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Compound codes

1-D-D2O     Heavy Water
              ===Obsolete, use 1-H-D2O                               
1-D-DXX     Deuterium Compound
              ===Obsolete, use 1-H-DXX                               
1-H-BNZ     Benzene, benzyl compounds
1-H-BUT     Butane, butyl compounds
1-H-CMP     Hydrogen Compound
               except water, metal-hydrides, organic or ammonium     
1-H-CXX     Organic Compound
               except BNZ, MTH, PFN, PHL, PLE                        
1-H-D2O     Heavy Water
1-H-DXX     Deuterium Compound
               including mixed H-D compounds and excluding heavy     
               water and Zr-deuteride                                
1-H-ETH     Ethane, ethyl compounds
1-H-MTH     Methane, methyl compounds
1-H-PFN     Paraffin
1-H-PHL     Phenol, phenyl compounds
               C6-H5-OH. Di-, Ter-, Poly-                            
1-H-PLE     Polyethylene
1-H-PRO     Propane, propyl compounds
1-H-TXX     Tritium Compound
               including mixed H-T or D-T compounds and excluding    
1-H-WTR     Water, Ice, Steam
1-T-TXX     Tritium Compound
              ===Obsolete, use 1-H-TXX                               
3-LI-CMP    Lithium Compound
4-BE-CMP    Beryllium Compound
4-BE-OXI    Beryllium oxide
5-B-CMP     Boron compound
5-B-OXI     Boron oxide
6-C-CMP     Carbon Compound
               except carbonates and hydro-carbons                   
7-N-AIR     Air
7-N-AMM     Ammonium Compound
7-N-CMP     Nitrogen compound
8-O-CMP     Oxygen compound
9-F-CMP     Fluorine compound
11-NA-CMP   Sodium compound
12-MG-CMP   Magnesium compound
12-MG-OXI   Magnesium compound
13-AL-CMP   Aluminium compound
13-AL-OXI   Aluminium Oxide
14-SI-CMP   Silicon compound
14-SI-OXI   Silicon Oxide
               Si-O2, glass, quartz                                  
15-P-CMP    Phosphorus compound
16-S-CMP    Sulphur compound
17-CL-CMP   Chlorine compound
19-K-CMP    Potassium compound
20-CA-CMP   Calcium compound
20-CA-OXI   Calcium oxide
22-TI-CMP   Titanium compound
22-TI-OXI   Titanium oxide
23-V-CMP    Vanadium compound
24-CR-CMP   Chromium compound
25-MN-CMP   Manganese compound
26-FE-CMP   Iron Compound
               steel to be entered under 26-FE-0                     
26-FE-OXI   Iron oxide
27-CO-CMP   Cobalt compound
27-CO-OXI   Cobalt oxide
28-NI-CMP   Nickel compound
29-CU-CMP   Copper compound
30-ZN-CMP   Zinc compound
32-GE-CMP   Germanium compound
32-GE-OXI   Germanium oxide
33-AS-CMP   Arsenic compound
33-AS-OXI   Arsenic oxide
34-SE-CMP   Selenium compound
35-BR-CMP   Bromine compound
37-RB-CMP   Rubidium compound
38-SR-CMP   Strontium compound
39-Y-CMP    Yttrium compound
40-ZR-ALY   Zircalloy
40-ZR-CMP   Zirconium compound
40-ZR-HYD   Zirconium Hydride
               including deuteride and tritide                       
40-ZR-OXI   Zirconium Oxide
41-NB-CMP   Niobium compound
44-RU-CMP   Ruthenium compound
44-RU-OXI   Ruthenium oxide
45-RH-CMP   Rhodium compound
46-PD-CMP   Palladium compound
47-AG-CMP   Silver compound
48-CD-CMP   Cadmium compound
48-CD-OXI   Cadmium oxide
49-IN-CMP   Indium compound
50-SN-CMP   Tin compound
50-SN-OXI   Tin oxide
51-SB-CMP   Antimony compound
52-TE-CMP   Tellurium compound
52-TE-OXI   Tellurium oxide
53-I-CMP    Iodine compound
55-CS-CMP   Cesium compound
56-BA-CMP   Barium compound
57-LA-CMP   Lanthanum compound
57-LA-OXI   Lanthanum oxide
58-CE-CMP   Cerium compound
58-CE-OXI   Cerium oxide
59-PR-CMP   Praseodymium compound
59-PR-OXI   Praseodymium oxide
60-ND-CMP   Neodymium compound
62-SM-CMP   Samarium compound
63-EU-CMP   Europium compound
63-EU-OXI   Europium oxide
65-TB-CMP   Terbium compound
65-TB-OXI   Terbium oxide
66-DY-CMP   Dysprosium compound
66-DY-OXI   Dysprosium oxide
67-HO-CMP   Holmium  compound
67-HO-OXI   Holmium  oxide
68-ER-CMP   Erbium compound
68-ER-OXI   Erbium oxide
69-TM-OXI   Thulium oxide
70-YB-CMP   Ytterbium compound
71-LU-OXI   Lutetium oxide
72-HF-CMP   Hafnium compound
73-TA-CMP   Tantalum compound
73-TA-OXI   Tantalum oxide
74-W-CMP    Tungsten compound
74-W-OXI    Tungsten oxide
75-RE-CMP   Rhenium compound
78-PT-CMP   Platinum compound
79-AU-CMP   Gold compound
80-HG-CMP   Mercury compound
81-TL-CMP   Thallium compound
81-TL-OXI   Thallium oxide
82-PB-CMP   Lead compound
83-BI-CMP   Bismuth compound
83-BI-OXI   Bismuth oxide
90-TH-CMP   Thorium compound
90-TH-OXI   Thorium oxide
92-U-CMP    Uranium compound
92-U-OXI    Uranium Oxide
94-PU-CMP   Plutonium compound