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Analysis codes

4PI1A       4pi times differential cross section at one angle
ANC         Asymptotic normalization constant
AREA        Area analysis
CORAB       Correction on isotopic abundance
DECAY       Decay curve analysis
DIFFR       Difference spectrum
DTBAL       Detailed balance
               For analysis of inverse reactions                     
INTAD       Integration of angular distribution
INTED       Integration of energy distribution
LEAST       Least structure method
MLA         Multilevel analysis
PES         Extracted from equilibrium particle emission spectra
               For level density derivation                          
PHDIF       Photon difference
PLA         Penfold-Leiss method
PGS         Extracted from primary gamma spectra
               For level density derivation                          
REDUC       Reduction method
REGUL       Regularization method
RFN         R-function formalism
SHAPE       Shape analysis
SLA         Single level analysis
SURGT       Surrogate reaction method
THIES       Thies's method
TROJA       Trojan-horse method
TTUNF       Calculated from thick target using unfolding proced.
UNFLD       Unfolding procedure
WSP         Woods-Saxon potential