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November 2014 Meetings, NEA offices, France

JEF/DOC-1622 Summary Record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, November 2014 (Draft), F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1621 Implementing a Nuclear Data Cycle at the NEA Data Bank, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1620 The Pu-239 evaluation from WPEC-SG34, C. de Saint-Jean
JEF/DOC-1619 JEFF-3.2 feedback and fixes, C. Jouanne
JEF/DOC-1618 Nuclear Systems and Scenarios: A Unifying Project of NEEDS, A. Bidaud
JEF/DOC-1617 Surrogate methods for short lived actinides XS measurements, B. Jurado
JEF/DOC-1616 Measurement of the 233U(n,g) cross section in the Resonance Range, L. Matthieu
JEF/DOC-1615 Experimental study of inelastic scattering of U238 : from measurement to theoretical description for the evaluation, M. Kerveno
JEF/DOC-1614 The SOFIA+ Experiment, L. Audouin
JEF/DOC-1613 Decay Power Uncertainty of PWR irradiated fuel, D. Lecarpentier
JEF/DOC-1612 Development of a spectrometer for the characterisation of actinide fission fragments, S. Panebianco
JEF/DOC-1611 Measurement of fission product yields of actinides needed for fuel cycle studies: use of Gas Filled Magnet spectrometer at the Lohengrin spectrometer of ILL, A. Chebboubi
JEF/DOC-1610 The CIELO U-235 Evaluation, P. Romain
JEF/DOC-1609 Nuclear data evaluation of actinides: Cross sections and PFNS, R. Capote
JEF/DOC-1608 SCK-CEN experience from processing, benchmarking and application of JEFF-3.2, A. Stankovskiy
JEF/DOC-1607 Overview of the IRMM activities in Nuclear Data, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1606 Prompt neutron and gamma-ray emission in fission, F.-J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1605 Total Absorption Spectroscopy (TAS) measurements for reactor neutrino and decay heat calculation, A. Porta
JEF/DOC-1604 Measurement developments on 16O(n,alpha)13C, F.-R. Lecolley
JEF/DOC-1603 Up-scattering and crystal lattice effects in neutronic calculations : Needs for measurements in cold and hot conditions, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1602 Review of Recent International Activities on Neutron Thermal Scattering in past JEFF meetings, O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1601 The thermal scattering law data files for JEFF, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1600 Extraction of Data from GEF model for JEFF-3.2, D. Mountford
JEF/DOC-1599 Study of ENDFB7r1 covariance matrix through a Monte Carlo generated sensitivity matrix, M. Garcia-Martinez
JEF/DOC-1598 The JEFF-3.2 Radioactive Decay Data Library, M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1597 Using GEF model for the evaluation of fission-fragment yields, K.-H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1596 Combined non-model and model evaluation of Np-237 using Bayesian method, V. Pronyaev
JEF/DOC-1595 Secondary gamma spectra calculations for Fe and Ni spheres using different nuclear data libraries, B. Jansky
JEF/DOC-1594 Perturbation/sensitivity calculations with the Monte Carlo code Serpent, M. Aufiero
JEF/DOC-1593 Progress report on Co59(n,g)Co60 and Fe54(n,p)Mn54 for dosimetry and activation calculations, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1592 Progress report on Eu154 build up for DARWIN applications, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1591 JEFF-3.2 fission yields and future plans, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-1590 Final verification and validation of JEFF-3.2, J. Kopecky

