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November 2001 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-899 Summary record of the 1st JEFF Experimentalists sub-group meeting - Nov 2001, M. A. Kellett, April 2002
JEFDOC-898 List of new actions agreed upon at the JEFF meetings, November 2001
JEFDOC-897 Minutes of the meeting of the JEFF Working Group on Fission Yields and Radioactive Decay Data, A. Nichols, November 2001
JEFDOC-896 Progress on UKFY3.4, R. Mills, November 2001
JEFDOC-895 Priority Data Needs for Industrial Applications, F. Storrer et al
JEFDOC-894 The WPEC High Priority Request List, M. A. Kellett
JEFDOC-893 Storage of Experimental Data (CINDA and EXFOR), M. A. Kellett
Further Benchmark Calculations for Revised U235 Data. D. Hanlon, C. J. Dean and T. L. Dean, November 2001.
JEFDOC-891 JEFF-3.T2 Trends in PROFIL Fast Spectrum. E. Dupont, J. Tommasi, A. Nouri, November 2001.
JEFDOC-890 On the consistency between natural and isotopic materials in JEFF-3.T. A. Nouri, November 2001.
JEFDOC-889 Validation of the New Pu239 CEA Evaluation. E. Dupont, P. Dos-Santos Uzarralde, J.C. Sublet, November 2001.
JEFDOC-888 Nuclear Data of Photonuclear Reactions for a Multi-purpose File. G. Maino, E. Menapace, November 2001.
JEFDOC-887 Energy released in fission : short review for JEFF3. O. Serot, A. Courcelle, November 2001.
JEFDOC-886 Gamma Production Data, Prompt gamma emitted in fission : short review. A. Courcelle, O. Serot, November 2001.
JEFDOC-885 Progress Report on Main FPs Qualification. Recommendation for Eu154, Eu155, Nd143 and Sm149. C.Chabert, A.Courcelle , B.Roque, O.Serot, November 2001.
JEFDOC-884 Validation of the current Pu241 Evaluations against Integral Experiments. Proposed JEFF3.0 Evaluation. A.Courcelle, A.Santamarina, C.Chabert, O.Litaize, November 2001.
JEFDOC-883 Experimental Validation of U238 Cross-sections. Recommendations for the JEFF3.0 Evaluation. A. Courcelle, A. Santamarina, C. Chabert, O. Litaize, November 2001.
JEFDOC-882 Recent activation cross section measurements at IRMM. A. Plompen, November 2001
JEFDOC-881 Mass and Isotopic Yields for the Reaction 245Cm(Nth,F) Measured at Lohengrin D. Rochman, F. Storrer, November 2001.

May 2001 Meeting, Aix-en-Provence, France

JEFDOC-880 Summary record of the 28th meeting of the JEFF scientific coordination group, 18 May 2001, A. Nouri
JEFDOC-879 Summary Record of the JEFF Working Group Meeting on Benchmark Testing, Data Processing and Evaluations, May 2001. A. Nouri
JEFDOC-878 Summary records of the Intermediate Energy sub-group meeting, May 2001. A. Koning
JEFDOC-877 Summary records of the Decay Data and Fission Yields sub-group meeting, May 2001. C. Dean
JEFDOC-876 ENDF/B-VI release 7 Cs-133 Capture Cross sections, C. Dean
The Michelangelo Network, D. Hittner
JEFDOC-874 133Cs Fission Product: recommendation for JEFF3, O. Serot et al
JEFDOC-873 Updated results for Godiva, Jezebel and pincell benchmarks with JEFF-3.T, P. de Leege
JEFDOC-872 Experimental Validation of Effective Delayed Neutron Fraction in the MISTRAL1-UOX and MISTRAL2-MOX Homogeneous Cores, O. Litaize and A. Santamarina
JEFDOC-871 Feedback of the PWR benchmarking. Required improvements in Fission Products data. Recommendations for JEFF-3, A. Santamarina
JEFDOC-870 Experimental Activities at IRMM. Activity Report May 2001, P. Rulhusen
JEFDOC-869 Proposed JEFF3T Fission Yields, R. Mills
Overview of the Delayed Neutron Data Activities and Results monitored by the NEA/WPEC Subgroup 6, A. d'Angelo
JEFDOC-867 Evaluation of Decay Data for Specific Actinides and Decay Chain Nuclides, A. Nichols
JEFDOC-866 Assessment and Evaluation of Decay Data for EAF - 2000/01, A. Nichols
JEFDOC-865 The accuracy of calculations of resonance capture in uranium-238, J. Rowlands
JEFDOC-864 Standards and Processing, C. Dean
JEFDOC-863 Integral Effects of the Elastic Angular Distributions and Inelastic Cross Section Data of U-238, A. Trkov
JEFDOC-862 Experimental validation of U235 evaluations, A. Courcelle, A. Santamarina, C. Chabert, O. Litaize
JEFDOC-861 Integral Test of Neutron Data and Comparison of Codes by Re-analysis of the SEG and STEK Experiments, K. Dietze, M. Ishikawa, G. Rimpault
JEFDOC-860 ENDF/B-VI release 7 Fission Product Capture Cross sections, C. Dean

