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Additional result codes

              The following codes are to be used for the keyword     
              'ADD-RES' only. codes for the keyword 'RESULT' are     
              given in dictionary 37.                                
              'ADD-RES' is used to refer to additional results not   
              compiled in the exfor entry, whereas 'RESULT' gives    
              additional explanations about the data given under     
A-DIS       Mass distribution
AMFF        Angular momentum of fission fragments
ANGD        Angular distribution
COMP        Comparison with calculated values
DECAY       Decay properties investigated
E-DIS       Energy distribution
G-SPC       Gamma spectra
LD          Level density
N-SPC       Neutron spectra
POT         Parameters of nuclear potential
               e.g., barrier heights  or deformation                 
P-SPC       Proton spectra
RANGE       Range of recoils measured
RECIP       Calculated data for reciprocal reaction
RRATE       Reaction rate
STRUC       Nuclear structure data
THEO        Theory
TRCS        Total reaction cross section
TTY-C       Calculated thick target yield
Z-DIS       Charge distribution