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Data Units codes

SEETEXT     rare units. See 'MISC-COL'                             
              Rare units which are not coded but used under 'MISC'   
PRT/FIS/SR  particles per fission per sterad 1/A                   
CM3/S/MOL   Centimeters**3 per second per MolB*V                   
               = cm3 / (Mol * sec)                                   
ARB-UNITS   Arbitrary Units                  NO                    
              To be combined with the 'REL' modifier in the REACTION.
NO-DIM      no Dimensions                    NO               1.E+0
PER-CENT    per-cent                         PC               1.E+0
              Used for relative errors.  Must not be used under the  
               headings 'DATA', 'RATIO', etc. (In such case, divide  
               data by 100 and use 'NO-DIM').                        
PRT/MUC/SR  particles/micro-Coulomb/steradianPYTA                  
               = part / (micro-Coulomb * sterad)                     
CI/AHR/MEV  Curie per Ampere-hour per MeV    TTTE        1.02777E+1
               = Ci / (Ahr * MeV)                                    
               = micro-Ci / (micro-Ahr * MeV)                        
MBQ/C/MEV   Mega-Becquerel/Coulomb/MeV       TTTE            1.0E+0
               = MBq / (Coul * Mev)                                  
ADEG        Angular Degrees                  A                1.E+0
AMIN        Angular Minutes                  A          1.666667E-2
ASEC        Angular Seconds                  A          2.777778E-4
G/PT/SR     Gammas/Inc.Projectile/Steradian  1/A                   
GAM/100N    Gammas per 100 Neutrons          YLD                   
GAM/PART    Gammas per Incident Projectile   YLD                   
PRD/INC/SR  products/inc.projectile/steradian1/A                   
               = (prod.per inc.proj.) / sr                           
PRT/INC/SR  partcles/inc.projectile/steradian1/A                   
               = (part.per inc.proj.) / sr                           
N/PT/MEVSR  neut.per Inc.Proj. per Sr per MeV1/AE                  
P/IN/MEVSR  particl./inc.proj. per Sr per MeV1/AE                  
               = (part./inc.proj.) / (sr * Mev)                      
N/PART/MEV  neutrons per Inc. Proj. per MeV  1/E                   
PRT/IN/MEV  particles per inc. proj. per MeV 1/E                   
               = (part.per inc.proj.) / MeV                          
N/PART      neutrons per Incident Projectile YLD                   
PRT/INC     particles per incident projectileYLD              1.E+0
PT/RCT/MEV  particles per reaction per MeV   1/E           1.00E-06
PART/FIS    particles per fission            FY                    
PC/FIS      particles per 100 fissions       FY               1.E-2
PRD/FIS     products/fission                 FY               1.E+0
PRT/FIS     particles per fission            FY               1.E+0
PC/FIS/MEV  particl. per 100 fissions per MeVFYDE             1.E+0
               = (part.per 100 fissions) / MeV                       
PT/FIS/MEV  particles per fission per MeV    FYDE             1.E+2
               = (part.per fission) / MeV                            
GY*M-SQ     Grey * Square Meters             KER                   
PC/DECAY    per-cent per Decay               PN                    
NUC/PART    nuclei per Incident Projectile   YLD                   
PC/INC      particles/100 incid.projectiles  YLD              1.E-2
PC/REAC     particles/100 reactions          YLD              1.E-2
PRD/INC     products/incident projectile     YLD              1.E+0
PRD/REAC    products/reaction                YLD              1.E+0
PRT/REAC    particles/reaction               YLD              1.E+0
              Energy or inverse energy                               
1/EV        per eV                           1/E              1.E+0
1/GEV       per GeV                          1/E              1.E-9
1/KEV       per KeV                          1/E              1.E-3
1/MEV       per MeV                          1/E              1.E-6
1/MILLI-EV  per Milli-eV                     1/E              1.E+3
EV          Electron-Volts                   E                1.E+0
GEV         GeV                              E                1.E+9
GEV/A       GeV per mass number              E                     
KEV         keV                              E                1.E+3
MEV         MeV                              E                1.E+6
MEV/A       MeV per mass number              E                     
MICRO-EV    micro-Electron-Volts             E                1.E-6
               (in American often Microvolts)                        
MILLI-EV    milli-Electron-Volts             E                1.E-3
               (in American often Millivolts)                        
NANO-EV     nano-Electron-Volts              E                1.E-9
TEV         tera-Electron-Volts              E               1.E+12
EV/C        eV per Velocity of Light         E/C              1.E+0
GEV/C       GeV per Velocity of Light        E/C              1.E+9
KEV/C       KeV per Velocity of Light        E/C              1.E+3
MEV/C       MeV per Velocity of Light        E/C              1.E+6
