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CERN 200 and 400 GeV/c protons activation experiments (1983)

 1. Name of Experiment:
    Measurements of the dose and hadron yield from copper targets in 200 GeV/c and
    400 GeV/c extracted proton beams (1983)

 2. Purpose and Phenomena Tested:
    Standard activation and dosimetric techniques were used to measure the angular
    variation of hadron flux density and absorbed dose around copper targets irradiated
    by high-energy protons. The reports include the compilation of the results of the
    measurements obtained during four irradiations at proton energies between 195 and
    400 GeV.

 3. Author/Organizer:
    Experiment and analysis:
    G.R.Stevenson, A.Fasso', J.Sandberg, A.Regelbrugge, A.Bonifas, A.Muller and M.Nielsen
    CH-1211 Geneva 23

    Compiler of data for Sinbad: to be carried out

    Screened by:
    I. Kodeli
    OECD/NEA, 12 bd des Iles, 92130 Issy les Moulineaux, France

 4. Note:
    Two reports on the experiments were kindly contributed by Alberto Fasso' and Markus Brugger.
    The compilation and review are still to be carried out. Contributions would be highly appreciated.

 5. References:
    [1] G.R. Stevenson, A. Fasso', J. Sandberg, A. Regelbrugge, A. Bonifas, A. Muller, M. Nielsen,
        "Measurements of the dose and hadron yield from copper targets in 200 GeV/c and 400 GeV/c
        extracted proton beams. An Atlas of the Results obtained", EUROPEAN ORGANIZATION FOR
        NUCLEAR RESEARCH, TIS-RP/112 (1983) 

    [2] G.R. Stevenson, D. M. Squier, G. S. Levine,
        "Measurements of the angular dependence of dose and hadron yield from targets in 8 GeV
        and 24 GeV/c extracted proton beams, RHEL/MR 6 (1983) 

 6. Data and Format:

    Filename                                 Content
    ---------------------------------- --------- ----------------
  1 cerf-a.htm                         This information file
  2 ActivationReport1983_Graham_1.pdf  Ref. [1]
  3 ActivationReport1983_Graham_2.pdf  Ref. [2]

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