December 2000 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-858 Minutes of the JEFF Working Group Meeting, Dec 2000, A. Nouri
JEFDOC-857 Experimental Activities at IRMM. Activity Report December 2000, P. Rullhusen
JEFDOC-854 Summary record of JEFF Working Group on Fission Yields and Radioactive Decay Data, A. Nichols, Dec. 2000
JEFDOC-853 Contribution to the validation of JEFF-3.T, A. Trkov
JEFDOC-852 Mean beta energies, C. Dean
JEFDOC-851 Experimental Validation of JEF2 Fission Product Data. Required Improvements in the JEFF3 Evaluations , A.SANTAMARINA, C.CHABERT, N.THIOLLAY, G.WILLERMOZ
JEFDOC-850 ENEA Neutron Transport Analysis of the VENUS-3 Shielding Benchmark Experiment - Preliminary Report, M. Pescarini
JEFDOC-849 MCJEF22NEA.BOLIB - A JEF-2.2 Cross Section Library for the MCNP Monte Carlo Code, M. Pescarini
JEFDOC-848 Measurement of fission product properties in the neutron induced fission of Cm245 using the Lohengrin spectrometer at ILL-Grenoble, D. Rochman, F. Storrer
JEFDOC-847 A selection of ENSDF fission products datasets for the JEFF-3 decay data starter file, O. Bersillon
JEFDOC-846 NUBASE as a first step to the JEFF3 decay data starter file, O. Bersillon
JEFDOC-845 to -843 cf. May 2000 Meeting
JEFDOC-842 Calculation of the Rowlands pincell benchmark using NJOY99.4 in conjunction with JEF-2.2 and JEFF-3.T data, S. Pelloni

May 2000 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-845 Summary record of the 25th meeting of the JEFF scientific coordination group, A. Nouri
JEFDOC-844 Summary Record of the JEFF Working Group Meeting on Benchmark Testing, Data Processing and Evaluations, A. Nouri
JEFDOC-843 Summary record of the JEFF working group on fission yields and radioactive decay data, 22 May 2000, A. Nichols
JEFDOC-842 cf. December 2000 Meeting
JEFDOC-841 Activity dealing with the HPRL for Nuclear Data, F. Storrer
JEFDOC-840 Nuclear Data projects for partitioning and transmutation within the fifth framework programme (1998-2002), V.P. Bhatnagar
JEFDOC-839 Preliminary contribution to the document on nuclear data priorities in the intermediate energy region, with reference to the national project on ADS, and to the related participation to the CERN-TOF initiative, and tp photonuclear reaction data for shielding purposes of high energy accelerators and irradiation facilities, E. Menapace
JEFDOC-838 Processing and validation of intermediate energy evaluated data files, A. Koning
JEFDOC-837 The development of improved methods for checking decay data, M.J. Grimstone and C.J Dean
JEFDOC-836 Brief report of the Nuclear Reaction Data Centers meeting, May 15-19, 2000, M. A. Kellett
JEFDOC-835 The resolution function of GELINA modelled in REFIT, F. Gunsing
JEFDOC-834 Relationships between General Purpose, High-Energy, Activation and Dosimetry Files", J-Ch Sublet
JEFDOC-833 Preliminary Results for GODIVA and JEZEBEL Obtained Using (a Slightly Modified Version of) NJOY97.107 in Conjunction with JEFF-3T Data, Sandro Pelloni
JEFDOC-832 Processing and first validation of the JEFF-3.0 file (Status May 2000), Y. Rugama, S. Mansour and A. Nouri
JEFDOC-831 The Thermal Activation Cross-Section of Fe-58, M C Moxon
JEFDOC-830 Summary of JEF-2.2 validation: Delayed Neutron Summation Calculations, R. W. Mills
JEFDOC-829 A review of the current status of nuclear data for major and minor isotopes of thorium fuel cycle, S. Ganesan.
JEFDOC-828 The ENEA-BOLOGNA Pre-Post-Processor Package BOT3P for the DORT and TORT Transport Codes, R. Orsi
JEFDOC-827 SAMMY fit of the Al total and inelastic cross sections, S. Kopecky et al.
JEFDOC-826 Experimental Activities at IRMM, H. Weigmann.

