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Spring 1985 Meetings, OECD NEA, Paris, France

JEFDOC-93 Summary record of the meeting of the working group on the ENDF-6 format.
JEFDOC-92 Integral test of JEF-1 cross-sections for important fission products, Vol.3.
JEFDOC-91 Investigation of Hf-174, and Hf-176 to -180, JEF-1, JENDL-2 and France/HRB. Evaluated Files with the Aim to Give Proposals for Final JEF-1 Evaluations, J. Hagger, S. Pelloni and J. Stepanek.
JEFDOC-90 Summary Record of the Sixth Meeting of the Scientific Coordination Group of the Joint Evaluated File Project
JEFDOC-89 A suggestion for JEF-2; E. Sartori
JEFDOC-88 Re-evaluation of Yp Pu-239 in the frame of JEF library improvement; E. Fort, P. Long
JEFDOC-87 Restricted NEACRP specialists meeting on methods for treating unresolved resonance region in Neutronics calculations. Pu-239 benchmark results analysis. Additional investigations. Conclusions and recommendations; E.Fort
JEFDOC-86 Some recommendations of data to be included in JEF-1; E. Fort
JEFDOC-85 Integral test of JEF-1 Cross-sections for important fission products, Vol. 3; A.J. Janssen, H. Gruppelaar, N. Karouby-Cohen, M. Salvatores
JEFDOC-84 Preliminary Results for Thermal Reactor Benchmark Test of JEF-1; N. Arshad, W. Bernnat, J. Keinert, M. Mattes, B. Pohl
JEFDOC-83 Benchmarking JEF-1 Zero Dimensional and 2D Diffusion Fast Reactor Reaction Rate Calculations at Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe; A.P. Thompson
JEFDOC-82 JEF-1 Benchmark Calculations for Zero Leakage Systems; M. Grimstone
JEFDOC-81 JEF-1 Calculations for homogeneous spherical representation of some fast critical assemblies; C. Leake
JEFDOC-80 Preliminary Benchmark Calculations in phase 2 context; E. Fort, M. Salvatores, P. Long
JEFDOC-79 Methods for Calculating Cross Sections and Shielding Factors in the Unresolved Resonance Region; J.L. Rowlands
JEFDOC-78 Testing and Improvement of the NJOY Nuclear Data processing System at EIR; D.W. Muir
JEFDOC-77 New EIR/HRB Pointwise Neutron and Photon Cross Sections Library Generated Using NJOY Cross Section Processing System on the basis ENDF/B-V and -IV, JEF-1, JENDL-2 and IRDF82 Cross Section Files; J. Stepanek
JEFDOC-76 Preliminary Comparisons of Fission Yield Libraries; M.F. James
JEFDOC-75 Standardization of Group Cross Sections; J.L. Rowlands
JEFDOC-74 Neutron Interaction cross Section Covariance Data; E. Sartori
JEFDOC-73 Standard Format for Group Cross Section Libraries Derived from JEF; E. Sartori
JEFDOC-72 Benchmark test of JEF-1; H. Takano, E. Sartori.
JEFDOC-71 CCCC ISOTXS and BRKOXS Cross-Section Libraries for 71,50,26 and 25 Energy Groups. Based on the JEF-1 Evaluated Nuclear Data File; E. Sartori, H. Takano.
JEFDOC-70 JEF Status Report, NEA Data Bank; C. Nordborg
JEFDOC-69 Review of the Integral-data test of the fission-product file of JEF-1; H. Gruppelaar, M. Salvatores

December 1984 Meeting, OECD NEA, Paris, France

JEFDOC-68 Benchmark testing for JEF - Actinides Capture Cross Sections Measurements in PWR Spectrum - Sherwood irradiation.
JEFDOC-67 Integral test of JEF-1 fission-product cross sections, Part 2: second series of nuclides (contribution to the JEF users group meeting, 11th December 1984).
JEFDOC-66 Inelastic scattering cross sections in the fission-product mass range (contribution to the JEF users' group meeting, 11th December 1984.)
JEFDOC-65 Next meeting of the Scientific Coordination Group.
JEFDOC-64 Status of the evaluation work planned for the JEF-2 File, 29th October 1984.
JEFDOC-63 Postponement of the JEF meeting planned for 30th October 1984.

June 1984 Meeting, OECD NEA, Paris, France

JEFDOC-62 JEF - Integral Tests in Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe; 21st May 1984.
JEFDOC-61 Benchmark testing for JEF - Additional suggestions by CEA for definition and participation; June 1984, E. Fort and M. Salvatores.
JEFDOC-60 Informal Meeting of the JEF Users Group, held at OECD Headquarters, Paris, 30th May 1984.
JEFDOC-59 Presentation of JEF to the members of the Japanese Nuclear Data Community; Tokyo, 19th March 1984.

