVIAN)
Osaka Aluminium Sphere (OKTAVIAN)
Osaka Silicon Sphere (OKTAVIAN)
Osaka Tungsten Sphere (OKTAVIAN)
FNS Experimental data for fusion neutronics benchmark
FNS Clean Experiment on Graphite Cylindrical Assembly
FNS Liquid Oxygen
FNS Vanadium Cube
FNS Tungsten
FNS Skyshine
FNS Dogleg Duct Streaming
FNG-SS Shield (integral measurements)
FNG-ITER Blanket Bulk Shield (integral measurements)
FNG/TUD ITER Blanket Bulk Shield (spectra measurements)
FNG-ITER Neutron Streaming (integral measurements)
FNG-ITER Dose Rate Experiment
FNG Silicon Carbide (integral measurements)
FNG/TUD Silicon Carbide (spectra measurements)
FNG Tungsten (integral measurements)
FNG HCPB Tritium Breeder Module (integral measurements)
FNG/TUD Tungsten (spectra measurements)
TUD Iron Slab Experiment
IPPE Vanadium Shells
IPPE Iron Shells
ORNL 14-MeV Neutron SS/Borated Poly Slab
University of Illinois Iron Sphere (D-T)
KANT Spherical Beryllium Shells
MEPhI empty slits streaming experiment
Juelich Li Metal Blanket Experiment
Osaka Manganese Sphere (OKTAVIAN)

Accelerator Shielding (23)
Transmission Through Shielding Materials of Neutrons and Photons Generated by 52 MeV Protons
Transmission Through Shielding Materials of Neutrons and Photons Generated by 65 MeV Protons
Transmission of Medium Energy Neutrons Through Concrete Shields
Neutron Production from Thick Targets of Carbon, Iron, Copper, and Lead by 30- and 52-MeV Protons
TIARA 40 and 65 MeV Neutron Transmission Through Iron, Concrete and Polyethylene
Radioactivity induced by GeV-Protons and Spallation Neutrons using AGS accelerator
Intermediate and High-Energy Accelerator Shielding Benchmarks
CERF Bonner Sphere Spectrometer Response to Charged Hadrons
CERF Radionuclide Production
CERF Residual Dose Rates
CERF Neutron Energy Spectra behind Shielding of a 120 GeV/c Hadron Beam Facility
CERN 200 and 400 GeV/c protons activation experiments
RIKEN Quasi-monoenergetic Neutron Field in 70-210 MeV Energy Range
KENS p-500 MeV shielding experiment using 4m Concrete at KEK
HIMAC experiments with He, C, Ne, Ar, Fe, Xe and Si ions on C, Al, Cu & Pb targets
HIMAC High energy Neutron (<800 MeV) Measurements in Iron
HIMAC High energy Neutron (<800 MeV) Measurements in Concrete
BEVALAC Experiment with Nb Ions on Nb & Al Targets
MSU experiment with He & C ions on Al target
Neutron Spectra Generated by 590-MeV Protons on Thick Pb Target
ISIS Deep-Penetration Neutrons through Concrete and Iron Shields using p-800 MeV
Simulation of the lineal energy distribution of the energy deposition in biological cells, TEPC-FLUKA Comparison

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