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Journal codes

Journal Country Description
AAA     GER     Astronomy and Astrophysicss         
AAB     BZL     Anais da Academia Brasileira de Cienciass         
AAF     SF      Annales Acad. Sci. Fennicae, Series A6: Physicas         
AANL    ITY     Atti Acad. Naz. Lincei,Rend.,Sci.Fis.,Mat.Nat.s*Atti della Academia Nazionale dei Lincei (Roma),     * Rendiconti, Classe di Scienze Fisiche, Mathematiche     * e Naturali         
AAST    ITY     Atti Acad. Sci. Torino, Cl.Sci.Fis.Mat.Nat.s*Atti della Academia della Scienze di Torino,     * Classe de Scienze Fisiche, Mathematiche e Naturali         
ABS     BLG     Memoires de l'Acad. Roy.Belg.,Cl.Sci.s         
AC      USA     Analytical Chemistrys         
ACA     NED     Analitica Chimica Actas         
ACH     GER     Angewandte Chemies         
ACJ     DEN     Acta Chemica Scandinavicas         
ACR     DEN     Acta Crystallographicas=(continued 1970 in parts A and B) (Extinct)
ACR/A   DEN     Acta Crystallographica, Part AsStarted with vol.26 in 1970         
ACR/B   DEN     Acta Crystallographica, Part BsFrom vol.26 (1970)         
ACS     USA     Journal of the American Chemical Societys         
ADC     FR      Annales de Chimies         
ADP     DDR     Annalen der Physiks=(published in former DDR,     =restarted with Vol.1 in 1992, see ANP). (Extinct)
AE      RUS     Atomnaya Energiyas=(English translation see AE/T (earlier SJA),     =French see EAF).      Selected articles and abstracts from vol.1 (1956)      to vol.20 (1966) translated into English in JNE      vol.3 (1956) to vol.21 (1967).         
AE/S    RUS     Atomnaya Energiya, Supplements=(English translation see SJA/S)         
AE/T    USA     Atomic Energys=(English of AE), continuation of SJA,     =starting with vol.72, no.3 (1992)         
AEA     AUL     Atomic Energy in Australias         
AEJ     JPN     Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japans.Nippon Genshiryoku Gakkaishi         
AF      SWD     Arkiv foer Fysiks=(1970 replaced by Physica Scripta) (Extinct)
AHP     HUN     Acta Physica HungaricasSince vol.54 (1983).     =(up to vol.53 (1982) called Acta Phys. Acad. Sci. Hung.)     =Until vol.75 (1994), then continued as AHP/N      and later as AHP/A and AHP/B (Extinct)
AHP/A   HUN     Acta Physica Hungarica A (Heavy Ion Physics)s=vol.19 (2004) - vol.27 (2006)     =continues AHP/N     =absorbed by EPJ/A (Extinct)
AHP/N   HUN     Acta Phys.Hungar.New Series (Heavy Ion Physics)s*Acta Physica Hungarica New Series (Heavy Ion Physics)     =vol.1 (1995) - vol.18 (2003)     =continues AHP     =continued as AHP/A vol.19 (2004), AHP/B vol.20 (2004) (Extinct)
AHT     HUN     Acta Technica (Budapest)sFormerly Acta Technica Hungarica and also Acta       Technica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae.         
AIF     MEX     Anales del Instituto de Fisicas=(publ. 1955 only) (Extinct)
AIP     UK      Advances in Physicss=(suppl. to Philosophical Magazine)         
AJ      USA     Astrophysical Journals         
AJ/L    USA     Astrophysical Journal, Letterss         
AJ/S    USA     Astrophysical Journal, Supplements         
AJN     EGY     Arab Journal of Nuclear Sci.and Applications         
AJP     USA     American Journal of Physicss         
AJS     AUL     Australian Journal of Sciences=(up to vol.32, 1970)      Discontinued with vol.32 no.12 (June 1970)       New journal ''Search'' started instead. (Extinct)
AJSE    SAR     Arabian J.for Science and Engineerings         
AK      HUN      Atomki Koezlemenyeks+(Atommag Kutato Intezet)         
AKE     GER     Atomkernenergies=(up to vol.32 (1978);     =from vol.33 (1979) to vol.49 (1986) called     =''Atomkernenergie/Kerntechnik'';     =from vol.50 (1987) called ''Kerntechnik'', see KT)      Use ''AKE'' for all pre-1987 entries. (Extinct)
AKS     HUN     Atomki Kozlemenyek Supplements         
ANA     UK      Analyst (London)s         
AND     USA     Atomic Data and Nuclear Data TablessStarting with vol.12 Aug.1973 as continuation of      ''Atomic Data'' and ''Nuclear Data Tables''         
ANE     UK      Annals of Nuclear EnergysVol.1 (1974) was called Annals of Nucl. Sci. and       Engineering      Cont''d with vol.2 (Jan.1975) under Annals of Nuclear       Energy.       Formerly JNE.         
ANP     GER     Annalen der Physik (Leipzig).s=Continuation of ADP, restarted with vol.1 in 1992.         
ANS     USA     Transactions of the American Nuclear Societys         
AOS     SWD     Acta Oncologica (Stockholm)s         
AP      USA     Annals of Physics (New York)s         
APA     AUS     Acta Physica Austriacas         
APH     FR      Annales de Physique (Paris)s         
APL     USA     Applied Physics Letterss         
APP     POL     Acta Physica Polonicas=(until vol.36, 1969; continued in parts A and B) (Extinct)
APP/A   POL     Acta Physica Polonica, Part As+General, Solid State, and Applied Physics.     =(starting with vol.37, 1970)         
APP/B   POL     Acta Physica Polonica, Part Bs+Elementary Particles, Nuclear Physics, Relativity     + and Field Theory.     =(starting with vol.1, 1970)         
APPL/A  GER     Applied Physics AsMaterials Science and Processing         
APPL/B  GER     Applied Physics BsLasers and Optics         
APS     SWD     Acta Polytechnica Scandinavicas         
AR/S    SWD     Acta Radiologica Supplements=vol.1 (1921) -         
ARI     UK      Applied Radiation and Isotopess=(Part A of Int. Journal of Radiation Applications and     =Instrumentation'', starting with vol.37 in 1986;     =up to vol.36 (1985) called ''Int. Journal of Applied     =Radiation and Isotopes'')         
ARN     USA     Annual Review of Nuclear and Part.Sci.s*Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science.     =Until 1977 title was ''Annual Review of Nuclear     = Science''         
ARS     SPN     Anales de Fisica y QuimicasFormerly Anales de la Real Sociedad Espanola de       Fisica y Quimica         
ASI     CPR     Acta Physica Sinicas=(articles in Chinese)         
ASI/OE  CPR     Acta Physica Sinica (Overseas Edition)s=vol.1 (1992) - vol.8 (1999)     =continued as CPH vol.9 (2000) (Extinct)
ASL     SLK     Acta Physica Slovacas         
ASP     NED     Astrophysics and Space Sciences         
ASS     BLG     Annales de la Societe Scientifique de Bruxelless         
AT      FR      Atomess         
ATP     GER     Atompraxiss         
ATT     HUN     Atomtechnikai Tajekoztatos         
ATW     GER     Atomwirtschaft, AtomtechniksFormerly Atomwirtschaft         
AUJ     AUL     Australian Journal of Physicss         
BAP     USA     Bulletin of the American Physical Societys         
BAS     USA     Bull.Russian Academy of Sciences - Physicss*Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences -     * Physics     =(English of IZV); formerly Bull. Acad. Sci. USSR.         
