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Result Codes

               The following codes are to be used for the keyword    
               'RESULT' only. Codes for the keyword 'ADD-RES' are    
               given in dictionary 20.                               
               'ADD-RES' is used to refer to additional results not  
               compiled in the Exfor entry, whereas 'RESULT' gives   
               additional explanations about the data given under    
CAPTA       G*Gamma(N) * Gamma(Gamma) / Gamma
               Capture area/2*pi**2 * Lambda(0)**2                   
DFRCT       Delayed neutron fraction
FRCUM       Fractional cumulative yield
               Ratio of cumulative yield to chain yield              
FRIND       Fractional independent yield
               Ratio of independent yield to chain yield             
RVAL        R-value
               Ratio of yields at 2 different incid.energies