April 2014 Meetings, NEA offices, France

JEF/DOC-1589 Minutes of the JEFF Measurements, Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking Working Group and the JEFF Joint Session, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1588 Minutes of the JEFF Decay Data and Fission Yields working group meeting, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1587 Summary Record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, April 2014 (Draft), F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1586 Improvements of the fission modeling for evaluated cross-sections, P. Tamagno
JEF/DOC-1585 Activation data at intermediate energies: cross-sections of reactions with emission of heavy cluster, A. Konobeyev
JEF/DOC-1584 Improvement of the tritium formation ways, O. Serot
JEF/DOC-1583 JEFF-3.2T3 benchmarking - Criticality experiments to full reactor calculations, Y. Peneliau
JEF/DOC-1582 The CERES Phase I experiment: integral feedback on thermal nuclear data of Pu239 and Pu240, P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1581 Research Activity of Decay and Fission Yield Data in KAERI, C.-S.Gil
JEF/DOC-1580 Fission yield measurements at the renoved IGISOL-4 facility, H. Penttila
JEF/DOC-1579 Correlation of prompt fission neutron emission with fission fragment properties in 252Cf(SF), F.J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1578 NAUSICAA project : new cross sections evaluation for thermal neutrons, Y. Calzavara
JEF/DOC-1577 Development of the next JEFF fission yield library, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-1576 The experimental program at IRMM and its relation with JEFF, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1575 Validation of activation cross sections in large libraries, J. Kopecky
JEF/DOC-1574 Uncertainty in PWR parameter calulations. Needs for nuclear data improvement, A. Santamarina
JEF/DOC-1573 Validation and evaluation of nuclear data with GEF, K.H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1572 Assessment of the GEF model, K.H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1571 GEF - an approach to fission based on fundamental laws of physics and mathematics, K.H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1570 Covariances from GEF for evaluation, K.H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1569 Calculation of decay heat with the GEF fission yields, C. Amouroux
JEF/DOC-1568 Calculation of the delayed neutron yields with the GEF fission yields, C. Amouroux
JEF/DOC-1567 Progress towards the JEFF-3.2 Radioactive Decay Data Sub-library, M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1566 Impact of fission yield covariance data in burn-up calculations, O. Cabellos

