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June 1994 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-489 Summary Record of the Seventeenth Meeting of the Scientific Coordination Group (SCG) of the Joint Evaluated File Project, NEA, Paris, 10th June 1994
JEFDOC-488 Summary Record of the JEF Working Group on Benchmark Testing, Data Processing and Evaluations, 8th-9th June 1994, Issy-les-Moulineaux
JEFDOC-487 UKNDC(94)P4 - Version 6.8w of the INTER Code at Winfrith; R.J. Perry, C.J. Dean
JEFDOC-486 The Effect of Approximations in the Energy Distributions of Scattered Neutrons on Thermal Reactor Doppler Effects; O. Bouland, V. Kolesov, J.L. Rowlands
JEFDOC-485 The Pin Cell Benchmark; J. Rowlands
JEFDOC-484 Results of the HTR-PROTEUS LEUPRO-1 calculational benchmark; R.C.L. van der Stad, Petten
JEFDOC-483 Inelastic neutron scattering from Pd isotopes: a problem solved?; A. Hogenbirk, Petten
JEFDOC-482 The Impact of Different 237Np Data on the Performance of the PHOENIX Transmutation System; Sandro Pelloni, PSI
JEFDOC-481 UK Integral Benchmark Programme for JEF (Draft), June 1994; N.T. Gulliford
JEFDOC-480 Qualification of the JEF2.2 Cross-Sections in the Epithermal and Thermal Ranges using a Statistical Approach; S. Cathalau, A. Benslimane, A. Maghnouj, P. Fougeras, V. Ukraintsev
JEFDOC-479 Critical Mass Determination with the European Scheme (JEF2, ECCO and ERANOS); G. Rimpault, W. Assal, CEA-CEA Cadarache
JEFDOC-478 JEF2 Validation Methodology - Present Results, Future Plans; E. Fort. M. Salvatores, CEA-CEN Cadarache
JEFDOC-477 Validation of Iron and Structural Materials Data of JEF2 - Status; E. Fort, K. Dietze
JEFDOC-476 Benchmarking of the JEF 2.2 Data Library for Shielding Applications; G.A. Wright, A.F. Avery, M.J. Grimstone, H.F. Locke, S. Newbon,

February 1994 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-475 Summary of the JEF Working Group on Fission Yields and Radioactive Decay Data, BNFL, London, UK, 7th February 1994
JEFDOC-474 Nuclear Electric - Decay Heat Methods for AGR Operational Applications (Panther Code); A. Tobias
JEFDOC-473 Draft Report - Review of Decay Heat Prediction and Standards. F. Storrer
JEFDOC-472 JEF 2.2 Data Files, Consistency and Recommendations, January 1994; A.L. Nichols, AEA Technology, Harwell
JEFDOC-471 Evaluation of Decay Data: Progress Report; A.L. Nichols, AEA Technology, Harwell

December 1993 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-470 Summary Record of the Sixteenth Meeting of the Scientific Coordination Group (SCG) of the Joint Evaluated File Project NEA, Paris, 3rd December 1993
JEFDOC-469 Summary Record of the JEF Working Group on Data Processing, Benchmark Testing and Evaluations NEA, Paris, 1st-2nd December 1993
JEFDOC-468 A New JEF-2.2 Based Library for Fast Breeder and Transmutation; S.Ahmed, S.Pelloni, M.Caro, Y. Kadi
JEFDOC-467 Assignment of Uncertainties to Scientific Data; F.H.Froehner
JEFDOC-466 Overview of EFF/EAF Projects (EFF-Doc-237); H.Gruppelaar, J. Kopecky
JEFDOC-465 Data missing in JEF-2.2 Decay Data Library; E.Hoogenboom
JEFDOC-464 Comments on discrepancies in Eu-154/155 and Er-166 resonance integrals and 2200m/s cross sections between JEF-2.2 and other libraries; C. Gragg
JEFDOC-463 Evaluation of Resonance Parameter Covariances and Cross Section Fluctuations for Structural Materials; F.H. Froehner
JEFDOC-462 The UK JEF International Benchmarking Programme: Current Status and Future Programme (Draft); N.T. Gulliford
JEFDOC-461 Some Provisional Results from the 1993/94 UK JEF2.2 Benchmarking Programme; N.T.Gulliford, D. Hanlon, G.A. Wright
JEFDOC-460 Detailed Resonance Absorption Calculations with the Monte Carlo Code MCNP and a Collision Probability Version of the Slowing Down Code ROLAIDS; W.J.M. de Kruijf, A.J.Janssen
JEFDOC-459 Benchmark Testing of the EJ2-XMAS Library by PASC-4 Code System; Wang Yaoqing
JEFDOC-458 Validation of the 172 Groups JEF2.2 Library (EJ2-XMAS) by the Rowlands PWR Pin Cell Benchmark; Y.Wang, J.L. Kloosterman, A. Hogenbirk
JEFDOC-457 The Pin-Cell Benchmark (Status on 29 November 1993) ; J. Rowlands
JEFDOC-456 JEF-2.1 Iron Validation on the PCA-REPLICA (H2O/FE) Shielding Benchmark Experiments; M. Pescarini, F. Fabbri
JEFDOC-455 Experimental Activities at IRMM 1993; H. Weigmann
JEFDOC-454 Analysis of KRITZ-2 Experiments with CASMO-4; C. Gragg
JEFDOC-453 Temperature Coefficient Calculations; H. Tellier (viewgraphs)
JEFDOC-452 Calculation of Critical Masses of Some Fast Experiments Performed on MASURCA; Reanalysis of the Complete Integral Data Set by Reconsidering the Sensitivities; Viewgraphs presented by E. Fort
JEFDOC-451 An Analysis of Sample Reactivity Measurements in Rossendorf SEG Configurations Using the JEF-2 Data Base; K. Dietze, G. Rimpault
JEFDOC-450 The Impact of Different Np-237 Data on the Performance of the PHOENIX Transmutation System; S.Pelloni
JEFDOC-449 Comments on production of neutron point heating from JEF-2 for MCBEND; C.J. Dean and C.R. Eaton
JEFDOC-448 Modern Principles of Data Fitting and Evaluation; F.H. Fröhner (December 1992)
JEFDOC-447 Qualification and Improvement of Iron ENDF/B-VI and JEF-2 Evaluations by Interpretation of the ASPIS Benchmark; S.H. Zheng, I. Kodeli, C. Raepsaet, C.M. Diop, J.C. Nimal, A. Monnier. (December 1992)
JEFDOC-446 Thermal Data for Fission Reactors, ETA of U-235, C. Raepsaet, H. Tellier (December 1992)

