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May 2005 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEF/DOC-1098 Minutes of the meeting of the Sub-group on Decay Data and Fission Yields May 2005, Y. Rugama
JEF/DOC-1097 Minutes JEFF meeting May 2005, Y. Rugama
JEF/DOC-1096 cf. November 2005 Meeting
JEF/DOC-1095 Analysis of MASURCA -1A’/-1B Experiments, J. Tommasi, R. Jacqmin
JEF/DOC-1094 Recent activities on innovative radionuclide production for metabolic radiotherapy and pet and on relevant experimental and evaluated nuclear data, E. Menapace
JEF/DOC-1093 JEFF: the next twenty years?, M. Salvatores
JEF/DOC-1092 Some questions related to data accuracies and covariances, H. Weigmann
JEF/DOC-1091 The development of nuclear data libraries in western Europe and the JEF Project, J. Rowlands
JEF/DOC-1090 JEFF-3.1 Decay Data & Pulse Fission calculations, Huynh T.D
JEF/DOC-1089 A new neutron + U235 evaluation from 2.25 keV up to 30 MeV Romain P., Morillon B
JEF/DOC-1088 A new neutron-deuterium data evaluation, R. Lazaukas
JEF/DOC-1087 JENDL-3.3 and JEFF-3.1 NJOY99.90 deterministic code module updates,J-Ch Sublet and K. Kosako
JEF/DOC-1086 Revised evaluation of the 241Am isotope, O.Bouland and D.Bernard
JEF/DOC-1085 Summary record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, NEA Secretariat
JEF/DOC-1084 TRIPOLI-4.4 & JEFF-3.1, ENDF/B-VII b0 and JENDl-3.3 with the ICSBEP Criticality Models, J-Ch. Sublet, C. Jouanne, Y. Peneliau and F-X Hugot
JEF/DOC-1083 COGEND: A Code to Generate Nuclear Decay Scheme Data in ENDF-6 Format, R J Perry and C J Dean
JEF/DOC-1082 Update of previous LWR Cross section library comparison calculations at VTT, J Leppanen
JEF/DOC-1081 COGEND: Improvements to the Processing of Continuous Spectra, R J Perry
JEF/DOC-1080 Comparisons between JEFF31 and JEF2, C Mounier
JEF/DOC-1079 Brief report on Mo95, Tc99 and Cm245: JEFF3.1 status, O. Serot
JEF/DOC-1078 Comparative study of certain aspects of the JENDL3.3, JEF2.2 (UKFY2) and JEFF3.1 (UKFY3.6) Fission Yields files, O. Serot
JEF/DOC-1077 Low Neutron Cross Sections of the Hafnium Isotopes, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1076 Neutron Data Evaluation of Iodine-127 and Iodine-129 Isotopes, E.Dupont, G. Noguere, E. Bauge
JEF/DOC-1075 ORNL-CEA evaluation of U238 resonance parameters up to 20 keV, A. Courcelle
JEF/DOC-1074 New evaluation of the U238 cross section in the unresolved range (20 keV - 150 keV), A. Courcelle
JEF/DOC-1073 Delayed neutron yield and relative abundance data for some minor isotopes, missing from current compilations, J. Rowlands
JEF/DOC-1072 Assessment and Evaluation of Decay Data for EAF -2004/05, A L Nichols, R J Perry
JEF/DOC-1071 Comparison of fission and radiative capture cross-section data for U235 and U238, M. Venhart
JEF/DOC-1070 Initial benchmarking of the JEFF3.1 fission yields and decay data, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-1069 Test of JEFF-3.1 with MCNP: criticality and beta-effective benchmarks, A. Hogenbirk
JEF/DOC-1068 VALDUC with JEFF3.1T4 U235 and U238, C. Dean and R J Perry
JEF/DOC-1067 Status of the Photonuclear Activation File (PAF): reaction cross sections, fission fragments and delayed neutron, D. Ridikas
JEF/DOC-1066 Recent Activities of the IAEA Nuclear Data Section, M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1065 The JEFF-3.1 Decay Data Library, M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1064 Experimental activities at IRMM, P. RULLHUSEN

