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January 1996 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-579 Summary Record of the JEF Working Group on Benchmark Testing, Data Processing and Evaluations; NEA, Paris, 15th-16th January 1996
JEFDOC-578 Summary Report of Working Group III : Benchmarking of FENDL-1 & -2 Data ; U. Fischer
JEFDOC-577 Overview on FENDL-1 Benchmark Validation Task ; U. Fischer
JEFDOC-576 Documentation of the EFF-3.0 file for 56 Fe ; A.J. Koning and H. Gruppelaar
JEFDOC-575 Cross Section Fluctuations and Self-Shielding Effects in the Unresolved Resonance Region ; F.H. Fröhner
JEFDOC-574 Reevaluation of the Resolved Resonance Parameters for 56 Fe+n Including Uncertainties and Correlations ; F.H. Fröhner
JEFDOC-573 On a Proposed Remeasurement of Resonance Capture in Am-241 ; F.H. Fröhner
JEFDOC-572 Evaluation des sections efficaces neutroniques de 240 Pu dans le domaine des résonances résolues par le code de calcul SAMMY ; H. Derrien et O. Bouland
JEFDOC-571 REFIT calculation of the latest ENDF/B-VI 235 U resonance parameters ; M.C.Moxon
JEFDOC-570 Criticality of Plutonium Nitrate Solution in a Large Water Reflected Cubic Tank (130x130x100cm)(19% 240 Pu) -(update to JEFDOC-527) ; G.Poullot
JEFDOC-569 The Nuclear Core Design Manual - Krsko NPP - Operation CORlibfile from INCORE analysis ; A. Trkov, M. Kromar
JEFDOC-568 The Influence of the Basic Evaluated Data Files on Thermal Lattice Integral Parameters ; A. Trkov
JEFDOC-567 Quality Plan for the Assembly and Maintenance of the JEFF Library ; M. Konieczny, J. Rodens
JEFDOC-566 European Activation Processing - SYMPAL . A modular code to process the European Activation File EAF-4/ECNAF-95 ; J.Ch. Sublet and J. Kopecky
JEFDOC-565 Qualification of the FENDL Neutron Cross-Sections Based on Bulk Shielding Experiments ; A. Santamarina, L. Benmansour, B. Gastaldi, R. Jacqmin, B. Camous and H. Philibert
JEFDOC-564 Energy Produced in Reactions with Heavy Isotopes. Proposed Choice of Data in JEFF-3.0 ; J.L. Rowlands
JEFDOC-563 Possible Choices of Data from Other Libraries for Adoption in JEFF-3.0 ; J.L.Rowlands
JEFDOC-562 IAEA Advisory Group Meeting "Completion of FENDL-1 and Start of FENDL-2", Del Mar CA, USA, December 5-9, 1995 - Summary Report and potential Implications on the EFF Programme ; U. Fischer
JEFDOC-561 Validation of FENDL Using Shielding Neutronics Experiments at the Frascati Neutron Generator FNG ; V. Rado, P. Batistoni, L. Petrizzi
JEFDOC-560 Validation of the EFF-3.0 Evaluation for 56 Fe; A.J. Koning, H. Gruppelaar, A. Hogenbirk
JEFDOC-559 Fluctuation Factors in the EFF-3.0 File for 56 Fe; A.J. Koning, H. Gruppelaar, A. Hogenbirk
JEFDOC-558 NJOY/NEADB-14 - Status of NJOY; E. Sartori
JEFDOC-557 Generating energy and angular distributions with MCNP4A ; A. Hogenbirk (overhead slides)
JEFDOC-556 Assessment and Evaluation of Decay Data: Plans for 1996 and 1997 ; A. Nichols
JEFDOC-555 Recommended Debye Temperatures for use in the Calculation of Doppler Broadened Cross-Sections for Reactor Neutronics Calculations ; J.L.Rowlands
JEFDOC-554 Some Notes on the JEF-2.2 Evaluations for 241 Am and its Validation ; M.Konieczny and J.L.Rowlands
JEFDOC-553 Delayed Neutron Data in the JEF-2.2 Cross Section Files for U-235, U-238 and Pu-239 ; J.L. Rowlands
JEFDOC-552 Final Report on Evaluation of the 235 U Cross Sections ; L.C. Leal, H. Derrien, R.Q.Wright, and N.M. Larson
JEFDOC-551 Resonance Parameters of Pu-240 - Summary of the Evaluation ; H. Derrien and O. Bouland