BCF     FR      Bulletin de la Societe Chimique de Frances         
BCI     ISL     Bull.Research Council of Israel, Sect. Fs*Bulletin of the Research Council of Israel, Section     *  F, Mathematics and Physics     =(superseded by Israel Jour. Math.)         
BCJ     JPN     Bull.of the Chemical Soc.of Japans         
BCR     JPN     Bull.of Inst.Chemical Research, Kyoto Univ.s=(from Vol.31 no.1 (1953) to Vol. 73,no.1 (1995)) (Extinct)
BCS     BLG     Bull.de la Classe des Sci.,Acad.Roy.Belgiques*Bulletin de la Classe des Sciences, Academie Royale     * de Belgique      Supersedes Bull. de l''Academie Royale de Belgique         
BIP     ISL     Bull. of the Israel Physical Societys         
BIS     FR      Bull.d'Informations Scientifiques et Techniquess*Bulletin d''Informations Scientifiques et Techniques     * Commissariat a l''Energie Atomique         
BJA     UK      British Journal of Applied Physicss         
BJA/S   UK      British J.of Applied Physics, Suppl.s         
BJE     CZR     Bezpecnost Jaderne Energies.Safety of Nuclear Energy     =(continuation of JE, started in 1993)         
BJP     BUL     Bulgarian J.of Physicss         
BKE     YUG     Bull.Boris Kidrich Inst.Nucl.Sci., Electron.s*Bulletin of the Boris Kidrich Institute of Nuclear     * Sciences, Electronics     =(only vol.18) (Extinct)
BKN     YUG     Bull. Boris Kidrich Inst.Nucl.Sci., Nucl.Eng.s*Bulletin of the Boris Kidrich Institute of Nuclear     * Sciences, Nuclear Engineering.     =(only vols. 18 (1967) - 22 (1971)) (Extinct)
BKP     YUG     Bull. Boris Kidrich Inst.Nucl.Sci., Physicss*Bulletin of the Boris Kidrich Institute of Nuclear     * Sciences, Physics.     =(only vols. 18 (1967) - 21 (1970)) (Extinct)
BNE     UK      Journal of the British Nuclear Energy Societys         
BOS     IND     Transactions of the Bose Research Inst.,Calcuttas         
BPC     POL     Bull.de l'Acad.Pol.Sci., Chimiques*Bulletin de l''Academie Polonaise des Sciences,     * Serie des Sciences Chimiques.         
BPP     POL     Bull.de l'Acad.Pol.Sci.,Math.,Astr.,Phys.s*Bulletin de l''Academie Polonaise des Sciences,     * Serie des Sciences Mathematiques, Astronomiques et     * Physiques         
BPT     POL     Bull.de l'Acad.Pol.Sci.,Ser.Sci.Techniquess*Bulletin de l''Academie Polonaise des Sciences,     * Serie des Sciences Techniques         
BSI     ITY     Bolletino della Societa Italiana di Fisicas         
BSL     BLG     Bull.Societe Royale des Sciences de Lieges         
BTI     JPN     Bull.of the Tokyo Inst.of Technologys=(English edition; content differs from Japanese edition)     =(from Vol. 39 (1961) to Vol. 131 (1975)) (Extinct)
CA      POL     Chemia Analitycznas         
CDP     FR      Cahiers de Physiques         
CEC     BZL     Ciencia e Cultura (Sao Paulo)s         
CHP     CHF     Chinese Journal of Physics (Taiwan)s         
CJC     CAN     Canadian Journal of Chemistrys         
CJP     CAN     Canadian Journal of PhysicssFormerly, Canadian  J. Research, Part A.         
CJR     CAN     Canadian Journal of Researchs=(later split into CJP and CJC) (Extinct)
CJR/A   CAN     Canadian Journal Research, Part As=(existing in 1947) (Extinct)
CJR/B   CAN     Canadian Journal Research, Part Bs (Extinct)
CL      JPN     Chemistry Letterss         
CNDP    CPR     Communication of Nuclear Data Progresss=Up to Vol. 22 (1999) this series was coded as      report CNIC-.     =Other names on cover: CNIC-, CNDC-, INDC(CPR)-         
CNP     CPR     Chinese J.of Nuclear Physics (Beijing).s=vol.1 no.1 (1979) - vol.19 no.4 (1997)      Up to vol.10 (1988) in Chinese, with English abstracts;      from vol.11 (1989) onwards published in English.      Each issue starts with page 1 (Extinct)
CNST    CPR     Nuclear Science and Techniques (Shanghai).s=In English. Contains translations from ''Nuclear     =Techniques'' (NTC) and original articles.         
CNT     CAN     Canadian Nuclear Technologys=(superseded by Canadian Res. Develop.) (Extinct)
CP      USA     Chinese Physicss=(English translations of selected articles from several     =Chinese journals)      Ceased publication after 1992. Last issue = Vol.12 no.4,Dec         
CPC     NED     Computer Physics Communicationss         
CPH     CPR     Chinese Physicss=vol.9 (2000) - vol.16 (2007)     =continues ASI/OE     =continued as CPH/B vol.17 (2008)      Published by Chinese Phys. Soc. and Inst. of Phys. (UK)      Compare CP (Chinese Physics)      last volume received at IAEA: Vol. 12 (1992) (Extinct)
CPH/C   CPR     Chinese Physics Cs*Chinese Physics C (High Energy and Nuclear Physics)     =vol.32 (2008) -     =continues PHE         
CPL     CPR     Chinese Physics Lettersspublished by Chinese Physical Society and      Inst. of Physics (UK),      starting with Vol. 18 (2001)         
CR      FR      Comptes Rendus, Serie B, PhysiquesEarlier CINDA entries coded as CR refer to CR/B         
CR/B    FR      Comptes Rendus, Serie B, Physiques*Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de     * l''Academie des Sciences, Serie B, Physique      Serie A (Mathematique) and Serie B (Physique) appear       mostly together in same issue but with separate       pagination.         
CR/C    FR      Comptes rendus, Serie C, Chimies*Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de     * l''Academie des Sciences, Serie C, Chimie         
CRB     BUL     Comptes Rendus Acad.Bulgare Sci.s*Comptes Rendus de l''Academie Bulgare des Sciences.         