November 2013 Meetings, NEA offices, France

JEF/DOC-1565 Summary Record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, November 2013, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1564 Summary Record of the JEFF working group meeting on Nuclear Data Measurements, Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking, and the Joint JEFF meeting, November 2013 F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1563 Summary Record of the JEFF Decay Data and Fission Yields meeting, November 2013 F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1562 Processing and benchmarking of the JEFF32T4 (JEFF-3.2) library (February 2014 Update), O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1561 Status of GEF code - November 2013, K.H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1560 Estimating the covariance matrix for measured data, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1559 JEFF Covariance Working Group Proposed Objectives, C. de Saint Jean
JEF/DOC-1558 Needs for innovative systems (MYRRHA), A. Stankovskiy
JEF/DOC-1557 Needs for fusion facilities (ITER, IFMIF, DEMO), U. Fischer
JEF/DOC-1556 Needs for Gen-IV reactors (ASTRID), R. Jacqmin
JEF/DOC-1555 CHANDA WP on target and update on CACAO status, C.-O. Bacri
JEF/DOC-1554 Overview of the ANDES and CHANDA European programmes, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1553 Summary of ERINDA workshop and perspectives, E. Grosse
JEF/DOC-1552 Analysis of MERCI decay heat measurement, J.-C. Jaboulay
JEF/DOC-1551 Measurements in Minerve, R. Jacqmin
JEF/DOC-1550 Determining inaccessible neutron-induced cross sections with the help of surrogate reactions, B. Jurado
JEF/DOC-1549 Results of the 232Th(n,f) fission-fragment angular distribution and status of the measurement of the 231Pa(n,f) cross section, L. Tassan Got
JEF/DOC-1548 (n,xng) reaction cross-section measurements on actinides at GELINA, A. Bacquias
JEF/DOC-1547 Measurement of the 233U(n,g) cross section, L. Mathieu
JEF/DOC-1546 The Decay Data Evaluation Project, M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1545 Gamma de-excitation above Sn: what TAS measurements can provide, A. Algora
JEF/DOC-1544 TAS measurements for reactor antineutrinos and decay heat calculations, A. Porta
JEF/DOC-1543 Prompt fission gamma-ray measurements, F.-J.Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1542 Development of the LICORNE neutron source and measurements of prompt fission gamma-rays, M. Lebois
JEF/DOC-1541 Development of a Gas Filled Magnet spectrometer for the measurement of fission yields at LOHENGRIN, A. Chebboubi
JEF/DOC-1540 Measurement of fission yields at LOHENGRIN, O. Serot
JEF/DOC-1539 Development of the FALSTAFF spectrometer for the determination of fission-fragment characteristics and neutron multiplicity, D. Dore
JEF/DOC-1538 The SOFIA and SOFIA2 experiments at GSI, T. Gorbinet
JEF/DOC-1537 Isotopic fission-fragment yields and fission probabilities using surrogate reaction in inverse kinematics at GANIL, O. Delaune
JEF/DOC-1536 Motivation and Objectives for JEFF-4, R. Jacqmin
JEF/DOC-1535 Model-based calculation of delayed neutron emission with coupled TALYS/GEF, K. Kern
JEF/DOC-1534 Tests on JEFF-32T3 library, C. Jouanne
JEF/DOC-1533 Progress of measurements at IRMM, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1532 Free Gas Resonant Scattering Transfer implementation in THERMR, C. Mounier
JEF/DOC-1531 New methodology to process cross-sections at IRSN (GAIA), G. Ferran
JEF/DOC-1530 Validation of New KAERI actinide evaluations for JEFF, D.H. Kim
JEF/DOC-1529 Generation of PFNS covariance matrices using the CONRAD code, L. Berge
JEF/DOC-1528 Methods of realistic covariances evaluations in creation of the complete uncertainties of evaluated, V. Pronyaev
JEF/DOC-1527 Detecting Gamma Production Inconsistencies in Nuclear Data with TRIPOLI-4, F. Malouch
JEF/DOC-1526 New resonance shape analysis of the 1st resonance of Pu240 with the CONRAD code for thermal reactor, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1525 New measurements needed to update JEFF evaluations and remove compensation of the neutron cross sections, V. Pronyaev
JEF/DOC-1524 Propagation of U235-238, Pu239 and STL Nuclear Data Uncertainties for PWR core analysis, O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1523 Cumulative yields of Xe-134 from the thermal fission of Pu-239, O. Serot
JEF/DOC-1522 Nd fission yields for fast neutrons on U-235 : new trends from PROFIL and PROFIL-2 experiments, E. Privas
JEF/DOC-1521 Improved spontaneous fission half-lives for Pu-240, Pu-242, F.-J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1520 Generation of Fission Yield covariance data and application to Fission Pulse Decay Heat calculations, C.J. Diez
JEF/DOC-1519 Reference data for the evaluation of gas production cross-sections in proton induced reactions, A. Konobeyev
JEF/DOC-1518 Nuclear Data Developments at the Nuclear Data Section of IAEA, S. Simakov
JEF/DOC-1517 Validation of activation reactions in JEFF-3.2-T3, J. Kopecky
Processing and Validation of the neutron cross-section test library JEFF-3.2-T3, O. Cabellos