JEFDOC-550 An Intercomparison of Calculations Made for Thermal Reactor Pin Cell Benchmarks and the Small Los Alamos Fast Critical Assemblies Using the JEF-2.2 Library in Different Codes - An intercomparison study carried out by the JEF Project, with contributions by Britain, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland ; C.J. Dean, S. Cathalau, P.F.A. de Leege, K. Ekberg, E. Fort, A. Hogenbirk, R. Jacqmin, M. Mattes, S. Pelloni, G. Rimpault, J. Rowlands (co-ordinator) and N. Smith
JEFDOC-549 Description of the DIMPLE S01A model developed with Monte Carlo computer code MCNP4A ; Marko Maucec
JEFDOC-548 The DIMPLE S01A critical assembly - Results of MCNP4A calculations ; T.T.J.M Peeters and A. Hogenbirk
JEFDOC-547 JEF2.2 Calculations for GODIVA and JEZEBEL ; J. Rowlands
JEFDOC-546 The Effect of Iron and Actinide Data on Physics Parameters of Advanced Fast Systems without Radial Blankets ; S. Pelloni
JEFDOC-545 Inter-Code Comparison for Nitrate Plutonium Solutions using JEF-2.2 ; A. Nouri, N. Smith
JEFDOC-544 Calculation of Pu Solutions Based on JEF2 Files Analysis of the VALDUC Benchmark Experiments ; B. Roque, A. Santamarina, C. Mattera
JEFDOC-543 Testing of the JEF-2.2 and EDF/B-VI.2 through MCNP Analysis of BWR-simulated Critical Experiments ; Jung-Do Kim, Choong-Sup Gil
JEFDOC-542 Contribution to the Benchmark of JEF-2 : Results fro ESADA Lattices; C. Mounier
JEFDOC-541 The TRX-1 and TRX-2 benchmarks - Validation of the JEFF-3.0 evaluation for 235 U ; A. Hogenbirk

June 1995 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-540 Summary Record of the Nineteenth Meeting of the Scientific Coordination Group (SCG) of the Joint Evaluated File Project; NEA, Paris, 14th June 1995
JEFDOC-539 Summary Record of the JEF Working Group on Fission Yields and Radioactive Decay Data ; NEA, Paris, 13th June 1995
JEFDOC-538 Summary Record of the JEF Working Group on Benchmark Testing, Data Processing and Evaluations; NEA, Paris, 12th-13th June 1995
JEFDOC-537 Initial suggestions concerning the JEFF-3 Starter File; J.L. Rowlands
JEFDOC-536 High Priority Nuclear Data Request List - Status in June 1995; Compiled by J.L. Rowlands
JEFDOC-535 Proposal for including stable nuclides into the special purpose file for radioactive decay data (MF=8, MT=457) in JEF-3; J. Eduard Hoogenboom
JEFDOC-534 Some Comments on the Use of JEF2.2 Delayed-Neutron Data; Tony Williams
JEFDOC-533 Programme of Benchmark Intercomparison Studies; J.L. Rowlands
JEFDOC-532 The Pin Cell Benchmarks and other Calculational Benchmarks; J.L. Rowlands
JEFDOC-531 Rowlands pin cell benchmarks - Results of MCNP4A calculations; A. Hogenbirk and T.T.J.M. Peeters
JEFDOC-530 The GODIVA benchmark - Results of MCNP4A calculations; A. Hogenbirk
JEFDOC-529 The JEZEBEL benchmark - Results of MCNP4A calculations; A. Hogenbirk
JEFDOC-528 SINBAD - A Shielding Integral Benchmark Archive and Database for PC's; H.T. Hunter, D.T. Ingersoll, R.W. Roussin, E. Sartori, and C.O. Slater
JEFDOC-527 Criticality of Plutonium Nitrate Solution in a Large Water Reflected Cubic Tank (130x130x100 cm) (19% 240Pu); Gilles Poullot
JEFDOC-526 Contribution to JEF.2 Qualification of Pu Solution Calculations; A. Santamarino, B. Roque
JEFDOC-525 A Contribution to the Criticality Benchmark Qualification of JEF2.2; A. Nouri, G. Poullot, G. Courtois
JEFDOC-524 The Effect of Different Nuclear Data on the Calculated Sodium-Void Coefficient in Advanced Fast Reactors; Sandro Pelloni
JEFDOC-523 Inventory of the Nuclear Data Libraries used for Energy Release Calculations with the Formulaire JEF2/ECCO/ERANOS; G. Rimpault, A. Luethi
JEFDOC-522 Indices from the MASCURA Experimental Programme CIRANO for the Validation of Cross-Section Data; G. Rimpault, P. Smith, M. Martini, J. Pierre