CS      IND     Current Sciences         
CSA     USA     Abstracts of papers, American Chemical Soc.s*Abstracts of papers of the American Chemical Society         
CST     CPR     Atomic Energy Science and Technologys.Yuanzineng Kexue Jishu (in Chinese)         
CZC     CZR     Collection of Czech.Chemical Communicationss*Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications         
CZJ     CZR     Czechoslovak Journal of Physicss=(from 1951 (vol.1) to 1965 (vol.15);     =1966-89 (vols.16-39) continued in 2 Parts CZJA, CZJB;     =restarted in 1990 (vol.40) as continuation of CZJB)      Extinct. Merged into European Physical Journal (Extinct)
CZJ/A   CZR     Ceskoslovensky Casopys pro Fyzikus=(articles in Czech and Slovak).     =From vol.16 (1966) to vol.39 (1989) called     =Czech. J. of Physics, Sect. A      Extinct. Merged into European Physical Journal (Extinct)
CZJ/B   CZR     Czech.J.of Physics, Part Bs+International issue.     =From vol. 16 (1966) to vol. 39 (1989), continuing CZJ     =as the part containing original articles in foreign languag     =Continued as CZJ from vol. 40 (1990) (Extinct)
DA      USA     Dissertation AbstractssUntil no.26, 1966/67. (Extinct)
DA/B    USA     Dissertation Abstracts B (Sciences)sFrom no.27 1966/67.      From vol.30 (1969) journal is called Dissertation       Abstracts International B         
DOK     CCP     Doklady Akademii NauksPreviously Doklady Akad. Nauk SSSR     =(English translation: see SPD)         
EAF     FR      Energie Atomiques=(French translation of AE).     =Discontinued with vol.28, nr.6 (1970) (Extinct)
EARR    ZZZ     European Applied Research Reportss         
EAT     HUN     Energia es Atomtechnikas         
EEN     GER     Ergebnisse der Exakten Naturwissenschaftens         
EN      ITY     Energia Nucleare (Milan)s         
ENF     FR      Energie Nucleaires         
ENM     GER     Europ.J.of Nucl.Medicine and Molecular Imagings         
EON     UK      Euronuclears=(extinct May 1966) (Extinct)
EPJ/A   GER     European Physical Journal A: Hadrons and NucleisSuccessor journal to ZP/A (from 1998)         
EPJ/AS  GER     European Physical Journal A, Supplements         
EPJ/C   GER     Europ. Physical Journal C: Particles and Fieldss         
EPJ/ST  FR      European Physical Journal: Special Topicss=vol.140 (2007) -     =continues J.Phys.IV         
EPL     NED     Earth and Planetary Sci.Letterss         
ESJ     SAR     J.of Engineering Sciences, Univ. of Riyadhs         
ETP     GER     Experimentelle Technik der Physiks         
EUL     FR      Europhysics Letterss         
EXP     SWT     Experientias         
FBS     AUS     Few-Body Systemss         
FBS/S   AUS     Few-Body Systems, Supplements         
FCY     RUS     Fizika Elementarnykh Chastic i Atomnogo Yadras=(see SJPN for English translation)         
FCY/L   RUS     Fiz. Elementarnykh Chastic i Atomn.Yadra,Letterss         
FDP     GER     Fortschritte der Physiks         
FED     NED     Fusion Engineering and Designs=vol.5 no.1 (1987) -     =continues Nuclear Engineering and Design. Fusion         
FIZ     CRO     FizikasVolume 1 started 1968     =(up to vol.23 (1991); continued as Fizika A, B) (Extinct)
FIZ/B   CRO     Fizika Bs+General, Nuclear, Particle Physics     =(continuation of Fizika, starting in 1992 (vol.1))         
FIZ/S   CRO     Fizika, Supplements         
FMM     RUS     Fizika Metallov i Metallovedeniyas         
FST     USA     Fusion Science and Technologys=starting with vol.40 no.1 (July 2001), cont.of NTF         
FT      DEN     Fysisk Tidsskrifts         
FTT     RUS     Fizika Tverdogo Telas.Solid State Physics     =(English translation see SPS)         
GCA     UK      Geochimica et Cosmochimica Actas         
GK      JPN     Genshiryoku Kogyos.Nuclear Engineering     =(from Vol.1 (1955) to Vol. 43 (1997)) (Extinct)
GUS     BUL     Godishnik na Sofijskija Univ. 'Kliment Ohridski's=(Annuaire de l''Univ.de Sofia ''Kliment Ohridski'')         
HCA     SWT     Helvetica Chimica Actas         
HEN     USA     High Energy Physics and Nucl.Phys.,English.ed.s*High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics, English ed.     =English translation of PHE     =vol.12 (1988) - vol.22 (1998) (Extinct)
HFH     CPR     He Huaxue yu Fangshe Huaxues.Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemistry     =(= J.Nucl.and Radiochemistry), Beijing.     =In Chinese with English abstracts and table of contents.         
HI      SWT     Hyperfine Interactionss         
HP      USA     Health Physicss         
HPA     SWT     Helvetica Physica Actas         
IAB     ZZZ     Int.Atomic Energy Agency Bulletins         
IAC     IND     Proc.Indian Assoc.for Cultiv.of Sci.s*Proceedings of the Indian Association for the     * Cultivation of Science         
IBK     YUG     Bull.Boris Kidrich Inst.of Nucl.Sci.s*Bulletin of the Boris Kidrich Institute of     * Nuclear Sciences     =(vols. 1-17) (Extinct)
IET     USA     Instruments and Experimental Techniquess=(English translation of PTE);     =1958-1970 no volume number printed on cover     =(an artificial no. is given),     =Volume number printed on journal cover starts     =with Vol.14 (1971).       Volume number and issue date same as PTE         
IFG     GRG     Trudy Inst.Fiziki Gruzinskoi Akad.Nauks*Trudy Instituta Fiziki Gruzinskoi Akademii Nauk         
IFI     BUL     Izvestiya na Fizicheskija Institut s ANEBs.Bulletin de l''Institut de Physique et de Recherche     .Atomique     =(up to vol.24, 1973)      as of 1974 replaced by BJP (Extinct)
IJM     ISL     Israel Journal of Mathematicss         
IJP     IND     Indian Journal of Physicss=(until vol.50(1976), continued as IJP/A,B until vol. 78 No.     =From then on again publ. as Indian J.Physics (without A, B)         
IJP/A   IND     Indian Journal of Physics, Part As=(starting with vol.51 (1977), until vo. 78 No. 6 (2004)) (Extinct)
IMP/E   USA     Int. Journal of Modern Physics, Part Es         
INC     UK      Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry Letterss=(last publication in Dec. 1981, replaced by     =Polyhedron (PLY)) (Extinct)
IP      GER     Isotopes in Envir.and Health Studiess= until Vol. 30 (1994): Isotopenpraxis         
IPA     IND     Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physicss         
IPC     UK      Int.Journal for Radiation Physics and Chemistrys*International Journal for Radiation Physics and     * Chemistry         
IRE     USA     IEE Transactions on Nuclear Sciences=(up to Vol.9 called IRE Trans. on Nuclear Sci.)         
ISA     IND     Indian Science Abstractss         
ISC     ISL     Israel J.of Chemistrys         
ISP     ISL     Israel J.of Physicss         
IV/Y    RUS     Izv.Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii,Ser.Yad.En.s*Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Seriya     * Yadernaya Energetika         
IVU     RUS     Izv.Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii,Ser.Fizikas*Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Seriya     * Fizika     =(English translation: see SPJ)      Other existing series are Energetika, Pravovedenie,      Yad.Energetika (IV/Y)         
IZA     AZR     Izv.Azerb.Akad.Nauk,Ser.Fiz.-Tekh.i Mat.s*Izvestiya Azerbaydzh. Akad. Nauk, Fiz.,Tekh. i Mat.         