April 2013 Meetings, NEA offices, France

JEF/DOC-1515 Summary Record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, April 2013 (Draft), F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1514 Summary Record of the JEFF working group meeting on Nuclear Data Measurements, Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking, and the Joint JEFF/EFF meeting, April 2013 F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1513 Summary Record of the JEFF Decay Data and Fission Yields meeting, April 2013 F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1512 Evaluation of covariances and PFNS with Bayesian approach, C. de Saint Jean
JEF/DOC-1511 JEFF Covariance WG - introduction, C. de Saint Jean
JEF/DOC-1510 Consistent TMC and BFMC for actinides, E. Bauge
JEF/DOC-1509 Covariance matrices in nuclear data evaluation, H. Leeb
JEF/DOC-1508 Covariances for the TENDL library
JEF/DOC-1507 Improvement of U238 inelastic scattering Xs for an accurate calculation of large reactors, A. Santamarina
JEF/DOC-1506 Progress of the experimental programme at IRMM, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1505 Benchmarking of JEFF-3.2T2, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1504 Tests on JEFF32T2 library, C. Jouanne
JEF/DOC-1503 Neutron inelastic cross section on 238U, P. Romain
JEF/DOC-1502 Interpretation of the OSMOSE program: validation of actinide nuclear data for LWR applications, P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1501 Extension and validation of the GEF code to multi-chance fission, K.-H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1500 Decay heat validation of TENDL-2012, J.-Ch. Sublet
JEF/DOC-1499 How we can improve nuclear data evaluations using neural network simulation techniques, A. Konobeyev
JEF/DOC-1498 Fission fragment yield for 234U(n,f) up to 5 MeV, F.-J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1497 Time-of-flight measurements at n_TOF, F. Gunsing
JEF/DOC-1496 Resonance Region of O-16, Fe-56, and U-235 for the CIELO Project, L. Leal
JEF/DOC-1495 Uncertainty propagation of fission product yield data in spent fuel inventory calculations, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-1494 UKPADD6.12: An Evaluated Decay Data Library for Nuclear Applications, R. Perry
JEF/DOC-1493 Recent Progress of Nuclear Data Activities in Korea, Y.O. Lee

November 2012 Meetings and Nuclear Data Workshop, NEA offices, France

JEF/DOC-1492 Summary Record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, November 2012, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1491 Summary Record of the JEFF working group meeting on Nuclear Data Measurements, Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking, and the Joint JEFF/EFF meeting, November 2012, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1490 Summary Record of the JEFF Decay Data and Fission Yields meeting (DRAFT), November 2012, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1489 Activation measurements at the Fast Neutron Laboratory of NPI, M. Majerle
JEF/DOC-1488 The status of low energy data for deuterium, oxygen and hydrogen (rev. Feb. 4, 2013), A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1487 High-energy nuclear data measurements at TSL, A.V. Prokofiev
JEF/DOC-1486 MAESTRO : Measurement of the thermal capture cross section of Mn55, Co59, Vnat and Rh103, P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1485 CEA-2012 : New uranium and plutonium evaluations and benchmarking, B. Morillon
JEF/DOC-1484 Decay radiation and cumulative yields for primary fission yields from GEF, K. Kern
JEF/DOC-1483 Integral nuclear data measurements at Cadarache, P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1482 Status of ENDF Project, M. Herman
JEF/DOC-1481 Improved MOX fuel calculations using new plutonium and americium evaluations, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1480 Fission yield measurements at GANIL, C. Rodríguez
JEF/DOC-1479 STEFF:SpecTrometer for Exotic Fission Fragments, E. Murray
JEF/DOC-1478 TENDL4JEFF: New nuclear data evaluations for all Ga, Ge, As, Se, Br, Kr, Rb, Sr, Y and Zr isotopes, A. Koning
JEF/DOC-1477 U-235 Resolved Resonance Evaluation for Intermediate Energy Benchmark Calculations, L. Leal
JEF/DOC-1476 Beta-eff sensitivity-uncertainty analysis and its use for nuclear data evaluation and validation, I. Kodeli
JEF/DOC-1475 Verification and comparison of Elemental Evaluated Data of a Selection of Structural Materials for JEFF-3.2T2, I. Kodeli
Adjusting the result of a model calculation to partial experimental data exemplified at the case of the prediction of the GEF code for fission-fragment yields, K.H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1473 Needs for new neutron data measurements, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1472 Recent Evaluations of Cd, W, and Au, S. Kopecky
JEF/DOC-1471 Differential measurements at n_TOF, F. Gunsing
JEF/DOC-1470 Status of n_TOF/EAR2, F. Gunsing
JEF/DOC-1469 Cross-section measurements using the surrogate technique, J. Wilson
JEF/DOC-1468 Fission yield measurements at Lohengrin, G. Kessedjian
JEF/DOC-1467 Measurement of the fission mass yields of 241Am (2nth,f) at the Lohengrin mass spectrometer, C. Amouroux
JEF/DOC-1466 SOFIA, A new and original programme on fission yield measurements, A. Chatillon
JEF/DOC-1465 Decay data measurements, A. Algora/M. Fallot
JEF/DOC-1464 Integral xs measurements at Proteus, G. Perret
JEF/DOC-1463 Status of GUINEVERE programme at SCK/CEN, A. Billebaud
JEF/DOC-1462 Measurements at Frascati Neutron Generator, M. Angelone
JEF/DOC-1461 Radioactive targets and actinide chemistry at CACAO, C.O. Bacri
JEF/DOC-1460 Information on new European Projects, M. Bé
JEF/DOC-1459 Processing of JEFF-3.1.2 library for M.C calculations, A. Blokhin
JEF/DOC-1458 Intercomparison of neutronic calculations for Zebra and BFS-62-3A critical assembly experiments, E. Mitenkova
JEF/DOC-1457 Towards a Coordinated International Evaluated Library - Goals / Progress, M. Chadwick
JEF/DOC-1456 The nat C(n,g) cross section and its impact on results of criticality calculations on BR1, C. Díez
JEF/DOC-1455 Activities of nuclear data evaluations on several actinides, H.I. Kim
JEF/DOC-1454 Selection and validation of capture and fission data for JEFF-3.2T2, J. Kopecky
JEF/DOC-1453 Publication of the IAEA "Updated Decay Data Library for Actinides", M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1452 Q values for Spontaneous Fission Decay by H. Lawledge, R.W. Mills
JEF/DOC-1451 Delayed neutron calculations using JEFF-3.1.1 and other files, R.W. Mills
JEF/DOC-1450 Fission yield covariance: a proposed method based upon experimental data, R.W. Mills
JEF/DOC-1449 Update on the GEF code - recent developments and future plans, K.-H. Schmidt