JEFDOC-521 JENDL-3.1 Iron Validation on the PCA-Replica (H2O/Fe) Shielding Benchmark Experiment: Preliminary Integral Results; M. Pescarini, F. Fabbri
JEFDOC-520 Oxygen Potential Scattering; C.J. Dean
JEFDOC-519 1995/96 UK JEF2.2 Benchmark Programme for Validation of Cross Sections; C.J. Dean
JEFDOC-518 DIMPLE SO1A Models; R.J. Perry, C.J. Dean
JEFDOC-517 Agenda for the Nineteenth Meeting of the JEF Scientific Coordination Group, NEA Data Bank

December 1994 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-516 Summary Record of the Eighteenth Meeting of the Scientific Coordination Group (SCG) of the Joint Evaluated File Project. NEA Paris, 7th December 1994
JEFDOC-515 Summary Record of the JEF Working Group on Benchmark Testing, Data Processing and Evaluations, NEA Paris, 8th December 1994
JEFDOC-514 Format Proposal for ENDF File 32 ; F.H. Frohner
JEFDOC-513 Restoration of the JEF Evaluation of 244Cm in the Unresolved Resonance Region
JEFDOC-512 Neutron Physics Calculations of Fast Reactors with Thick Stainless Steel Reflectors ; S. Pelloni
JEFDOC-511 Description and Prediction of Cross Section Fluctuations in the Unresolved Resonance Region ; F.H. Fröhner
JEFDOC-510 Generation of MCNP Library for 56 Fe of JEF-2.3 from GEEL Data ; M.Gallina, L.Petrizzi
JEFDOC-509 Inelastic Neutron Scattering from Pd Isotopes - Nuclear Model Calculations and Update of the JEF-file for 110 Pd - Final Report, Part 2 ; A. Koning
JEFDOC-508 General Comments on Delayed Neutron Data Uncertainties ; A.Filip, H.F. Pang, F.Storrer
JEFDOC-507 Further Needs in Validation and Evaluation of the JEF Decay and Fission Yields Data Files : Proposal for Defining a High Priority Request List ; J.Blachot, B. Nimal, C.Diop, A. Filip, J. Rowlands, F.Storrer
JEFDOC-506 The ENDF/B-VI and JEF-2.2 Fission Yields Libraries ; J. Blachot, C. Chung
JEFDOC-505 JEF-2 Delayed Neutron Yields for 39 Fissioning Systems ; J.Blachot, C. Chung A.Filip, F. Storrer
JEFDOC-504 Specification of the DIMPLE S01 Benchmark Assemblies ; A.D. Knipe
JEFDOC-503 Rowlands Pin Cell Benchmark - Results of MCNP4A Calculations ; A. Hogenbirk
JEFDOC-502 Rowlands Pin Cell Benchmark - Results of SCALE4 Calculations ; R.C.L. van der Stad
JEFDOC-501 Qualification of Fission Product Cross-Sections by Reactivity Worth Measurements in MINERVE Reactor ; A. Santamarina, P. Albarede, B.Gastaldi
JEFDOC-500 A MCNP Analysis of PWR/BWR Critical Benchmarks by using JEF-2.2 and ENDF/B-VI J.D. Kim, C.S. Gil
JEFDOC-499 Some Remarks about the 241 Am Capture Cross-Sections and Branching Ratio; S.Cathalau, R. Soule, A. Benslimane
JEFDOC-498 JEZEBEL Benchmark Calculations with MCNP4A ; A. Hogenbirk
JEFDOC-497 Benchmark Test of New PSI-Methods and Data in View of the Analysis of CAPRA Cores by Recalculating Fast Critical Spheres ; S Pelloni
JEFDOC-496 Revised Results for the Rowlands PWR Pin Cell ; C.J. Dean, R.J. Perry
JEFDOC-495 Results of Benchmark Calculations ; J.L. Hutton, A.W. Butement, C.J. Dean, R.J. Perry, D.J. Powney
JEFDOC-494 The Pin Cell Benchmark ; J. Rowlands
JEFDOC-493 High Priority Nuclear Data Request List - Western European Requirements for Fission Reactor Technology ; J. Rowlands
JEFDOC-492 Fast Reactor Integral Experiments for Validating the Cross-Section Data for Higher Plutonium Isotopes ; G. Rimpault, R.Soule, M.F. Toupin
JEFDOC-491 JEF-2.2 Analyses of Small Sample Reactivity Worth Measurements Made in the SEG Assemblies ; K. Dietze, G. Rimpault.
JEFDOC-490 Proposed agenda for the eighteenth meeting of the JEF Scientific Coordination Group to be held on 7th December 1994 in Paris.

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