November 2004 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

rev 1
Proposal for Nuclear Data Dispersion Matrix, G. Palmiotti, M. Salvatores, Argonne National Laboratory
JEF/DOC-1062 Systematic comparison of evaluated nuclear data files, J. Leppanen
JEF/DOC-1061 Evaluation of the resonance region for 58Fe, M.C. Moxon
JEF/DOC-1060 Theoretical Models and Relevant Calculations of Photon Production and Photonuclear Reaction Data, E. Menapace, G. Maino, F. Groppi
JEF/DOC-1059 Comparison Between Theoretical Calculation and Experimental Results of Excitation Functions for Production of Relevant Biomedical Radionuclides, E. Menapace, C. Birattari, M.L. Bonardi, F. Groppi, S. Morzenti, C. Zona
JEF/DOC-1058 Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of a Thorium Molten Salt Reactor, A. Bidaud
JEF/DOC-1057 Current Projects of the IAEA-NDS, A. Trkov
JEF/DOC-1056 Short comments on the resolved range of Er166 and Er167 in JEFF3.0: Proposals for JEFF3.1, A. Courcelle, C. Chabert, O. Serot
JEF/DOC-1055 Review of the most reactor relevant fission product cumulated yields, O. Serot, B. Roque, A. Santamarina
JEF/DOC-1054 Progress on Tc99 evaluation,F. Gunsing, O. Serot
JEF/DOC-1053 Thermal Neutron Scattering Cross Section for H in CaH2 and Ca in CaH2, O. Serot
JEF/DOC-1052 Fe-56 benchmarking results, R. Jacqmin
JEF/DOC-1051 Benchmark results for U-233 and Thorium, S. Van Der Marck
JEF/DOC-1050 Proposal for a revised Am241 Evaluation in JEFF3.1, O. Bouland and A. Santamarina
JEF/DOC-1049 Proposal for General Purpose Library JEFF-3.1T, A. Koning, J-Ch. Sublet
JEF/DOC-1048 Assembly and Feedback of the JEFF-3.0T3 Radioactive Decay Data File, M. Kellett
A survey on nuclear data status and needs for special purposes', following items discussed in previous JEFF Meetings and NEA-NSC Workshop on 'R&D Needs', E. Menapace
JEF/DOC-1046 JEFF meeting presentation, I. Kodeli
JEF/DOC-1045 VALDUC with JEFF3.1 Hydrogen, C. Dean, S Connolly
JEF/DOC-1044 TRIPOLI4.3 Benchmarks, C. Jouanne
JEF/DOC-1043 JEFF3.0/JEF2 Improvement on Fuel Inventory Prediction. Trends from Integral Experiments and Proposal for JEFF3.1 Evaluations., D. Bernard
JEF/DOC-1042 Summary record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, NEA Secretariat
JEF/DOC-1041 Summary record of the Joint JEFF/EFF/EAF meeting, NEA Secretariat
JEF/DOC-1040 Summary record of the Decay Data and Fission Yields meeting, NEA Secretariat
JEF/DOC-1039 LWR Cross section library comparison calculations at VTT, J. Leppanen
JEF/DOC-1038 From JEFF-3.0 to JEFF-3.1T: the way forward, A. Koning, J-Ch. Sublet
JEF/DOC-1037 Report from the CSEWG meeting, A. Koning
JEF/DOC-1036 Overview of the U238 Evaluation in the Resolved Resonance Range, H Derrien, A Courcelle, L Leal, N Larson
Experimental Activities at IRMM, P. Rullhusen
JEF/DOC-1034 ICSBEP JEFF-3.1T Benchmarkings: preliminary results, J-Ch. Sublet, C. Jouanne, Y. Peneliau
JEF/DOC-1033 On the Use of S(α,β) tables for isotopes with pronounced resonances, R. Dagan
Benchmarking of Uranium-238 evaluations against spherical transmission and (n,xn)-reaction experimental data, S. Simakov (Presented at the ND2004 conference)
JEF/DOC-1031 Status of the UKFY3 fission yield evaluation December 2004, R. Mills
Use of JEFF-3T3 decay data with FISPACT-2003, R. Forrest
JEF/DOC-1029 Status of UK Decay Data Evaluations, C. Dean
JEF/DOC-1028 Comparison of Evaluated Data Libraries: 'Chosen Physical Constants of Chosen Nuclides in Spent Fuel', Martin Venhart, Vladimir Chrapciak, COMENIUS UNIVERSITY BRATISLAVA, Department of Nuclear Physics and Biophysics, Study in Diploma Thesis
The Testing Of Recent JEF(F) Decay Data And Fission Product Yields Files For Irradiated Nuclear Fuel Decay Heat Calculations, Dr. R. W. Mills and Dr. D. R. Parker, BNFL Sellafield

