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Intermediate and High-Energy Accelerator Shielding Benchmarks

 1. Name of Experiment:
    Intermediate and High-Energy Accelerator Shielding Benchmarks

 2. Purpose and Phenomena Tested:
    Six kinds of Benchmark problems were selected for evaluating the model codes 
    and the nuclear data for the intermediate and high energy accelerator shielding 
    by the Shielding Subcommittee in the Research Committee on Reactor Physics. 
    The benchmark problems contain three kinds of neutron production data from 
    thick targets due to proton, alpha and  electron, and three kinds of shielding 
    data for secondary neutron and photon generated by proton. Neutron and photoneutron 
    reaction cross section data are also provided for neutrons up to 500 MeV and 
    photons up to 300 MeV, respectively.

 3. Author/Organizer:
    Shielding Laboratory
    Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
    Tokai Research Establishment
    Tokai-Mura, Maka-Gun, Ibaraki-ken

 4. Note:
    The compilation and review need to be carried out. Contributions are highly appreciated.

 5. References:
    [1] Nakamura T. et al.: "Annotated References on Neutron and Photon Production 
    from Thick Targets Bombarded by Charged Particles," Atomic Data and Nuclear 
    Data Tables, 32, 471-501 (1985).
    [2] Hirayama H. et al.: "Annotated References of Shielding Experiment 
    and Calculation of High Energy Particles," KEK report 90-18 (1990).
    [3] Hirayama H. et al.: "Accelerator Shielding Benchmark Problems," KEK report 92-17 (1993).
    [4] H. Nakashima et al.: Benchmark Problems for Intermediate 
    and High Energy Accelerator Shielding, JAERI-Data/Code 94-012 (September 1994)

 6. Data and Format:

    Filename          Content
    ----------        ----------------
  1 iheas.htm         This information file
  2 INTRO             Introduction and preface
  3 CP2               Thick Target Neutron Yield Problems
  4 CH3               Secondary Neutron and Photon Transmission Problems 
  5 APP               Reaction Cross Sections for Benchmark Problems (Appendix)
  6 CECIL.TXT         Absolute neutron yield for each targets (Table 1.2.3)
                      Low energy neutron yields (Tables 1.2.4 and 1.2.5)
  7 BAN.TXT           Measured distribution of saturated activities in the beam stop (Tables 2.3.1 and 2.3.2)
                      Densities and atomic composition (Table 2.3.4)
  8 EYSS.TXT          Neutron production cross sections for six primary electron energies 
                      between 150 and 266 MeV (Table 1.3.1)
  9 MEIER.TXT         Absolute neutron yields for each target (Tables 1.1.3 through 1.1.6)
 10 SHIN.TXT          Neutron source spectrum (Table 2.2.2) photon source spectrum above 1.8 MeV 
                      at 383 cm point from the target (Table 2.2.3)
                      Absolute energy spectra of neutrons and photons transmitted through 
                      the shield materials (Tables 2.2.4 through 2.2.8)
 11 UWAMINO.TXT       The source neutron spectra from the graphite target are given by the measurement 
                      performed with the same detection system at 0, 15, 30 and 70 degree (Table 2.1.2)
                      The source photon spectrum at 0 degree (Table 2.1.3)
                      The absolute energy spectra of neutrons and photons at the detector 
                      located in contact with the rear face of the assemblies (Tables 2.1.4 through 2.1.11)
 12 KEK-90-18.pdf     KEK report 90-18 (1990) in PDF
 13 KEK-92-17.pdf     KEK report 92-17 (1993) in PDF
 14 JAERI94-012.pdf   JAERI-Data/Code 94-012 (September 1994) in PDF

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