November 1999 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-825 Summary record of the Meeting of the JEFF Working Group on Benchmark Testing, Data Processing and Evaluation and of the Joint Meeting of JEF, EFF, and Intermediate Energy Working Groups, A. Nouri
JEFDOC-824 TALYS a Nuclear Reaction Code, A. Koning et al.
JEFDOC-823 Summary Record of the 24th meeting of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group, A. Nouri
JEFDOC-822 Measurements of The Physics Properties of Gas-Cooled Fast Reactors in the Zero Energy Reactor PROTEUS and Analysis of the Results, R. Richmond
JEFDOC-821 Summary record of JEFF Working Group on Fission Yields and Radioactive Decay Data, 29 November 1999, A. Nichols
JEFDOC-820 Recommended values of the Delayed Neutron Yield for U-235, U-238 and Pu-239, E. Fort, V. Zammit-Averlant, M. Salvatores and A. Filip
JEFDOC-819 TALYS, a nuclear reaction code, A. Koning et al.
JEFDOC-818 Comments on selected fission product evaluations for JEFF, E. Menapace
JEFDOC-817 Assessment and Evaluation of Decay Data for EAF - 1999/2000, A. Nichols
JEFDOC-816 Some Notes on the Draft JEF-2.2 Documentation, J. Rowlands
JEFDOC-815 Minutes of a Meeting on the Future development of a Nuclear Data Display package, A. Nouri
JEFDOC-814 Development of a new version of JEF-PC, A. Nouri
JEFDOC-813 Review of Decay Data Checking Methods, C. J. Dean, M. J. Grimstone
JEFDOC-812 Nuclear data of photon induced reactions for a multi-purpose File, with reference to the international co-operation aspects, E. Menapace
JEFDOC-811 Relevance of self-shielding corrections to the intercomparison of the major evaluated files for tungsten with respect to decay heat experimental data, E. Menapace
JEFDOC-810 Experimental Activities at IRMM, H. Weigmann.
JEFDOC-809 Monte Carlo Benchmark Analyses for Ni EFF-3.0 Including Sensitivity/Uncertainty Calculations (copy of EFF-DOC/702), Ch. Konno et al.
JEFDOC-808 Analyses of the TIARA experiments using the LA-150 cross-section data library, Ch. Konno et al.
JEFDOC-807 An analysis of Pu239 evaluation's in unresolved range, C. Mounier.
JEFDOC-806 A contribution to JEF validation with the TRX1 benchmark and its future use in JEFF3 benchmarking, C. Mounier.
JEFDOC-805 Neutron Resonance Spectroscopy of Tc-99 from 3 eV to 150 keV, F. Gunsing et al.
JEFDOC-804 cf. April 1999 Meeting
JEFDOC-803 The JEFF Project - Current status and beyond (Paper presented at the NEA/CERN seminar on Nuclear Data for Technology, 25-26 Oct. '99), R Jacqmin and J Rowlands.
JEFDOC-802 A summary of JEF-2.2 validation studies (Paper presented at the NEA/CERN seminar on Nuclear Data for Technology, 25-26 Oct. '99), J Rowlands.
JEFDOC-801 Experimental Validation of Nuclear Data for Specific Applications (Paper presented at the NEA/CERN seminar on Nuclear Data for Technology, 25-26 Oct. '99), R. Jacqmin and J. Rowlands.