EV-SQ       eV-squared                       E2               1.E+0
GEV-SQ      GeV-Squared                      E2              1.E+18
KEV-SQ      keV-Squared                      E2               1.E+6
MEV-SQ      MeV-squared                      E2              1.E+12
GEV2/C2     GeV/c
RT-EV       square-Root(eV)                  RE               1.E+0
MICROSEC/M  microseconds per Meter           RSL              1.E-6
MSEC/M      milliseconds per Meter           RSL              1.E-3
NSEC/M      nanoseconds per Meter            RSL              1.E-9
1/FM        per Fermi                        1/L             1.E+15
ANGSTROM    Angstroms                        L               1.E-10
CM          Centimeters                      L                1.E-2
FERMI       Fermis                           L               1.E-15
KM          Kilometers                       L                1.E+3
M           Meters                           L                1.E+0
MILLI-MU    milli-Microns                    L                1.E-9
MM          millimeters                      L                1.E-3
MU          micrometers, Microns             L                1.E-6
              Time or inverse time                                   
1/D         per Day                          1/T        1.157407E-5
1/HR        per Hour                         1/T        2.777778E-4
1/MICROSEC  per Microsecond                  1/T              1.E+6
1/MIN       per Minute                       1/T        1.666667E-2
1/MSEC      per Milli-second                 1/T              1.E+3
1/NSEC      per Nano-second                  1/T              1.E+9
1/PSEC      per Pico-second                  1/T             1.E+12
1/SEC       per Second                       1/T              1.E+0
D           Days                             TIME           8.64E+4
HR          Hours                            TIME            3.6E+3
MICROSEC    microseconds                     TIME             1.E-6
MIN         minutes                          TIME             6.E+1
               (not angular)                                         
MSEC        milliseconds                     TIME             1.E-3
NSEC        nanoseconds                      TIME             1.E-9
PSEC        picoseconds                      TIME            1.E-12
SEC         seconds                          TIME             1.E+0
               (not angular)                                         
YR          years (=365.2422 Days)           TIME       3.155693E+7
DEG-C       Degrees Celsius, Centigrade      TEM                   
DEG-F       Degrees Fahrenheit               TEM                   
DEG-K       Degrees Kelvin                   TEM                   
DEG-R       Degrees Rankine                  TEM                   
               (not Reaumur)                                         
K           Kelvin                           TEM              1.E+0
K9          10**9 Kelvin                     TEM              1.E+9
ATOMS/B     Atoms/barn                       THK                   
              For sample thickness                                   
G/CM-SQ     Grams per Centimeters-squared    THK                   
              For sample thickness                                   
              Thich target yield                                     
PRD/MUAHR   products/micro-Ampere-hour       PYT              1.E+0
PRD/MUCOUL  products/micro-Coulomb           PYT             3.6E+3
PRT/MUAHR   particles/micro-Ampere-hour      PYT              1.E+0
PRT/MUCOUL  particles/micro-Coulomb          PYT             3.6E+3
P/MEVMUCSR  particles/(MeV muC sr)           PYT2                  
               = particles / (Mev * muC * sr)                        
PRD/MUC/SR  products/micro-Coulomb/sr        PYTA                  
               = prod. / (muCoul * sterad)                           
DPS/MUAHR   Decays per Sec/Micro-Ampere-Hour TTT              1.E+0
GBQ/COUL    Giga-Becquerel/Coulomb           TTT             3.6E+6
KBQ/MUAHR   Kilo-Becquerel/micro-Ampere-hour TTT              1.E+3
MBQ/COUL    Mega-Becquerel/Coulomb           TTT             3.6E+3
MBQ/MUAHR   Mega-Becquerel/micro-Ampere-hour TTT              1.E+6
MCI/MUAHR   milli-Curie/micro-Ampere-hour    TTT             3.7E+7
MUCI/MUAHR  micro-Curie/Micro-Ampere-Hour    TTT             3.7E+4
GBQ/MUA     Giga-Becquerel/micro-Ampere      TTY              1.E+3
MBQ/MUA     Mega-Becquerel/micro-Ampere      TTY              1.E+0
MCI/MUA     milli-Curie/micro-Ampere         TTY             3.7E+1
MUCI/MUA    micro-Curie/Micro-Ampere         TTY             3.7E-2
PART/MUAHR  particles/Micro-Ampere-Hour      TTY                   
              Cross section or inverse cross section                 
1/SR        per Steradian                    1/A              1.E+0
1/SR/MEV    per Steradian per MeV            1/AE             1.E-6
               = 1/(SR * MEV)                                        
B           Barns                            B                1.E+0
FB          femtobarns                       B               1.E-15
KB          Kilobarns                        B                1.E+3
MB          Millibarns                       B                1.E-3
MICRO-B     microbarns                       B                1.E-6