April 2012 Meetings, NEA offices, France

JEF/DOC-1448 Summary Record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, April 2012, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1447 Summary Record of the JEFF working group meeting on Nuclear Data Measurements, Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking, and the Joint JEFF/EFF meeting, April 2012, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1446 Summary Record of the JEFF Decay Data and Fission Yields meeting, April 2012, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1445 Proposal on JEFF covariance Working Group, C. De Saint Jean
JEF/DOC-1444 Proposal for a WPEC subgroup on Fission Yield Evaluation, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-1443 Fission yields modelling activities at KIT based on GEF and TALYS-1.4, K. Kern
JEF/DOC-1442 Comparison of TALYS-1.2 and TALYS-1.4 using (p,x) data and other problems, A. Konobeev
JEF/DOC-1441 Discrepancies in U-238 and Th-232 evaluations, P. Ribon
JEF/DOC-1440 Validation of JEFF-3.1.1 thermal and epithermal actinides neutron induced XS through MELUSINE-PIE, D. Bernard
JEF/DOC-1439 JEFF-3.1.1/BRC09 comparison on a selected set of ICSBEP/IRPHE and CEA benchmarks, Y. Peneliau
JEF/DOC-1438 TENDL-2011 processing and criticality assemblies benchmarking, J. Ch. Sublet
JEF/DOC-1437 Ongoing beta-delayed neutron measurements with BELEN-4pi neutron counter, J. L. Tain
JEF/DOC-1436 Processing of the JEFF-3.1.2 Cross Section Library into various formats (ACE, PENDF, GENDF, MATXSR and BOXER) for testing purposes, O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1435 Calculations of fission pulse neutron emission with JEFF-3.1.1. and ENDF/B-VII.1, O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1434 EXFOR database and retrieval developments. Beta-delayed neutron emission evaluation - V. Semkova
JEF/DOC-1433 From average parameters to statistical resolved resonances, D. Rochman
JEF/DOC-1432 Pu-239 Resonance Evaluation, L. Leal
JEF/DOC-1431 An ENDF-6 compatible evaluation for Cd-isotopes in the RRR, S. Kopecky
JEF/DOC-1430 Discussion on neutron multiplicity corrections, F.-J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1429 Neutron Cross Section Evaluations of Minor Actinides, H.I. Kim
JEF/DOC-1428 Extrapolation with Padé approximants - application to average cross sections in the URR, P. Ribon
JEF/DOC-1427 Proposal for the Utilization of the Total Cross Section Covariances and its Correlations with Channel Reactions, A. Bidaud
JEF/DOC-1426 The Au capture cross section in a quasi-Maxwellian spectrum of kT≈25 keV, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1425 Processing and use of MF5 and MF6 in ENDF Files, C. Jouanne
JEF/DOC-1424 Activation Product Decay Data: UKPADD6.11, A.L. Nichols, R.J. Perry
JEF/DOC-1423 Prompt-neutron and prompt-gamma emission from a general description of the fission process, K.H. Schmidt, B. Jurado

