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Transmission of Neutrons and Photons Generated by 65 MeV Protons

 1. Name of Experiment:
    Transmission Through Shielding Materials of Neutrons and Photons
    Generated by 65 MeV Protons (1991)

 2. Purpose and Phenomena Tested:
    Transmission of secondary neutrons and photons generated by 65 MeV
    protons through shielding materials. Graphite, iron, lead and concrete
    assemblies were studied to obtain information on the secondary neutron
    effects, needed for the design of high energy accelerator shielding.

 3. Description of the Source and Experimental Configuration:
    The experiments were performed at the AVF cyclotron of Research Center
    of Nuclear Physics, Osaka University. A copper target of 65 MeV proton
    stopping range was used. The secondary neutrons and photons were collimated
    by a 7.5-cm diam., 50-cm long iron-lined concrete hole. The test shields
    of concrete, iron, lead and graphite were placed very close to the
    collimator exit. The shields were slabs about 40 x 40 cm in cross section
    and 10 to 100 cm thick.

4. Measurement System and Uncertainties:
    A 76-mm-diam. x 76-mm-long NE-213 scintillation detector was placed just
    behind the shield system. The pulse height distributions were converted to
    neutron and photon energy spectra by using the revised FERDO-U unfolding
    code [2]. The background data were obtained in the same geometrical
    condition except that the collimator was closed by an iron plug.
    The collimated 0 deg. neutron source spectrum measurement was made without
    the shield at a location 538 cm down from the copper target using the same
    detection system. Neutron source below 4.5 MeV was not measured. Use of
    the evaporation spectrum was suggested in this energy range.
    Gamma ray source spectrum is also given for energies above 1.8 MeV.
    Information on the uncertainties is available only in graphical form.

  5. Description of Results and Analysis:
    Absolute neutron penetration spectral measurements were reported at 20, 40,
    and 60-cm-thick-iron; 10, 20, and 30-cm-thick lead; 30, 60, and 90-cm-thick
    graphite; and 20, 50, and 100-cm-thick concrete.  The photon spectral
    measurements are reported for the 20-cm-thick iron, 10-cm-thick lead,
    30-cm-thick graphite, and the 20 and 50-cm-thick concrete.  Neutron spectral
    measurements were reported for 5 MeV to 61 MeV and Photon spectral
    measurements for 1.9 MeV to 9.4 MeV.  Data are plotted with 1-sigma error
    bars and with computational results using MORSE/DLC-87.

    Calculations were performed by MORSE, ANISN and MCNP-4A codes using
    DLC58/HELLO, DLC119/HILO86, DLC87/HILO and ENDF/B-VI high energy
    cross-sections [3], [4].

 6. Special Features:

 7. Author/Organizer
    Experiment and analysis:
    Shin K.(*), Ishii Y.(*), Miyahara K.(*), Uwamino Y.(**), Sakai H.(***),
    Numata S.(****):
    (*) Dep. of Nuclear Engineering, Kyoto University                      
        Sankyo, Kyoto 606, Japan
    (**) Institute for Physical and Chemical Research,
        Hirosawa 2-1, Wako 351-01, 188, Japan
    (***) University of Tokyo, Dep. of Physics,
        Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113, Japan
    (****) Shimizu Corporation, Institute for Technology,
        Echujima, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135, Japan
    Compiler of data for Sinbad:
    I. Kodeli 
    OECD/NEA, 12 bd des Iles, 92130 Issy les Moulineaux, France

    Reviewer of compiled data:
    Hamilton Hunter, Radiation Shielding Information Center, Oak Ridge National
    Laboratory, P.O. Box 2008, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6362, fax 423-574-6182,
    e-mail: h3o@ornl.gov.

 8. Availability:

 9. References:

    [1] Shin K., Ishii Y., Miyahara K., Uwamino Y., Sakai H. and Numata S.: 
        "Transmission of Intermediate-Energy Neutrons and Associated Gamma 
        Rays Through Iron, Lead, Graphite, and Concrete Shields," 
        Nucl. Sci. Eng., 109, 380-390 (1991).
    [2] K. Shin et al., Nucl. Technol., 53, 78 (1981).
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10. Data and Format:

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  1 P65-abs.htm           8.471  This information file. 
  2 P65-exp.htm          21.597  Description of Experiment. 
  3 P65MEV-1.TIF         36.972  Figure 1: Experimental arrangement. (high quality) 
  4 P65MEV-2.TIF         54.241  Figure 2: Neutron and photon spectra. (high quality)  
  5 P65MEV-3.TIF         42.473  Figure 3: Neutron and photon spectra. (high quality) 
  6 P65MEV-4.TIF         54.070  Figure 4: Neutron and photon spectra. (high quality) 
  7 P65MEV-5.TIF         48.066  Figure 5: Neutron and photon spectra. (high quality) 
  8 P65MEV-6.TIF         35.461  Figure 6: Neutron and photon spectra. (high quality) 
  9 P65MEV-7.TIF         38.664  Figure 7: Neutron and photon spectra. (high quality) 
 10 P65MEV-8.TIF         34.885  Figure 8: Neutron and photon spectra. (high quality) 
 11 P65MEV-9.TIF         41.125  Figure 9: Neutron and photon spectra. (high quality) 
 12 P65MEV-1.gif          7.987  Figure 1: Experimental arrangement. (preview) 
 13 P65MEV-2.gif          8.189  Figure 2: Neutron and photon spectra. (preview)  
 14 P65MEV-3.gif         10.461  Figure 3: Neutron and photon spectra. (preview) 
 15 P65MEV-4.gif         10.331  Figure 4: Neutron and photon spectra. (preview) 
 16 P65MEV-5.gif          9.487  Figure 5: Neutron and photon spectra. (preview) 
 17 P65MEV-6.gif          6.060  Figure 6: Neutron and photon spectra. (preview) 
 18 P65MEV-7.gif          6.401  Figure 7: Neutron and photon spectra. (preview) 
 19 P65MEV-8.gif          6.115  Figure 8: Neutron and photon spectra. (preview) 
 20 P65MEV-9.gif          7.258  Figure 9: Neutron and photon spectra. (preview) 
 21 J94_012.pdf       3.233.504  Reference 
    (1,2) Dimensions and compositions of materials
    (3,4) Neutron and photon source spectra
    (5-9) Neutron and photon transmission spectra

    Figures are included in TIFF 5.0 Compressed image format and 
    GIF (preview) format.