IZK     KAS     Izv.Kaz.Akad.Nauk,Ser.Fiz.-Mat.s         
IZL     LAT     Izv.Latviiskoi Akad.NauksThis journal has no volume-numbers. It is coded       in the form (J,IZL,,(3),127,6803)         
IZTP    RUS     Izotopy v SSSRsIssued from 1965 till the end of 1989 (approx.)      ISSN: 0579-2940         
IZV     RUS     Izv. Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk, Ser.Fiz.s*Izvestiya Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk, Seriya     * Fizicheskaya.      Formerly Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya       Fizicheskaya.     =(English translation: see BAS)         
JAC     DEN     J.of Applied Crystallographys         
JAE     RUS     Yadernaya Energetikas         
JAI     USA     J.Am.Soc. Testing and Materials (ASTM)s         
JALC    NED     Journal of Alloys and Compoundss         
JAP     USA     Journal of Applied Physicss         
JBAS    BAN     J.of the Bangladesh Academy of Sciencess         
JBS     USA     J.of Research of Nat.Bureau of Standardss*Journal of Research of the National Bureau of     * Standards         
JCP     USA     J.Chemical Physicss         
JE      CZR     Jaderna Energie (Prague).sstopped after 1992     =Continued from 1993 as BJE (starting with vol.1) (Extinct)
JEB     BUL     Jaderna Energiya, Bulgarian Acad.Sci.s         
JEL     USA     JETP Letterss=(English of ZEP)         
JES     BLG     J.of the Electro-Chemical Society Belgiums*Journal of the Electro-Chemical Society of Belgium         
JET     USA     Soviet Physics - JETPs=(English of ZET)     =(vol.1 in English corresponds to vol. 28     =in Russian)      Publication started 1956 by AIP (USA),      now publ. by Springer Verlag         
JFI     USA     Journal of the Franklin Institutes         
JGR     USA     Journal of Geophysical Researchs=(until vol.82 (1977), then JGRA,B,C) (Extinct)
JGR/A   USA     Journal of Geophysical Research, Part As=(from vol.83 (1978))         
JGR/B   USA     Journal of Geophysical Research, Part Bs=(from vol.83 (1978))         
JGR/C   USA     Journal of Geophysical Research, Part Cs=(from vol.83 (1978))         
JIN     UK      Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistrys=(last publication in Dec. 1981, replaced by     = Polyhedron (PLY)) (Extinct)
JJAP    JPN     Japanese Journal of Applied Physicss         
JLCR    UK      J.of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceut.s*Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals         
JLCR/S  UK      J.of Labelled Comp.and Radiopharmaceut.Suppl.s*Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals     * Supplement         
JMJ     JPN     Proc.Physico-Mathematical Society of JapansSuperseded by J. Phys. Soc. Japan (JPJ) (Extinct)
JMM     NED     Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materialss         
JMS     NED     J.of Mass Spectrom.and Ion Physicss         
JNC     NED     Journal of Non-Crystalline Solidss         
JNE     UK      Journal of Nuclear Energys=(vol.1-9 (1954-59) and vol.21-27 (1967-73);     =continued as ANE)      JNE Part C started with vol.1 (1959) under the       name ''Plasma Physics'' which from vol.9 (1967)       became an independant journal. (Extinct)
JNE/A   UK      Reactor Science (J.Nucl.Energy, Part A)sFrom vol.10 (1959) to vol.13 (1961) (Extinct)
JNE/AB  UK      J. Nuclear Energy, Part A+B (Reactor Sci.Techn.)sFrom vol.14 (1961) to vol.20 (1966) (Extinct)
JNE/B   UK      Reactor Technology (J.Nucl.Energy, Part B)sFrom vol.10(1959) to vol.13(1961) (Extinct)
JNM     NED     Journal of Nuclear Materialss         
JNRS    JPN     Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciencess         
JOES    USA     J.of the Electro-Chemical Society (USA)s*Journal of the Electro-Chemical Society (USA)         
JP/A    UK      Jour. of Physics, Part A (Mathematical+General)sNucl.Phys. part split as JP/G from Jan (1975).         
JP/AL   UK      Jour.of Physics, Part A, Letters to the editors         
JP/C    UK      Jour.of Physics, Part C (Solid State Physics)sStarted with vol.1 Jan. 1968, continuation of PPS      Issued in 2 parts (regular and letters). Letter       part is coded with ''L'' behind vol.no, e.g.,JP/C,3L,..         
JP/CS   UK      Jour.of Physics, Conference Seriess         
JP/D    UK      Jour. of Physics, Part D (Applied Physics)s         
JP/E    UK      Jour. of Physics, Part E (Sci.Instruments)sStarted with vol.1(1968)         
JP/F    UK      Jour. of Physics, Part F (Metal Physics)s         
JP/G    UK      Jour. of Physics, Part G (Nucl.and Part.Phys.)sStarted with vol.1(1975) cont. of part of JP/A         
JP/GL   UK      Jour. of Physics, Part G, Letters to the editorsObsolete. Use JP/G with L in page number field. (Obsolete)
JP/S    UK      Jour. of Physics, Part G, SupplementsObsolete. Use JP/G with S in page number field. (Obsolete)
JPC     FR      J.de Chimie Physique et Physicochimie Biol.s*Journal de Chimie Physique et de Physicochimie     * Biologique         
JPJ     JPN     Journal of the Physical Society of Japans         
JPJ/S   JPN     Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, Suppl.s         
JPR     FR      Journal de Physiques=vol.1 (1920) - vol.51 (1990)     =vol.1-23: Journal de Physique et le Radium     =split into J.Phys.I and II vol.1 (1991) (Extinct)
JPR/A   FR      Journal de Physique, Suppl.A, Physique AppliqueesSupplement to some volumes of J.de Physique, then       continued as a separate journal ''Revue de Physique       Appliquee'' starting with vol.1 (1966) (Extinct)
JPR/C   FR      Journal de Physique - Colloques=vol.27 (1966) - vol.51 (1990)     =continued as J.Phys.IV vol.1 (1991)      Supplement to some volumes of JPR (Extinct)
JPR/L   FR      Journal de Physique - Lettress=vol.35 (1974) - vol.46 (1985)     =continued as EUL vol.1 (1986)      Supplement of Journal de Physique      covers also field of RPA. (Extinct)
JPR/S   FR      Journal de Physique, Suppl.S, Soc.FrancaisesSupplement to some volumes of Journal de Physique,       containing Comptes rendus des seances de la       Societe Francaise de Physique         
JR      USA     J.of Research of Nat.Inst.Stand.+Technologys*Journal of Research of the National Institute     * of Standards and Technology         
JRC     HUN     J.of Radioanalytical Chemistrys=(up to vol.80 (1983); continued as JRN) (Extinct)
JRN     HUN     J.of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistrys=(started Jan 1984 with vol.81 as continuation of JRC)      4 vols. per year; last 3 volume numbers each      year reserved for JRN/L.         