May 2004 Meeting, IEA, Paris, France

JEF/DOC-1026 Experimental Validation of the APOLLO2 code for High Burn-up MOx Fuels. JEF2.2 Results and JEFF3.0 Improvements, D. Bernard et al.
JEF/DOC-1025 Summary record of the Joint JEFF/EFF/EAF meeting, 11-12 May 2004, A. Nouri
JEF/DOC-1024 Summary record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, 12 May 2004, A. Nouri
JEF/DOC-1023 Recent Nuclear Data Activities at the Nuclear Data Activities at the IAEA Nuclear Data Section, A. Trkov
JEF/DOC-1022 Summary record of the Decay Data and Fission Yields meeting, A. Nouri, 10 May 2004
JEF/DOC-1021 Thermal neutron scattering data, M. Mattes, J. Keinert
JEF/DOC-1020 Working Group Experimental Activities, Peter Rullhusen
JEF/DOC-1019 Experimental Activities at IRMM, Activity Report May 2004, Peter Rullhusen
JEF/DOC-1018 Implementation of the Delayed Neutron Data Recommendation, A. Nouri
JEF/DOC-1017 Benchmarking preJEFF-3.1 U-238, S.C van der Marck
JEF/DOC-1016 New evaluations for all Ca and Ge isotopes, M.C. Duijvestijn and A.J. Koning
JEF/DOC-1015 New data evaluations for the Fe isotopes, A.J. Koning and M.C. Duijvestijn
JEF/DOC-1014 Evaluation of U238 resonance parameters from 0 to 20 keV, H. Derrien, A. Courcelle et al.
JEF/DOC-1013 U238 effective capture integral calculations using recent resonance parameters sets, A. Courcelle
JEF/DOC-1012 JEFF-3.0 based APOLL02 Library - processing and validation, S. Mengelle
JEF/DOC-1011 JEFF-3.0 feedbacks - preJEFF-3.1 proposals, J-Ch. Sublet, B. Roque, F. Laugier, J Tommasi
JEF/DOC-1010 TRIPOLI-4.3 JEFF-3.0, preJEFF-3.1 Benchmarkings, J-Ch. Sublet, C. Jouanne, Y. Peneliau
JEF/DOC-1009 Testing of BRC 238U Evaluations with Fast Benchmarks, E.Dupont, B.Morillon, P.Romain, J.C.Sublet
JEF/DOC-1008 JEF2.2 and JEFF3.0 Comparison : prediction of isotopic concentrations and reactivity for thermal lattices configurations" A. Courcelle D. Bernard A. Santamarina
JEF/DOC-1007 First Conclusions of the WPEC/Subgroup-22 Nuclear Data For Improved LEU-LWR Reactivity Predictions, A. Courcelle et al.
JEF/DOC-1006 Mg thermal neutron scattering cross sections, C. Mounier
JEF/DOC-1005 CaHx Thermal neutron scattering cross sections, O. Serot
JEF/DOC-1004 Neutron Data Evaluation of Rhodium, E.Dupont, E.Bauge, S.Hilaire, A.Koning
JEF/DOC-1003 On the Importance of the New Formula for the Double Differential Scattering Kernel, R. Dagan
JEF/DOC-1002 Final results of the evaluation of all important neutron induced reactions on 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 Ti including full covariance information, S. Tagesen and H. Vonach
JEF/DOC-1001 Motivation for New Measurements on Am Isotopes, O. Bouland
JEF/DOC-1000 Comparative study of the Independent Fission Yields in JEF2.2 (UKFY2) and JEFF3T2 (UKFY 3.4), O. Serot, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-999 Progress on the production of UKFY3.5, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-998 Modifications to COGEND to Process b-n and b-a Decay Data, R. Perry
JEF/DOC-997 COGEND: A Code to Generate Nuclear Decay Scheme Data In ENDF-6 Format, R. Perry and C. Dean
Appendix A table
JEFF-3.0/DD T3 library - assembly and first verification, M. A. Kellett and O. Bersillon

Last reviewed: 24 September 2010