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Incident Source codes

              General use                                            
ARAD        Annihilation radiation
ATOMI       Atomic beam source
BRST        Bremsstrahlung
COMPT       Compton scattering
HARD        Hardened
KINDT       Kinematically determined
LAMB        Lamb-shift source
LASER       Laser scattering
LCS         Laser Compton Scattered Photons
MPH         Monoenergetic photons
POLIS       Polarized ion source
POLTR       Polarized target
QMPH        Quasi-monoenergetic photons
SPALL       Spallation
TAGD        Electron tagged
THRDT       Determined by threshold technique
VPH         Virtual photons
              Neutron data only                                      
A-BE        Alpha-Beryllium
CF252       Spont.fission of Californium-252
CM244       Spont.fission of Curium-244
CM246       Spont.fission of Curium-246
CM248       Spont.fission of Curium-248
D-BE        Deuteron-Beryllium
D-C12       Deuteron-Carbon 12
D-C14       Deuteron-Carbon 14
D-D         Deuteron-Deuterium
D-LI        Deuteron-Lithium
D-LI7       Deuteron-Lithium 7
D-N14       Deuteron-Nitrogen 14
D-N15       Deuteron-Nitrogen 15
D-T         Deuteron-Tritium
EVAP        Evaporation neutrons
EXPLO       Nuclear explosive device
P-BE        Proton-Beryllium
P-D         Proton-Deuterium
P-LI7       Proton-Lithium 7
P-T         Proton-Tritium
PHOTO       Photo-neutron
POLNS       Polarized neutron source
PU240       Spont.fission of Plutonium-240
PU242       Spont.fission of Plutonium-242
REAC        Reactor
THCOL       Thermal column