June 1993 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-445 Summary Record of the Fifteenth meeting of the JEF SCG; Aix-en-Provence, 18th June 1993.
JEFDOC-444 Summary Record of the JEF Working Group meeting; Aix-en-Provence 14th and 15th June 1993
JEFDOC-443 Benchmark Testing of JEF2.2 Data for Shielding Applications: Analysis of the Winfrith Water Benchmark Experiment; H.F. Locke and G.A. Wright
JEFDOC-442 Contribution to the Benchmark Testing of JEF-2.2 Library, Decay heat calculations for U235 and Pu239 isotopes; B. Nimal, J. Blachot, J.C. Nimal, C.M. Diop
JEFDOC-441 Test of JEF2 Decay Data and Fission Yields by means of Decay Heat Calculations; F. Storrer
JEFDOC-440 JEF2 Validation, Global Analysis - Problems encountered; E. Fort
JEFDOC-439 JEF2 Validation, Action Sheet 2: Validation in the high energy range 100 keV to 10 MeV; E. Fort, C. Mounie, S. Okajima
JEFDOC-438 Analysis of Sample and Fuel Pin Irradiation Experiments Carried Out in the PHENIX Reactor using JEF2 Basic Nuclear Data; R. Soule, E. Fort, G. Rimpault
JEFDOC-437 Summary of Calculations for the Intermediate Spectrum Cells of ZEBRA 8 using the ECCO Code; D. Hanlon, N.T. Gulliford
JEFDOC-436 JEF-2.2 Based PSEUDO Fission Product Cross Section Calculation for a FBR; M. Caro
JEFDOC-435 UK Integral Benchmarking Programme for JEF 1993/94; N.T. Gulliford
JEFDOC-434 Summary of UK Integral Benchmark Results for JEF 1992/93; N.T. Gulliford
JEFDOC-433 Influence of Delayed Neutron Importance on Calculated K-eff for Thermal Systems; N.T. Gulliford
JEFDOC-432 Summary of an Assessment of JEF2.2 Nuclear Data Library for Fuel Transport Flask Criticality Calculations; D. Hanlon, N.T. Gulliford
JEFDOC-431 Summary of an Assessment of JEF2.2 Nuclear Data Library for LWR Lattice Calculations; D. Hanlon, N.T. Gulliford
JEFDOC-430 Benchmarking JEF2.2 with MONK; N.R. Smith, D. Hanlon and A.K. Ziver
JEFDOC-429 SHERWOOD Benchmark Analysis using JEF2.2 CrossSection Data; A. Benslimane, S. Cathalau
JEFDOC-428 Complete Analysis of the ERASME Experiments using CEA93 Libraries; S. Cathalau
JEFDOC-427 Calculational Benchmark Intercomparisons, Progress Review - June 1993; J.L. Rowlands
JEFDOC-426 PWR Pin Cell Model (Based on a WIMS model by M. Halsall); K. Ekberg
JEFDOC-425 Benchmarking of the JEF2.2 bases EJ2_XMAS neutron cross-section library; R.C.L. van der Stad, H. Gruppelaar, J.L. Kloosterman, Y. Wang
JEFDOC-424 Effect of Approximations in the Treatment of Secondary Energy Distributions of Scattered Neutrons on Resonance Absorption and Doppler Effect; V. Kolessov, O. Bouland, J.L. Rowlands
JEFDOC-423 Fluctuations of Neutron Cross Sections of Iron at MeV Energies; F.H. Froehner
JEFDOC-422 Validation of Iron and Structural materials data of JEF2, Provisional conclusions on the 14/6/1993; E. Fort
JEFDOC-421 Analysis of the Winfrith Iron 88 Benchmark Experiment; G.A. Wright and M.J. Grimstone
JEFDOC-420 Validation of ENDF/B-VI and JEF-2 Iron Crosssections by Sensitivity and Adjustment Analysis; I.A. Kodeli
JEFDOC-419 Analysis of the Gamma Heating Measurements in the FNG Stainless Steel Block Experiment; A. Santamarina, I. Abidi, B. Gastaldi
JEFDOC-418 Analysis of the FNG Stainless Steel Block Experiment: U235(n,f) and Np237(n,f) Reaction Rates; A. Santamarina, I. Abidi, B. Gastaldi
JEFDOC-417 U-235 and Np-237 Fission Traverses Measured in the European F.N.G. Stainless Steel Block Experiment; A. Santamarina, I. Abidi, B. Gastaldi
JEFDOC-416 Revised Sodium File for JEF-2; M. Sowerby, C. Nordborg, M. Moxon.

