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Process codes for SF3

ABS         Absorption                                             
EL          Elastic scattering                                     
F           Fission                                                
FUS         Total fusion                                           
INL         Inelastic scattering                                   
NON         Nonelastic (= total minus elastic)                     
PAI         Pair production                                        
SCT         Total scattering (elastic + inelastic)                 
TCC         Total charge changing                                  
THS         Thermal neutron scattering                             
               involving molecular and crystalline binding vibrations
TOT         Total                                                  
X           Process unspecified                                    
              - (...,X)Z-S-A = production of the product specified in
              - (..,P+X)Z-S-A = emission of a proton plus the product
                specified in SF4, and of other unspecified particles 
              - (..,P+X),SEQ,... = emission of a proton followed by  
                the emission of other unspecified particles or other 
XN          Variable number of emitted neutrons                    
YP          Variable number of emitted protons                     

SF3 can also contain particle codes