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Radiation field parameters for pressure vessel monitoring
in VVER-1000 using the NRI LR-0 experimental reactor (~1990)

 1. Name of Experiment:
    Radiation field parameters for pressure vessel monitoring in VVER-1000
    using the NRI LR-0 experimental reactor (~1990)

 2. Purpose and Phenomena Tested:
    The LR-0 benchmark data consist of neutron + photon spectra (WWER-1000 Mock-up) in several points 
    from the barrel simulator to the outer surface of Reactor Pressure Vessel and evaluated integral fluxes,
    space – energy indices, like the spectral indices and attenuation factors in measuring points.
    The space-energy distribution of the mixed neutron - photon radiation field has been measured over 
    Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) simulator thickness in the WWER-1000 engineering benchmark assembly 
    in the LR-0 experimental reactor with a multiparameter scintillation spectrometer. 
    The spectra have been measured before the RPV, in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 of its thickness and behind the RPV simulator 
    in the energy range ~ 0.5 - ~ 10 MeV. The measurements were performed in the frame of the project 
    REDOS, WP 2 [1], 5th Frame Work Programme of the European Community 1998 - 2002.
    The presented measured data consists of integral data - ratios of integral photon and neutron fluxes 
    in measuring points and differential photon spectra in the measured fine structure

 3. Author/Organizer:
    Experiment and analysis:
    B. Osmera , J. Mikus, F. Hudec, B. Jansky, E. Novak, Z. Turzik
    NRI Nuclear Research Institute Rez plc
    250 68 Rez
    Czech Republic
    F. Cvachovec, P. Tiller
    MA Military Academy
    65, Kounicova
    612 00 Brno, Czech Republic
    S. Zaritsky, M.Gurevich, T.Zaritskaya
    INR RRC KI Institute of Nuclear Reactors
    Russian Research Centre ”Kurchatov Institute”
    1, Kurchatov sq.
    123182 Moscow, Russia
    M. Hort, V. Krysl, P. Mikolas, V. Smutny
    Skoda Nuclear Machinery plc
    266 Orlik
    316 06 Plzen, Czech Republic
    The compilation and review need to be carried out. Contributions are highly appreciated.

 5. References:
    [1] B. Osmera, Benchmarking of Radiation Field Parameters,
    Relevant for Pressure Vessel Monitoring. Review of Experimental Results in 
    WWER-440 and WWER-1000 Benchmarks in LR-0 Experimental Reactor
    WWER-1000 Benchmarks in LR-0 Experimental Reactor [UJV 12993-R (2008)]:
    - B. Osmera, S. Zaritsky, WWER-1000 Mock-up Experiments in the LR-0 Reactor
    Mock-up Description and Experimental Data (UJV-11815-R; RRC KI No. 36/27-2002
    - B. Osmera, F. Cvachovec, M. Marik, Pin-by-pin Relative Power Distribution 
    in the mock-up core calculated by Code MOBY DICK
    The Results of Photon Spectra Measurements over the Reactor Pressure Vessel Simulator 
    in WWER-1000 Model (Engineering Benchmark) in the LR-0 Experimental Reactor 
    REDOS R(06)/September 2003/Issue 0, September 2003

 6. Data and Format:

    Filename                  Content
    ----------------------    ----------------
  1 vver1000.htm              This information file
  2 VVER-1000.pdf              Ref. [1]
  3 VVER-1000.doc              Ref. UJV 12993-R (2008)

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