JRN/L   HUN     J. of Radioanalytical and Nucl. Chem., Letterss*Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry,     *Letters     =vol.85 (1984) - vol.214 (1996)     =continues JRC and RRL     =continued as JRN vol.215 (1997).      3 vols. per year; first 4 volume numbers each      year reserved for JRN. (Extinct)
JSIU    CPR     J.of Sichuan Univ., Natural Science Ed.s         
KDV     DEN     Kgl.Danske Videns.Selskab.Mat.-Fys.Medd.s*Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab.     * Matematisk-Fysiske Meddelelser         
KE      DDR     KernenergiesCeased publication with vol.34 (1991)     =(after reunion absorbed by KT in 1992) (Extinct)
KFI     HUN     KFKI Kozlemenyeks*KFKI (Kozponti Fizikai Kutato Intezet) Kozlemenyek         
KFKN    GER     KFK-Nachrichtens         
KNS     KOR     Journal of the Korean Nuclear Societys=vol.1 (1969) - vol.36 (2004)     =continued as Nuclear Eng. and Technology Vol.37 (2005) (Extinct)
KPS     KOR     Journal of the Korean Physical Societys         
KRI     RUS     Kristallografiyas=(English translation see SPC)         
KSF     RUS     Kratkie Soobshcheniya po Fizikes=(English translation see SPL)      Extinct. (Extinct)
KT      GER     KerntechniksTitle varied, at times called       Kerntechnik, Isotopentechnik und -Chemie     =(published from vol.1 to vol.20 (1978) and again from     = vol.50 (1987) onwards; between 1979 and 1986     = published as Atomkernenergie/Kerntechnik (AKE))         
KUV     UKR     Vestnik Kiev State Univ.s         
KXT     CPR     Kexue Tongbao (Chinese Sci.Letters)s=- foreign language edition.         
LEB     RUS     Issled.po Neitr.Fiz., Trudy Fiz. Inst. Lebedevas*Akad. Nauk SSSR, Issledovaniya po Neitronnoi     * Fizike, Trudy Fizicheskogo Instituta Im. P.N.     * Lebedeva     =(= Studies in Neutron Phys.), publication of the Lebedev     =Physics Inst.      Some English translations in the LA-TR- series.         
LPS     USA     Lunar and Planetary Science ConferencessJournal reporting on annual conferences in Houston, TX       Conferences before 1991 were cited as conferences (Proc.9t         
MAB     GER     Monatsber.d.Deutschen Akad.Wiss.Berlins*Monatsberichte der Deutschen Akademie der     * Wissenschaften zu Berlin         
MED     USA     Medical Physicss         
MET     GER     Metrologias         
MFC     CSR     Matematicko-Fyzikalny Casopiss         
MFF     HUN     Magyar Fizikai Folyoirats         
MPL/A   SIN     Modern Physics Letters As         
MSK/A   JPN     Memoirs Faculty of Sci., Kyoto Univ.,Ser.Phys.s*Memoirs od the Faculty of Science, Kyoto     *University, Series of Physics,     *Astrophysics, Geophysics and Chemistry         
MSL     BLG     Memoires de la Soc.Royale des Sci.de Lieges*Memoires de la Societe Royale des Sciences de     * Liege         
MUPB    USA     Moscow Univ.Physics Bulletins=(English of VMU)         
NAP     USA     Nuclear Applicationssvol.1 (1965) - 6 (1969)     =(vol.7 (1969) - 9 (1970) is called ''Nucl. Appl. and     =Technology'')      Then see NT. (Extinct)
NAT     UK      Nature (London)s         
NAW     NED     Proc.Koninklijke Nederlandse Akad.Wetenschappens         
NC      ITY     Nuovo Cimentos=(after vol.39, Oct. 1965, continued in parts A to D) (Extinct)
NC/A    ITY     Nuovo Cimento AsContains Elementary Particle Physics     =(starting: Ser.10: vol.40, no.1, Nov. 1965)     =(Ser.11: Vol.1(1971) to vol. 109 (1996)     =(Ser.12: Vol.110(1997) to vol. 112 (1999)     = Extinct, from 2000 merged into EPJ/A (Extinct)
NC/B    ITY     Nuovo Cimento Bs=Ser.10 vol. 40 (1965) - vol. 70 (1970)     =Ser.11 vol.  1 (1971) - vol.111 (1996)     =Ser.12 vol.112 (1997) -     =continues NC,         
NCL     ITY     Lettere al Nuovo Cimentos         
NCR     ITY     Rivista del Nuovo Cimentos         
NCS     ITY     Nuovo Cimento, Supplementos=Ser. 9               - vol. 12 (1954)     =Ser.10 vol. 1 (1955) - vol. 26 (1962)     =Supplemento al Nuovo cimento. Serie prima     =       vol. 1 (1963) - vol. 6 (1968)     =continued as NCR Ser.1 vol.1 (1969). (Extinct)
ND/A    USA     Nuclear Data Tables (Nuclear Data Sect.A)s=(ends with vol.11, 1973, for continuation see AND) (Extinct)
ND/B    USA     Nuclear Data Sheets (Nuclear Data Sect.B)s         
NDF     BZL     Notas de Fisicas= - Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas         
NE      UK      Nuclear Engineering Internationals(formerly Nucl. Eng., also contains Nucl. Power)         
NEN     YUG     Nuklearna Energijas         
NF      ZZZ     Nuclear Fusion (IAEA)s         
NIM     NED     Nuclear Instrum.and Methods in Physics Res.sFormerly Nucl. Instruments and Methods     =(in 1984, vol. 219-228 = NIMA vol. 219-228,     =vol. 229-233 = NIMB vol. 1-5;     =from 1985 on extinct, continued as NIMA and NIMB) (Extinct)
NIM/A   NED     Nucl. Instrum. Methods in Physics Res., Sect.As*Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research,     * section A - accelerators, spectrometers, detectors     * and associated equipment     =(continuation of NIM since vol.219 (1984)).      In 1984, vol.219-228 coded as NIM/A or NIM; from      1985 only NIM/A is used.      In the first volumes of section A, the ''A''       appears only on the cover. For volumes > 233, use of       code NIM/A is obligatory.         
NIM/B   NED     Nucl. Instrum. Methods in Physics Res., Sect.Bs*Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research,     * Section B - Beam interactions with materials and     * atoms     =(starting with vol. 229 (=B1), 1984).      Vols. B1-B5 = NIM vols.229-233; from 1985 on only      NIM/B is used.      For these duplicate vol.nrs. use either NIM,229 or       NIM/B,1 but not NIM/B, 229.         
NIN     IND     Nuclear Indias(Dept. of Atomic Energy, Bombay)         
NKA     POL     Nukleonikas         
NKK     JPN     Nippon Kagaku Kaishis.Journal of the Chemical Soc. of Japan         
NKN     CSR     Nukleons         
NM      GER     NuklearmedizinsNuclear Medicine, Medecine Nucleaire, etc.       With meeting proceedings as supplements.         
NMB     UK      Int. Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Biologys         
NP      NED     Nuclear Physicss=(until vol.89 (1966), continued as parts A,B) (Extinct)
NP/A    NED     Nuclear Physics, Section AsFrom vol.90,Jan (1967).         
NP/B    NED     Nuclear Physics, Section BsFrom vol.1,Jan (1967).         