NB          nanobarns                        B                1.E-9
PB          picobarns                        B               1.E-12
B*EV        Barns * eV                       B*E              1.E+0
B*KEV       Barns * keV                      B*E              1.E+3
B*MEV       Barns * MeV                      B*E              1.E+6
B*MILLI-EV  Barns * Milli-eV                 B*E              1.E-3
MB*EV       Millibarns * eV                  B*E              1.E-3
MB*MEV      millibarns * MeV                 B*E              1.E+3
MB*MILLIEV  millibarns * milli-eV            B*E              1.E-6
CM3/SEC     Centimeters-cubed per second     B*V                   
              For Reaction Rate (cross section*velocity)             
B*EV-SQ     Barns * eV-squared               BE2              1.E+0
MB*EV-SQ    Millibarns * eV-squared          BE2              1.E-3
B*EV/SR     Barns * eV per Steradian         BEDA             1.E+0
B*MEV/SR    Barns*MeV per Steradian          BEDA             1.E+6
MB*MEV/SR   millibarns*MeV per Steradian     BEDA             1.E+3
B*EV*RT-EV  Barns * eV * Square-root(eV)     BERE             1.E+0
              For Adler-Adler Coefficients                           
B*RT-EV     Barns * Square-Root(eV)          BRE              1.E+0
B*RT-KEV    Barns * Square-root(keV)         BRE        3.162278E+1
MB*RT-EV    millibarns * square-root(eV)     BRE              1.E-3
MB2/SR2     millibarns/steradian
MB/SR/MEV2  millibarns/sr. per MeV-squared   D3                    
               = mb / (sr * MeV**2)                                  
MB/SR2/MEV  mb per steradian-squared per MeV D3A                   
               = mb / (sr**2 * MeV)                                  
MUB/SR2KEV  microbarns per Steradian**2 keV  D3A              1.E-3
               = micro-b / (sr**2 * keV)                             
MUB/SR2MEV  microbarns per Steradian**2 MeV  D3A              1.E-3
               = micro-b / (sr**2 * MeV)                             
MB/GEV2/C2  millibarns per (GeV/c)**2        D4                    
NB/GEV2/C2  nanobarns per (GeV/c)**2         D4            1.00E-27
MB/SR2MEV2  mb per steradian**2 Mev**2       D4A                   
               = mb / (sr**2 * MeV**2)                               
B/SR        Barns/Steradian                  DA               1.E+0
MB/SR       millibarns per steradian         DA               1.E-3
MU-B/SR     microbarns per Steradian         DA               1.E-6
NB/SR       nanobarns per Steradian          DA               1.E-9
MB/SR2      millibarns per steradian-squared DA2                   
MUB/SR2     microbarns per Steradian**2      DA2              1.E-3
B/SR/EV     Barns per Steradian per eV       DAE              1.E+0
               = barns / (sr * eV)                                   
B/SR/GEV    Barns per Steradian per GeV      DAE              1.E-9
               = barns / (sr * GeV)                                  
B/SR/KEV    Barns per Steradian per keV      DAE              1.E-3
               = barns / (sr * keV)                                  
B/SR/MEV    Barns per Steradian per MeV      DAE              1.E-6
               = barns / (sr * MeV)                                  
B/SR/MI-EV  Barns per Steradian per Milli-eV DAE              1.E+3
               = barns / (sr * milli-eV)                             
MB/SR/EV    millibarns per steradian per eV  DAE              1.E-3
               = mb / (sr * eV)                                      
MB/SR/GEV   millibarns per steradian per GeV DAE             1.E-12
               = mb / (sr * GeV)                                     
MB/SR/KEV   millibarns per steradian per keV DAE              1.E-6
               = mb / (sr * keV)                                     
MB/SR/MEV   millibarns per steradian per MeV DAE              1.E-9
               = mb / (sr * MeV)                                     
MUB/SR/MEV  microbarns per Steradian per MeV DAE             1.E-12
               = micro-b / (sr * MeV)                                
NB/SR/MEV   nanobarns per Steradian per MeV  DAE             1.E-15
               = nanobarns / (sr * MeV)                              
MB/SR/MEVC  millibarns/sr. per MeV/c         DAP              1.E+0
               = mb / (sr * (MeV/c))                                 
MUB/SRGEVC  microbarns /(sr*(GeV/c))         DAP              1.E-6
MUB/SRMEVC  microbarns /(sr*(MeV/c))         DAP              1.E-3
B/EV        Barns per eV                     DE               1.E+0
B/KEV       Barns per keV                    DE               1.E-3
B/MEV       Barns per MeV                    DE               1.E-6
B/MILLI-EV  Barns per Milli-eV               DE               1.E+3
MB/EV       millibarns per eV                DE               1.E-3
MB/KEV      millibarns per keV               DE               1.E-6
MB/MEV      millibarns per MeV               DE               1.E-9
MU-B/MEV    micro-Barns/MeV                  DE              1.E-12
MB/PRT      millibarns per outgoing particle DN                    
MB/MEV/C    millibarns/(MeV/c)               DP                    
MUB/GEV/C   microbarns/(GeV/c)               DP            1.00E-15
MUB/MEV/C   microbarns/(MeV/c)               DP            1.00E-12