Monday, 7 May 2007

Opening Session (Chairs: P. D'hondt, A. Mueller)

Welcome address from SCK•CEN (H. Ait Abderrahim)
Welcome address from OECD/NEA (P. D'hondt)
Invited speech
Recent developments in the applications of Cyclotrons in cancer therapy (Y. Jongen, IBA, Belgium)

Invited speech
MEGAPIE – Irradiation Experience of the First Megawatt Liquid Metal Spallation Target (F. Groeschel, PSI, Switzerland)

Session on MEGAPIE (Chair: F. Groeschel)

Safety Evaluation of the MEGAPIE Experimental Facility: Results and Insights from the Application of Probabilistic Safety Assessment (L. Podofillini, PSI, Switzerland)
A Dedicated Beam Interrupt System for the Safe Operation of the MEGAPIE Liquid Metal Target (K. Thomsen, PSI, Switzerland)
The Role of SCK•CEN in the MEGAPIE Project (M. Dierckx, SCKCEN, Belgium)

Session I: Accelerator Programmes and Applications (Chairs: H. Klein, P. Pierini)

Invited speech
Status of the EUROTRANS R&D Activities for ADS Accelerator Development (J-L. Biarrotte, IPN, France)

Design of a Test Cryomodule for the High-energy Section of the EUROTRANS Linac (S. Barbanotti, INFN, Italy)
Proton Engineering Frontier Project (Y.S. Cho, KAERI, Rep. of Korea)
Development of Superconducting Spoke Cavities for an ADS Linac (A. Ponton, IPN, France)
Status of the Preparation of the Elliptical Cavity System for the EUROTRANS Cryomodule (N. Panzeri, INFN, Italy)
Development of Room Temperature and Superconducting CH-structures for High Power Linacs (H. Podlech, IAP, Germany)

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Session I: Accelerator Programmes and Applications (Chairs: H. Klein, P. Pierini) (cont.)

Invited speech
Upgrade of the PSI Proton Accelerator Facility to 1.8 MW (P. Schmelzbach, PSI, Switzerland)

ERAWAST – A New Production Route for Exotic Long-lived Radionuclides (D. Schumann, PSI, Switzerland)
150 MeV FFAG Accelerator Complex as a Neutron Production Driver for ADS Study (M. Tanigaki, Kyoto Univ., Japan)
Hybrid PBG Structure: A Challenging Cavity System for High Power, High Intensity Accelerators (V. Vaccaro, Univ. Federico II”, Italy)

Session II: Accelerator Reliability (Chairs: D. Vandeplassche, J-L. Biarrotte)

Invited speech
Operational Experience of a Superconducting Cavity Fault Recovery System at the Spallation Neutron Source (J. Galambos, ORNL, USA)

Invited speech
Reliability Studies for a Superconducting Driver for an ADS Linac (P. Pierini, INFN, Italy)

Comparison of Beam Trip Frequencies Between Estimation from Current Experimental Data of Accelerators and Requirement from ADS Transient Analysis (H. Takei, JAEA, Japan)
Cavity Detuning Due to Power Dissipation: A New Numerical Approach Combining the Thermo-mechanical and the e.m. Codes (V. Vaccaro, Univ. Federico II”, Italy)

Session III: Spallation Target Development and Coolant Technology (Chairs: H. Oigawa, Y. Gohar)

Invited speech
WEBExpIr: Windowless Electron Beam Experimental Irradiation (J. Heyse, SCK•CEN, Belgium)

RELAP Modelling of the Spallation Loop in the MYRRHA Facility (S. Heusdains, SCK•CEN, Belgium)
Polonium Behaviour in Eutectic Lead-bismuth Alloy (J. Neuhausen, PSI, Switzerland)
Thermodynamic Properties and Equation of State of Heavy Liquid Metals (V. Sobolev, SCK•CEN, Belgium)
Design and Supporting R&D of the XT-ADS Spallation Target (P. Schuurmans, SCK•CEN, Belgium)
Study of Measurement Method of High-energy Neutrons for ADS (K. Abe, Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Application of the INCL+ABLA Reaction Model to the Study of the Evolution of Spallation Targets (Th. Aoust, SCK•CEN, Belgium)
Neutronic Design of the EURISOL Multi-MW Spallation Target for Radioactive Ion Beam Production (A. Herrera-Martinez, CERN, Switzerland)
Delayed Neutrons Yields and Time Spectra from 1 GeV Protons Interacting with Thick natPb, 209Bi and natFe Targets (D. Ridikas, CEA, France)

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Session IV: Subcritical System Design and ADS Simulations (Chairs: P. Baeten, S. Monti)

Invited speech
Pre-conceptual Design of a Helium-cooled ADS: He-EFIT (P. Richard, CEA, France)

A-BAQUS: A Multi-entry Graph Assisting the Neutronic Design of an ADS. Case Study: EFIT (C. Artioli, ENEA, Italy)
Comparative Analysis of Neutron Sources Produced by Low-energy Electrons and Deuterons for Driving Subcritical Assemblies (Y. Gohar, ANL, USA)
Improvement of Dynamics Calculation Code DSE for Accelerator-driven System (M. Suzuki, Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Corrosion Resistance of Al-Fe-alloy-coated Steel, Refractory Metals and Ceramics in Lead-bismuth at 700C (M. Takahashi, Tokyo Tech., Japan)
Neutronic Design of the XT-ADS Core with In-pile Positions (G. Van den Eynde, SCK•CEN, Belgium)
The Valuation of Calculation and Extrapolation Experimental Result on China ADS Subcritical experimental Assembly Venus-1 (P. Xia, CIAE, China)

Session V: ADS Experiments and Test Facilities (Chairs: H. Aït Abderrahim, M. Takahashi)

Invited speech
The GUINEVERE” Project at the VENUS Facility (P. Baeten, SCK•CEN, Belgium)

Invited speech
Research and Development Programme on ADS in JAEA (H. Oigawa, JAEA, Japan)

The GENEPI Neutron Sources at Grenoble, Perspectives for the GUINEVERE Project at VENUS (JM De Conto, CNRS, France)
Reactivity Measurements in Subcritical Core: RACE-T Experimental Activities (M. Carta, ENEA, Italy)
The Materials Test Station: A Fast Spectrum Irradiation Facility (E. Pitcher, LANL, USA)
Benchmark Experiments of Accelerator-driven Systems (ADS) in Kyoto University Critical Assembly (KUCA) (C.H. Pyeon, Kyoto Univ. Japan)

Concluding session (Chair: P. D’hondt)


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