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Method codes

              General use                                            
ACTIV       Activation
AMS         Accelerator mass spectrometry
ASEP        Separation by mass-separator
ASPEC       Alpha spectrometry
ASSOP       Associated particle
BCINT       Beam current integrated
               Code used only if values given in the data section are
               based on this measurement                             
BGCT        Beta-gamma coincidence technique
BSPEC       Beta ray spectrometry
CHARG       Measurements in gas discharge
CHSEP       Chemical separation
COINC       Coincidence
DSCAT       Double scattering
EDE         Particle identification by 'E/Delta E' measurement
EDEG        Energy degradation by foils
               The projectile energy was considerably degraded before
               hitting the target. The initial projectile energy and 
               the reference of the energy loss relation used should 
               be stated.                                            
EXTB        Irradiation with external beam
FNB         Filtered neutron beam
GSPEC       Gamma ray spectrometry
HE-AC       Helium accumulation method
HEJET       Collection by He jet
INTB        Irradiation with internal beam
JET         Collection by gas jet
LRASY       Left-right asymmetry
MAGFR       Magnetic field rotation
MASSP       Mass spectrometry of a product
MOMIX       Mixed monitor
               Monitor and target combined as chemical compound or   
               mixture, or monitor reaction has the same target      
               nuclide as the reaction given under 'REACTION'        
MOSEP       Separate monitor foil
OLMS        On-line mass separation
PHD         Pulse-height discrimination
PLSED       Pulse die-away
PSD         Pulse-shape discrimination
REC         Collection of recoils
RINGR       Ring ratio method
SFLIP       Spin flip
SITA        Single target irradiation
STATD       Statistically determined
STTA        Stacked target irradiation
THERM       Gas thermochromatographic separation
TOF         Time-of-flight
TRN         Transmission method
TTM         Thick-target method
XSPEC       X-ray spectrometry
              Neutron data only                                      
BURN        Burn-up
CADMB       Cadmium bath
CHRFL       Christiansen filter
DIFFR       Diffraction
MANGB       Manganese bath
REAC        Reactivity measurement
REFL        Total reflection from mirrors
SHELT       Shell transmission
SLODT       Slowing-down time
              Fission product yields                                 
ABSFY       Absolute fission yield measurement
               i.e., not relative to another fission yield, though   
               may be relative to a monitor cross section            
FISCT       Absolute fission counting
               of the total number of fissions with a detector to    
               be specified                                          
FLUX        Neutron flux monitoring
               by a reaction to be coded under MONITOR               
FPGAM       Direct gamma-ray spectrometry
               of unseparated fission products                       
HADT        Heavy atom difference technique
               by mass spectrometry                                  
HATOM       Hot atom method
RCHEM       Radiochemical separation
RELFY       Relative fission yield measurement
               i.e., relative to another fission yield value         
RVAL        R-value measurement
               see LEXFOR under Fission Yields