December 1992 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-415 Summary Record of the JEF Working Groups on Evaluation and Benchmark Testing; 9th and 10th December 1992
JEFDOC-414 Summary Record of the JEF Working Group on Fission yields and Radioactive Decay Data; 8th December 1992
JEFDOC-413 Reduced KERMA and Photon Production from JEF-2.2; G.C. Panini, P. Peerani
JEFDOC-412 Validation of JEF-2.2 Structural Material Data; E. Fort
JEFDOC-411 Further Benchmark Analysis with 56Fe Double-differential Cross-section data; U. Fischer, E. Wiegner
JEFDOC-410 Analysis of Fe Shield Benchmark Experiments and Sensitivity Studies; A. Santamarina, I. Abidi, B. Gastaldi
JEFDOC-409 Contribution to Gamma JEF-2 Benchmark Testing and Data Processing; S. Kitsos, C. Diop, A. Assad, J. Nimal, A. Monnier
JEFDOC-408 Experience with Collapsing and Expanding Multi-Group Cross_Section Covariance Matrices; I. Kodeli and E. Sartori
JEFDOC-407 Minutes of Second Meeting of the Subgroup 2 (Generation of Covariance Files for Fe-56 and Natural Fe) of the NSC Working Group on Evaluation Cooperation; H. Vonach
JEFDOC-406 Computer Codes for Checking, Plotting and Processing of Neutron Cross-Section Covariance Data and their Applications; E. Sartori and R. Roussin
JEFDOC-405 List of Presentations and Summary Discussions at COV'92 Meeting; E. Sartori
JEFDOC-404 Delayed Neutron Data in JEF-2; R. Mills
JEFDOC-403 Average Partial Energies from Fission for the Major Fissioning Nuclides; R. Mills
JEFDOC-402 JEF-2 Validation Work in Cadarache - December 1992; E. Fort and S. Cathalau
JEFDOC-401 Fast Reactor Benchmarks and Integral Data Testing and Feedback into JEF-2; E. Fort and M. Salvatores
JEFDOC-400 Integral Data Testing for Thermal Reactors and Feedback into JEF-2; H. Tellier and J. Vanuxeem
JEFDOC-399 Fundamental Mode Calculations for KRITZ 2.13; J. Rowlands
JEFDOC-398 Doppler Effects Measured in Fast Reactor Spectra; J. Rowlands
JEFDOC-397 Preliminary results PWR pin cell; R. van der Stad
JEFDOC-396 UK Programme/Progress; N.T. Gulliford
JEFDOC-395 JEF-2.2 Benckmark Calculations for Thermal Reactor Pincells Using WIMS at Winfrith; R.J. Perry and C.J. Dean
JEFDOC-394 Edition 2 of the MICROR Interface Code/ Neutronics Calculations of the SCHERZO Fast Experiments/ Comparison Calculation of a Large Sodium-Cooled Fast Breeder Reactor Using Modern Neutron Data; S. Pelloni
JEFDOC-393 Feedback on JEF-2.2; NEA Data Bank
JEFDOC-392 PCA-Replica Shielding Benchmark: Final Comparison of the Validations of the ENDF/B-VI and JEF-2.1 Iron Cross Section sets; M. Pescarini
JEFDOC-391 Resonance Region Data for Sodium; M.C. Moxon and M.G. Sowerby

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