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Parameter codes for SF6

              General use                                            
AG          Symmetry coefficient                                   
AH          Asymmetry coefficient                                  
AKE         Average kinetic energy                                 
ALF         Alpha = capture/fission cross-section ratio            
AMP         Scattering amplitude                                   
AP          Most probable mass of fission-fragments                
ARE         Resonance-area                                         
COR         Angular correlation                                    
CRL         Correlation                                            
D           Average level-spacing                                  
DA          Differential with angle of outgoing particle           
DA2         Double-diff. by angle (for quadruple-diff cs only)     
DE          Differential with energy of outgoing particle          
DE2         Double-diff. by energy (for quadruple-diff.cs only)    
DN          Diff.with no.of outgoing particles (comb.with SIG)     
DP          Differential with lin.momentum of outgoing particles   
DSP         Spins anti-parallel - parallel                         
DT          Diff.with 4-momentum transfer squared of outg.particles
ECO         Energy correlation                                     
EMC         Effective mass correlation                             
EN          Resonance-energy                                       
ETA         Average neutron yield per nonelastic event             
              for fissile isotopes                                   
FM          Product of polarization and cross section              
FM2         Product of polarization and square of cross section    
FY          Fission-product yield                                  
INT         Cross-section integral over incident energy            
              (from EN-MIN to EN-MAX)                                
IPA         Cs integrated over partial angular range               
IPP         Cs integrated over partial momentum range              
J           Spin J                                                 
              (resonances, strength-functions)                       
KE          Kinetic energy                                         
KEM         Temperature of Maxwellian distr.of outgoing particles  
KEP         Most probable kinetic energy of outgoing particle      
KER         Kerma factor                                           
L           Angular momentum L                                     
              (resonances, strength-functions)                       
LD          Level-density                                          
LDP         Level-density parameter                                
MCO         Linear momentum correlation                            
MLT         Multiplicity (particle yield per event)                
              ===Note=== the special codes 'NU','ETA' for fission    
NU          Fission-neutron yield, nu-bar                          
PHS         Reich-Moore phase                                      
PN          Pn-value or delayed neutron emission probability       
POL         Polarization                                           
PTY         Parity                                                 
PY          Product yield                                          
              To be used in cases where neither SIG nor TTY applies. 
              Degradation of primary projectile energy within target 
              does not extend below reaction threshold. Data are thus
              sensitive to target thickness and beam profile and are 
              not always reproducible.                               
RAD         Scattering radius                                      
RAT         Ratio                                                  
              (in case of isomeric ratios, TER/BIN ratios)           
RED         Reduced                                                
RI          Resonance integral                                     
SCO         Spin cut-off factor                                    
SGV         Reaction rate (sigma * velocity)                       
SIF         Self-indication function                               
SIG         Cross section                                          
              (Integral) cross-section for the formation of the      
              specified product nucleus or the specified reaction-   
              type (x,y)                                             
SPC         Intensity of gamma-lines                               
STF         Strength function                                      
STR         Strength                                               
SUM         Sum                                                    
              (in case of isomeric sums)                             
SWG         Statistical weight g                                   
              (to be coded with reaction (N,0))                      
TEM         Nuclear temperature                                    
TMP         Temperature-dependent quantity                         
              (not to be used with SF3 = THS)                        
TTT         Thick-target yield per unit time                       
TTY         Thick-target yield of the specified reaction product.  
              Cross-section measurement with a target thick enough to
              degrade the primary projectile energy well below the   
              threshold of the reaction under consideration. Data are
              not very sensitive to slight changes in target thick-  
              ness or beam properties.                               
TYA         Differential with respect to Treiman-Yang angle        
              (to be coded DA/TYA)                                   
WID         Resonance width                                        
ZP          Most probable charge of fission fragments