November - December 2011 Meeting, NEA offices, France

JEF/DOC-1422 Summary Record of the JEFF Decay Data and Fission Yields meeting, Dec. 2011, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1421 Summary Record of the JEFF working group meeting on Nuclear Data Measurements, Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking, and the Joint JEFF/EFF meeting, Nov. 2011, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1420 Summary Record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, Dec. 2011, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1419 Summary of 2nd GEDEPEON-JEFF Nuclear Data Week, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1418 Comments on Peelle's Pertinent Puzzle, H. Leeb
JEF/DOC-1417 Summary of recent IAEA meeting on inelastic and capture reactions on major actinides, M.A. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1416 Dosimetry data and related needs, C. Destouches
JEF/DOC-1415 Experimental validation of Nb and Co cross section data in the 20-35 MeV range, M. Majerle
JEF/DOC-1414 Monte Carlo simulation of prompt fission gamma emission, D. Regnier
JEF/DOC-1413 Needs in fission product period re-evaluations to improve the decay heat uncertainty, J.-Ch. Benoit
JEF/DOC-1412 CALENDF-2010 Status, J.C. Sublet
JEF/DOC-1411 Fission fragment properties from 234U(n,f), F.-J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1410 Development of fission product yield covariance matrices, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-1409/A New CEA-2012 Evaluation File and ICSBEP Pu benchmarks, Y. Peneliau (presented by G. Noguere)
JEF/DOC-1409/B Contribution to the URR analysis for JEFF, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1408 Application of the JEFF-3.1.1 library for fast reactor benchmark testing, E. Mitenkova
JEF/DOC-1407 Processing of the JEFF-3.1.1 library for Monte Carlo calculation, A. Blokhin
JEF/DOC-1406 Differences between JEFF-3.1.1 and JENDL-4.0 cross sections when processed with CALENDF, W. van Rooijen
JEF/DOC-1405 Prior structural material library, D. Neudecker
JEF/DOC-1404 New gamma emission spectra from neutron radiative capture, S. Ravaux
(In Memory of John Rowlands) Solid state effect in accurate Doppler calculation, A. Santamarina
JEF/DOC-1402 (In Memory of John Rowlands) Development of the Doppler broadened scattering kernel, R. Dagan
JEF/DOC-1401 (In Memory of John Rowlands) The Pre-JEFF years, C. Dean
JEF/DOC-1400 In Memory of John Rowlands, Participants to the JEFF Project
JEF/DOC-1399 Neutron libraries validation against correlated integral benchmarks, E. Ivanov
JEF/DOC-1398 Prompt neutron and gamma emission in GEF, K.-H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1397 Evaluation of cross-sections for n and p induced reactions on W producing hazardous radionuclides in the energy range up to 3 GeV, A. Konobeev
JEF/DOC-1396 Pile-oscillation measurements of the Gd-nat capture cross section, P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1395 Nuclear Data Needs for the Neutronics Design of the MYRRHA Fast Spectrum Irradiation Facility, A. Stankovskiy
JEF/DOC-1394 Recent progress of nuclear data evaluation and validation efforts at KAERI, C.-S. Gil

Last reviewed: 26 November 2014