NPW     UK      Nuclear PowersStarted in 1956, discontinued in April 1963 (vol.8) and      Absorbed in 1963 by Nucl. Eng.      which later became Nucl. Eng. International (Extinct)
NRP     EGY     Journal of Nuclear and Radiation Physicss=vol.1 (2006) -      ISSN: 1687-420X         
NSA     USA     Nuclear Science Abstractss         
NSB     BAN     Nuclear Science and Applications (Dhaka)s=- restarted with vol.1 (1989) combining NSDA and NSDB;      Note the gap of 3 years: vol.3 no.1 publ.91-01,      vol.3 no.2 publ.94-07         
NSD     BAN     Nuclear Science and Applications (Dhaka).s=Existed 1965-1968; continued as NSDA (1969 on) and     =NSDB (1968 on).      Existing issues = 1(1) Dec.65, 2(1) Apr.66, 2(2) Oct.66       3(2) Oct.67, 4(1) Apr.68. 3(1) was not issued      Note= Each issue starts with page 1, so that the       issue number must always be included. (Extinct)
NSD/A   BAN     Nuclear Science and Applications, Series As=- Biological Sciences (1969-1985)      restarted 1989, see NSB.      Starting with vol.5 Apr.69, 1 issue per year (Extinct)
NSD/B   BAN     Nuclear Science and Applications, series Bs=- Physical Sciences (1969-1985)      restarted 1989, see NSB.      Starting with vol.4 oct.68, 1 issue per year (Extinct)
NSD/BS  BAN     Nuclear Science and Applications, Ser. B Suppl.s+Physical Science (Extinct)
NSE     USA     Nuclear Science and Engineerings         
NSF     CHF     Nuclear Science, Taiwans.Ho Tzu k''o Hsueh     =(ceased publication as of January 2002) (Extinct)
NSJ     JPN     Nuclear Science Abstracts of Japans=(from Vol. 1 (1961) to Vol.9 No.2 (1971)) (Extinct)
NSP     BAN     Nuclear Science and Applicationss=(existed 1965-1968)      Existing issues = 1(1) Dec.65, 2(1) Apr.66, 2(2) Oct.66       3(2) Oct.67, 4(1) Apr.68. 3(1) was not issued.      Note= each issue starts with page 1, so that the       issue number must always be included. (Obsolete)
NSP/A   BAN     Nuclear Science and Applications As+Biological Sciences      Starting with vol.5 Apr. 1969, 1 issue per year (Obsolete)
NSP/B   BAN     Nuclear Science and Applications Bs+Physical Sciences      Starting with vol.4, Oct. 1968, 1 issue per year (Obsolete)
NST     JPN     J. of Nuclear Science and Technology, Tokyos         
NSTS    JPN     J.Nucl.Science and Technol.Tokyo,Supplements         
NT      USA     Nuclear Technologys=(title from vol.10, 1971 onwards)      Published by Am. Nuclear Soc.       vol.1(1965)-5(1968) = Nuclear Applications       vol.6(1969)-9(1970) = Nucl.Appl.and Technol.         
NTC     CPR     (Chinese J.of) Nuclear Techniques, Shanghai.sIn Chinese.      Occasionally cited as (Chinese J.of) Nucl.Techniques       in Science Res.,Industry,Medicine and Agriculture.      Compare CNST     =Note: until 1986 no volume number was printed on the     =cover (in CINDA the year was given as volume number).     =Numbering started with vol.10 in 1987.         
NTF     USA     Fusion Technologys=until vol.39 no.3 (May 2001), then continued as FST (Extinct)
NTN     NED     Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkundes         
NUC     USA     NucleonicssVol.1 (1947) - vol.25 (1967) (Extinct)
NUK     GER     Nukleoniks         
NWS     GER     Naturwissenschaftens         
NYA     USA     Transactions of the New York Academy of Sciencess         
OAW     AUS     Oesterr.Akad.Wiss.,Math-Naturw.Kl.,Sitzungsber.s*Oesterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften,     * mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche Klasse, Sitzungs-     * berichte, Abteilung 2.         
OAWA    AUS     Oesterr.Akad.Wiss.,Math-Naturw.Kl.,Anzeigers***Use OSA (Obsolete)
OAWS    AUS     Oesterr.Akad.Wiss.,Math-Naturw.Kl.,Sitzungsber.s***Use OAW (Obsolete)
OE      FR      Onde Electriques         
OSA     AUS     Oesterr.Akad.Wiss.,Math-Naturw.Kl.,Anzeigers*Anzeiger der Oesterreichischen Akademie der Wissen-     * schaften,mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche Klasse.         
PA      UK      Physics Abstractss         
PAC     UK      Pure and Applied Chemistrys         
PAN     USA     Physics of Atomic Nucleis=(English of YF; continues SNP,     =starting with vol.56, 1993)         
PAS     GER     Phys. Abhandlungen aus der Sowjetunions=(German translations from various USSR periodicals)      Last issue  vol. 7(6)  1962. (Extinct)
PB      GER     Physikalische Blaetters         
PC      CAN     Physics in CanadasBull. of the Assoc. of Physicists         
PCJ     USA     Journal of Physical Chemistrysby Am. Chem. Society         
PCM     GER     Physics of Condensed MattersLast issue vol.19(1974), cont''d as ZP/B (Extinct)
PCN     MOR     Physical and Chemical News (Morocco)s         
PCP     UK      Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Soc.s         
PCS     UK      Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solidss         
PF      POL     Postepy Fizykis         
PHCL    BLG     Physicalia (Journal of the Belgian Phys.Soc.)s         
PHE     CPR     High Energy Physics and Nucl.Physics,Chinese ed.s*High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics, Chinese ed.     (English translation: HEN)     .Gaomeng Wuli Yu Hewuli     =vol.1 (1977) - vol.31 (2007)     =vol.1-10: Physica Energiae Fortis et Physica Nuclearis     =continued as CPH/C vol.32 (2008)      In Chinese with English abstracts and table of contents (Extinct)
PHF     SF      Physica Fennicas         
PHN     FR      Notes Scientifiques de l'Universite de Grenobles         
PHY     NED     Physica (Utrecht)s         
PIA     IND     Proc. of the Indian Acad. Sciences, Sect. As*Proceedings of the Indian Academy Sciences, Section A         
PJA     JPN     Proceedings of the Japan Academys=(from Vol.21 No.3 (1945) to Vol. 53 No.3 (1977)) (Extinct)
PJS     CCP     Prikladnaya Yadernaya Spektroskopiyas.Applied Nuclear Spectroscopy         
PKL     CCP     Problemy Yadernoj Fiziki i Kosmicheskikh Luchejs         
PL      NED     Physics Letterss=(until vol.23, 1966. Continued as parts A,B) (Extinct)
PL/A    NED     Physics Letters, Section AsFrom vol.24, Jan (1967).         
PL/B    NED     Physics Letters,Section BsFrom vol.24, Jan (1967)         
PL/C    NED     Phys.Letters,Sect.C, Physics ReportssA review section of Phys.Letters (section C)      from Jan.1971. Reference to ''Part C'' removed with      vol.44,1978. (Extinct)
PLY     UK      PolyhedronsStarted 1982. Supersedes J.Inorg. Nucl.Chem. (JIN)       and Inorg. Nucl.Chem.Lett. (INC)         
PM      UK      Philosophical Magazines         
PMB     UK      Physics in Medicine and Biologys         
PNA     USA     Proc. of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A.s         
PNE     UK      Progress in Nuclear EnergysStarted 1977 with vol.1.      For 1956-59 publication see book PR.NUC.EN.         