April 1999 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-804 Minutes of the Meeting of the JEFF Working Group on Benchmark Testing, Data Processing and Evaluation and of the Joint Meeting of JEF, EFF, and Intermediate Energy Working Groups. 13-14 April 1999, A. Nouri.
JEFDOC-803 to -801 cf. November 1999 Meeting
JEFDOC-800 JEF2 validation: Performances in the fast range (UR -> 10 MeV), E. Fort
JEFDOC-799 Summary record of the JEFF Working Group on Fission Product Cross Sections, 12th April 1999, C. J. Dean.
JEFDOC-798 Summary record of the 23rd meeting of the JEFF scientific coordination group, C. Nordborg.
JEFDOC-797 High Resolution Neutron Cross Section Measurements for Tc-99, Np-237 and I-129, F. Gunsing et al.
JEFDOC-795 JEF2.2 Documentation Decay/Yield Data - copy of overheads - by C. Dean
JEFDOC-794 Review of Fission Products from CSWEG 1998 meeting, C. Dean
JEFDOC-793 UK Work Undertaken After BNFL/CEA and UKAEA Reviews of JEF-2.2 Decay Data Files: 1996-2000, A. Nichols, C. Dean
JEFDOC-792 INTERCOMPARISON OF CALCULATIONS MADE FOR GODIVA AND JEZEBEL An intercomparison study organised by the JEF Project, with contributions by Britain, France, The Netherlands and Switzerland. April 9 1999 Draft JEF Report, J. Rowlands et al.
JEFDOC-791 High resolution measurement of the neutron inelastic scattering cross section of 56Fe - Current status of the data, E.Dupont
JEFDOC-790 Application of JEFF3T Data to the Winfrith Iron Benchmark, S.J.Chucas, C.J.Dean, R.J.Perry, W.V.Wright
JEFDOC-789 The Use of Updated WIMS-D Libraries for Data Checking, A. Trkov
JEFDOC-788 ENDF-B6 Format and processing codes: The average neutron width for two degrees of freedom, P. Ribon and A. Nouri
JEFDOC-787 Some proposals for JEFF-3 taking into account integral experiments, C. Mounier
JEFDOC-786 R matrix analysis of the 52 Cr neutron transmissions and cross sections below 1.4 MeV: final status, O. Bouland
JEFDOC-785 Proposed Agenda for the Twenty-third Meeting of the Scientific Coordination Group of the Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion (JEFF) Programme, C. Nordborg
JEFDOC-784 JEF2 Fission Product Qualification Based on French Integral Experiments, A. Santamarina, N. Thiollay, C. Chabert
JEFDOC-783 Experimental Activities at IRMM: Activity Report April 1999, H. Weigmann
JEFDOC-782 Impact of methods and data on calculational results for LWR lattices employing uranium-free plutonium fuels, S. Pelloni et al. (Re-print from Kerntechnik)
JEFDOC-781 Important Aspects in the Intercomparison of Calculations made for GODIVA and JEZEBEL (Inert Matrix Fuel Data Studies), S. Pelloni
JEFDOC-780 MCJEF22.BOLIB - A JEF-2.2 cross section library for the MCNP Monte-Carlo code, R. Orsi, M. Pescarini, A.I. Blokhin
JEFDOC-779 MCB6.BOLIB - An ENDF/B-VI release 3 cross-section library for the MCNP Monte-Carlo code, R. Orsi, M. Pescarini and A.I. Blokhin
JEFDOC-778 ENEA-BOLOGNA Validation of the BUGLE-96 ENDF/B-VI library on the VENUS-1 neutron shielding benchmark experiment, M. Pescarini et al.
JEFDOC-777 Neutron Data Test by Comparison of Calculated and Measured Averaged Transmissions, K. Dietze et al.

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