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Particle Considered for SF7

               Flag D: For use with the keywords PART-DET, RAD-DET,  
                DECAY-DATA, DECAY-MON, EN-SEC                        
                  (previosuly EXFOR dictionary 13)                   
               Flag 2,3,7: Permitted in REACTION SF2, SF3, SF7       
                 and corresponding fields in MONITOR and ASSUMED     
                  (previously EXFOR dictionaries 28, 29, 33)         
0            -
               No incident particle - spontaneous decay              
               No outgoing particle - property of compound nucleus   
A           Alphas
AN          Antineutrons
AP          Antiprotons
AR          Annihilation radiation
B           Decay Betas
               unspecified whether B+ or B-                          
B+          Decay Beta+
B-          Decay Beta-
D           Deuterons
DG          Decay Gammas
               Used for gammas emitted from metastable states and for
                gammas following a particle-emitting decay (e.g.,    
                beta decay)                                          
DN          Delayed Neutrons
E           Electrons
               Where no more specific code applies, e.g., Auger      
                electrons, Compton electrons, etc.                   
               =NOTE= This code may have been used more generally in 
                      earlier entries.                               
EC          Electron Capture
ER          Evaporation Residues
ETA         Eta mesons
FF          Fission Fragments
G           Gammas
               except decay gammas                                   
HCP         Heavy Charged Particle
HE2         He-2
HE3         He-3
HE6         He-6
HF          Heavy Fragment
ICE         Internal-Conversion Electrons
K           Kaons,unspecified
KN          Kaons,negative
KP          Kaons,positive
LCP         Light Charged Particle (Z less than 7)
LF          Light Fragment
N           Neutrons
P           Protons
PI          Pions,unspecified
PI0         Pions,neutral
PIN         Pions,negative
PIP         Pions,positive
PN          Prompt Neutrons
RCL         Recoil Nucleus
RSD         Residual Nucleus
SF          Fragments from Spontaneous Fission
T           Tritons
XR          X-rays
               all types, K, L, M, etc.