PNJ     PHI     Philippines Nuclear JournalsCeased publication with vol2, no2 (1970) (Extinct)
PNP     UK      Progress in Particle and Nuclear PhysicssFormerly Prog.in Nuclear Physics.         
PNV     NOR     Physica NorvegicasCeased publication as of 1978. (Extinct)
PPA     PAK     Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciencess         
PPN/L   RUS     Physics of Particles and Nuclei Letterss=vol.1 (2004) -         
PPS     UK      Proceedings of the Physical Society (London),s=ends with vol.92, Dec.1967, cont''d as JP. (Extinct)
PPS/A   UK      Proc.Physical Society (London), Section As*Proceedings of the Physical Society (London), Section A     =(existing vol.62, Jan.1949 - vol.70, Dec.1957) (Extinct)
PQR     POL     Quarterly Rev.Scientific Publ.Polish Acad.Sci.s*Quarterly Review of Scientific Publications of the     * Polish Academy of Sciences.         
PR      USA     Physical Reviews=(replaced by Phys. Rev. A, B, C, D) (Extinct)
PR/A    USA     Physical Review, Part A, General Physicss         
PR/B    USA     Physical Review, Part B, Condensed Matters         
PR/C    USA     Physical Review, Part C, Nuclear PhysicssStarted with vol.1 (1970)         
PR/D    USA     Physical Review, Part D, Particles and FieldssStarting with vol.1 (1970)         
PRE     UK      Proceedings of the Royal Society Edinburghs         
PRE/A   UK      Proc. Royal Society of Edinburgh, Series As*Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Series A         
PRL     USA     Physical Review Letterss         
PRM     IND     PramanasJournal of Physics, India         
PRN     NED     Physics ReportssA review section of Phys.Letters      Until vol.44,1978 publ.as ''Part C'' of      Physics Letters, see PL/C. (Extinct)
PRS     UK      Proc. of the Royal Society (London)s*Proceedings of the Royal Society (London)     =vol.7 (1854) - vol.75 (1905)     =continued as Proceedings of the Royal Society (London)      Series A (Vol.76) (Extinct)
PRS/A   UK      Proc. Royal Society (London), Series As*Proceedings of the Royal Society (London) Series A,     * Mathematical and Physical Sciences         
PS      SWD     Physica ScriptasStarted 1970.         
PSPS    NED     Planetary and Space Sciences=vol.1 (1959) -         
PSS     GER     Physica Status Solidis         
PT      USA     Physics Todays         
PTE     CCP     Pribory i Tekhnika Eksperimentas=(English translation: see IET);     =no volume numbers; artificial number given, starting     =with vol.1 (1956).         
PTP     JPN     Progress of Theoretical Physicss         
PTP/S   JPN     Progress of Theoretical Physics, Suppl.s         
PZ      DDR     Physikalische Zeitschrifts         
RAK     RUS     Radiokhimiyas=(English translation: see SRA)         
RBF     BZL     Brasilian Journal of Physicss=(up to vol.21(1991): Revista Brasileira de Fisica)         
RCA     GER     Radiochimica Actas         
RE      UK      Radiation Effectss         
REA     ZZZ     Atomic Energy Review, IAEAs (Extinct)
REF     CCP     Referativnyi Zhurnal, Fizikas         
RFT     USA     Reactor and Fuel-Processing Technologys         
RI      JPN     Radioisotopess         
RIC     ITY     Ricerca Scientificas (Extinct)
RIZ     YUG     Radioaktivni Izotopi i Zracenja.s         
RJP     RUM     Romanian Journal of Physicss=(continuation of RRP, starting with vol.37(7), 1992)         
RJP/S   RUM     Romanian Journal of Physics, Supplements         
RM      NED     Radiation Measurementss         
RMF     MEX     Revista Mexicana de Fisicas         
RMP     USA     Review of Modern Physics.s         
RPA     FR      Revue de Physique Appliquees=vol.1 (1966) - vol.25 (1990)     =continues JPR/A     =continued as J.Phys.III vol.1 (1991)      Supplement to some volumes of JPR      See JPR/L for Letters section (Extinct)
RPC     USA     RPCC Newsletters***Use report-code RPCC-      Also used for ''Reactor Phys. Constants'' (ANL-5800) (Obsolete)
RPD     UK      Radiation Protection Dosimetrys=vol.1 (1981) -         
RPP     UK      Reports on Progress in Physicss         
RPQ     PRT     Revista Portugesa de Qimicas         
RR      USA     Radiation Researchs         
RRIP    RUM     Romanian Reports in Physicss=(starting with vol.44,no.8(1992); formerly SCF)         
RRL     HUN     Radiochemical and Radioanalytical Letterss=vol.1 (1969) - vol.59 (1983)     =split into JRN vol.81 (1984) and JRN/L vol.85 (1984) (Extinct)
RRP     RUM     Revue Roumaine de PhysiquesVol.1(1956) - vol.8(1963)= Revue de Physique      Vol.9(1964) onwards = Revue Roumaine de Physique      Vol.6(1961)supplement is coded ''61BUCHAR''     =(continued as ''Romanian J.of Physics'' (RJP)     =from vol. 37 (7), 1992) (Extinct)
RSA     RUM     Rumanian Scientific Abstracts, Natural Sciencess         
RSE     UK      Transactions of the Royal Society Edinburghs         
RSI     USA     Review of Scientific Instrumentss         
RSR     CZR     Review of Science Researchs         
RST     UK      Reactor Science and Technologys=(now JNAB) (Obsolete)
SAJ     SAF     South African Journal of Sciences         
SAP     SAF     South African Journal of Physicss         
SCF     RUM     Studii si Cercetari de FizicasUntil vol.44,no.7.     =(continued as RRIP from vol.44,no.8 (1992)) (Extinct)
SCI     USA     Sciences=(Am. Assoc. for Adv. of Sci.)         
SCP     JPN     Scient.Papers Inst.Phys.Chem.Res.,Tokyos*Scientific Papers of the Institute of Physical and     * Chemical Research     =(from Vol.1 (1922) to Vol. 42 (1947) and     = from Vol. 52 (1958) to Vol. 87 (1991)) (Extinct)
SCS     CPR     Science in China, Series As=(in English);     =formerly Scientia Sinica, Series A      Mathem., Physical, Astronom. and Technical Sciences         
SIA     USA     Surface and Interface Analysiss         
SJA     USA     Soviet Atomic Energys=(English of AE);     =continued from vol.72, no.3 (1992) as ''Atomic Energy'' (AE/T (Extinct)
SJA/S   USA     Soviet Atomic Energy, Supplements=(English of AE/S) (Extinct)
SJPN    USA     Soviet Journal of Particles and Nucleis=(English of FCY)     =vol.3 (1972) - vol.23 (1992) (Extinct)
SNP     USA     Soviet Journal of Nuclear Physicss=(English of YF) until 1992;     =from 1993 continued as PAN with vol.56. (Extinct)
SPC     USA     Soviet Physics-Cristallographys=(English of KRI)         
SPD     USA     Soviet Physics-Dokladys=(English of DOK)         
SPL     USA     Soviet Physics - Lebedev Inst.Reports=(English of KSF)      Extinct. (Extinct)
SPS     USA     Soviet Physics-Solid States=(English of FTT)         
SPT     USA     Soviet Physics-Technical Physicss=(English of ZTF)         
SPU     USA     Soviet Physics-Uspekhis=(English of UFN)         
SRA     USA     Soviet Radiochemistrys=(English of RAK)         
SSC     UK      Solid State Communicationss         
TAL     UK      Talantas         
TMF     RUS     Teoreticheskaya i Matematicheskaya Fizikas         
TNS     PAK     The Nucleus (Lahore)s         
TRS/A   UK      Philosophical Transactions, Series As+Royal Society of London         
TRTU    JPN     Fac. of Engineering, Tohoku Univ. Tech. Reports*Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University,     *Technical Report         
TUG     SWD     Chalmers Tekniska Hoegskolas Handlingars.Transactions of the Chalmers University of     . Technology, Gothenburg         
UFN     CCP     Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauks=(English translation: see SPU)         
UFZ     UKR     Ukrainskii Fizichnii Zhurnals=(English translation see UPJ)         
UPJ     USA     Ukrainian Physics Journals=(English of UFZ)      Ceased publication with vol 13 no 12, 1969. (Extinct)
UZHV    UKR     Naukovny Visnyk Uzhgorods'kogo Univ., Ser.Fiz.s         
VAC     UK      Vacuums         
VAN     RUS     Vestnik Akademii Nauk SSSRs         
VAT/F   RUS     Voprocy Atomnoy Nauki i Tekhniki, Seriya Fizikis+Vysokykh Energij i Atomnogo Yadra         
VAT/I   UKR     Vopr.Atomn.Nauki i Tekhn.,Ser.Nucl.Phys.Invest.sNote that other VAT series are published in Russia         
VAT/O   RUS     Voprocy Atomnoy Nauki i Tekhniki, Seriya Obshch.s*Voprocy Atomnoy Nauki i Tekhniki, Seriya Obshchej i     * Yadernoj Fiziki     = - 1988     =continued as VAT/I       J,VAT/O,number/parenthesized number,page,year       Example: J,VAT/O,2/16,37,1981 (Extinct)
VAT/R   RUS     Voprocy Atomnoy Nauki i Tekhniki, Seriya Reak.s*Voprocy Atomnoy Nauki i Tekhniki, Seriya     * Reaktorostroenie     =1972 - 1977     =continued as VAT/Y       J,VAT/R,number/parenthesized number,page,year (Extinct)
VAT/Y   RUS     Voprocy Atomn.Nauki i Tekhniki,Ser.Fiz.Yad.Reak.s*Voprocy Atomnoy Nauki i Tekhniki, Seriya     * Fizika Yadernykh Reaktorov         
VBF     BLR     Vestsi Ak.Navuk, Ser.Fiz.En.s*Vestsi Akademii Navuk Belaruskai SSR, Seriya     *Fizika-Energetychnykh Navuk     .Izvestiya Akademii Nauk BSSR.         
VDPG    GER     Verhandlung.Deutsch.Physik.Ges.s*Verhandlungen der Deutschen Physikalischen     * Gesellschaft         
VKHU    UKR     Visnyk Kharkivs'kogo Univ., Ser.Fiz.s         
VLU     RUS     Vestnik Leningradskogo Univ., Fizika, Khimiyas*Vestnik Leningradskogo Universiteta, Fizika, Khimiya         
VMU     RUS     Vestnik Moskovskogo Univ., Seriya Fiz.Astron.s*Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta, Seriya III,     * Fizika i Astronomiya     =(English translation: see MUPB)         
VTYF    RUS     Voprosy Teoreticheskoy i Yadernoy FizikisInt. scientific collection, published by Saratov Univ.         
WULI    CPR     Wuli (Physics)s         
WZD     DDR     Wiss.Zeitschr.der Univ.Dresdens         
YF      RUS     Yadernaya Fizikas=(English translation: see PAN, earlier SNP)         
YFE     UKR     Yaderna Fizika ta Energetikas.Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy     =no.1(17) (2006) -     =continues ZNJD      Coding format:       J,YFE,number/parenthesized number,page,year       Example: J,YFE,1/19,36,2007         
YK      RUS     Vop. At.Nauki i Tekhn.,Ser.Yadernye Konstantys*Voprocy Atomnoy Nauki i Tekhniki, Seriya Yadernye     * Konstanty.     =(starting in 1982 with issue 1(45) (coded as 1/45);     = from 1985 onwards, only an issue number is given     = (coded with the year as vol. nr. plus the issue     = nr.); until 1981 entered as report YK-).         
YTN     CPR     Yuan Tzu Neng (Atomic Energy)s         
ZAP     GER     Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Physiks         
ZEC     GER     Zeitschrift fuer Elektrochemies         
ZEP     RUS     Zhurnal Eksper. i Teoret. Fiz., Pisma v Redakt.s*Zhurnal Eksperimental''noi i Teoreticheskoi Fiziki,     * Pis''ma v Redaktsiyu.     =(English translation: see JEL)         
ZET     RUS     Zhurnal Eksperimental'noi i Teoret. Fizikis=(English translation: see JET)         
ZK      GER     Z.fuer Kristallographies+ (Kristallgeometrie, Kristallphysik, Kristallchemie)         
ZMM     GER     Z.fuer Angewandte Mathematik und Mechaniks*Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik         
ZMP     SWT     Zeit. fuer Angewandte Mathematik und Physiks*Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Mathematik und Physik         
ZN      GER     Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschungsonly vol.1 (1946) (Extinct)
ZN/A    GER     Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschung, Section Asfrom vol.2 (1947)         
ZN/B    GER     Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschung, Section Bsfrom vol.2 (1947)         
ZNJD    UKR     Zbirnik Nauk. Institutu Yadernikh Doslidzhens*Zbirnik Naukovikh prats Institutu Yadernikh Doslidzhen     .Scientific Papers of Inst. for Nuclear Research (Kiev)     =no.1(00) (2000) - no.3(16) (2005)     =continued as YFE      Coding format:       J,ZNJD,number/parenthesized number,page,year       Example: J,ZNJD,1/7,15,2002 (Extinct)
ZP      GER     Zeitschrift fuer PhysiksLast issue vol.271 (1974)     =(continued as ZP/A and ZP/B) (Extinct)
ZP/A    GER     Zeitschrift fuer Physik, Section As+Hadrons and Nuclei      Starting with vol.338 (Jan.1991).      Previously ''Atoms and Nuclei'' (vol.272 (1975) to vol.337 (1      Extinct. Successor journal: EPJ/A (Extinct)
ZP/B    GER     Zeitschrift fuer Physik B, Condensed Matters=vol.20 (1975) - vol.104 (1997)     =vol.20-37:Zeitschrift fuer Physik B,Cond.Mat.and Quanta     =continues ZP and PCM     =continued as EPJ/B vol.1 (1998) (Extinct)
ZPC     DDR     Z. Physikalische Chemie (Leipzig)s*Zeitschrift fuer Physikalische Chemie (Leipzig)         
ZPF     GER     Z. Physikalische Chemie (Frankfurt)s*Zeitschrift fuer Physikalische Chemie (Frankfurt am     * Main)         
ZTF     RUS     Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoi Fizikis=(English translation see SPT)