February 1984 Meeting, OECD NEA, Paris, France

JEFDOC-58 Summary Record of the Fifth Meeting of the Scientific Coordination Group of the Joint Evaluated File Project, Paris, 21st February 1984.
JEFDOC-57 Model Calculations of Double Differential Cross Sections; H. Gruppelaar, December 1983.
JEFDOC-56 Storage of double-differential cross-sections in the new MF=6 format of ENDF/B; H. Gruppelaar, November 1983.
JEFDOC-55 Proposals and recommendations for the ENDF/B-VI format (Letter from H. Gruppelaar to H. Lemmel of 8th December 1983).
JEFDOC-54 MICROS Cross Sections via NJOY - The MICROR Module; J. Stepanek, D. Mathews, S. Pelloni, C. Higgs, 12th January 1984.
JEFDOC-53 Progress Report of Nuclear Data Evaluation Activities in the Netherlands; H. Gruppelaar, February 1984.
JEFDOC-52 Status of the Pu-239 Cross-Section Evaluation in Thermal and Resonance Region; H. Derrien, 20th February 1984.
JEFDOC-51 Suggestions for Improvement of JEF Version 1 concerning the Nuclei U-235, U-238, Pu-239 for energies over 5 MeV; E. Fort, 20th February 1984.
JEFDOC-50 Integral Test of JEF-1 Fission Product Cross Sections, Part 1: Most Important Nuclides; A.J. Janssen, H. Gruppelaar, N. Karouby-Cohen, L. Martin-Deidier, G. Rimpault, M. Salvatores, February 1984.
JEFDOC-49 Zero Dimensional K-effective Fast Reactor Calculations at Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe; A. Thompson.
JEFDOC-48 Benchmark Calculations for JEF-1 in Phase 1 Context; E. Fort, P. Long, 20th February 1984.
JEFDOC-47 UK Benchmark Calculations (JEF-1 Calculations for Simple Fast Criticals)
JEFDOC-46 Thermal Reactor Benchmarks for Testing Cross Section Data of the JEF-1 File; J. Keinert, M. Mattes, February 1984.
JEFDOC-45 WIMS Group Structure in the Thermal and Resonance Region; J.L. Rowlands, February 1984.
JEFDOC-44 Revised results for the NEACRP benchmark in the unresolved resonance region using the TIMS-1 code; H. Takano, 20th February 1984.
JEFDOC-43 Methods for treating resonance shielding in the unresolved region; J.L. Rowlands
JEFDOC-42 JEF Progress Report; C. Nordborg, 20th February 1984.
JEFDOC-41 JEF-1 Scattering Law Data; J. Keinert, M. Mattes, 16th February 1984.

September 1983 Meeting, OECD NEA, Paris, France

JEFDOC-40 Summary Record of the Fourth Meeting of the Scientific Coordination Group of the Joint Evaluated File Project, Paris, 13th September 1983.
JEFDOC-39 Fission Yields for JEF; M.F. James.
JEFDOC-38 Sources of covariance data for JEF-1; J.L. Rowlands, September 1983.
JEFDOC-37 Preliminary benchmark calculations for JEF-1; C. Biles, C. Dean and J.L. Rowlands, September 1983.
JEFDOC-36 Cross sections at thermal neutron energies; thermal scattering and the energy shapes of cross sections; J.L. Rowlands, September 1983.
JEFDOC-35 Resonance shielding in the unresolved region; J.L. Rowlands, September 1983.
JEFDOC-34 Zero dimensional fast rector calculations using JEF data, performed at KFK; A. Thompson, 12th September 1983.
JEFDOC-33 Report from the NEA Data Bank to the Fourth Meeting of the Scientific Coordinating Group; C. Nordborg, 9th September 1983.
JEFDOC-32.1 A 71 group CCCC ISOTXS and BRKOXS cross section library based on the JEF-1 Evaluated Nuclear Data File, suitable for the JEZEBEL critical assemblies; E. Sartori, February 1984.
JEFDOC-32 A 71 group CCCC ISOTXS and BRKOXS cross section library based on the JEF-1 Evaluated Nuclear Data File; E. Sartori and T. Nakagawa, July 1983.
JEFDOC-31 Comparison of JEF-1 with other large evaluated data files; C. Nordborg, 8th September 1983.
JEFDOC-30 Final recommendations for the fission-product cross section evaluations in JEF-1; H. Gruppelaar, E. Menapace, September 13th 1983.
JEFDOC-29 Benchmark testing for JEF; J. Bouchard, E. Fort, L. Martin Deidier, M. Salvatores.
JEFDOC-28 Priorities for variance-covariance matrices in JEF; E. Fort, L. Martin-Deidier, M. Salvatores.
JEFDOC-27 Postponement of the meeting planned for 14th June 1983, 17th May 1983.

April and January 1983 Meetings, OECD NEA, Paris, France

JEFDOC-26 Summary record of the Second Meeting of the Working Group on Decay Data Files, London, 15th April 1983.
JEFDOC-25 Comparison of JEF-1 with other large evaluated data files; T. Nakagawa and C. Nordborg, 22nd February 1983.
JEFDOC-24 Summary record of the Third Meeting of the Scientific Coordinating Group of the Joint Evaluated File Project, Paris, 20th January 1983.
JEFDOC-23 Re-evaluations and modifications to JEF-1; C. Nordborg, January 1983.
JEFDOC-22 Covariance data in evaluations for JEF; M.G. Sowerby, 10th January 1983.
JEFDOC-21 Intercomparison of Sodium Evaluations for the Joint Evaluated File; T. Wielding and H. Conde, January 1983.
JEFDOC-20 Recent evaluations of the U-235 cross sections in the resonance regions; H. Derrien (English translation of a document entitled "Les évaluations récentes des sections efficaces de U-235 dans le domaine des résonances")
JEFDOC-19 Recommendation of a Ba file for JEF-1. (Letter from H. Vonach to C. Nordborg of 14th January 1983.)
JEFDOC-18 Collaboration on the evaluation of testing of radioactive decay data and fission product yield data within the frame work of the JEF project; J.L. Rowlands, January 1983.
JEFDOC-17 Group-averaged Cross Sections for the Analysis of Benchmark Experiments; J.L. Rowlands, January 1983.
JEFDOC-16 Benchmark testing of JEF-1; J.L. Rowlands, January 1983.
JEFDOC-15 Report of the NEA Data Bank concerning the present status of JEF-1; T. Nakagawa, B. Neumann and C. Nordborg, 18th January 1983.

December and September 1982 Meetings, OECD NEA, Paris, France

JEFDOC-14 Summary Record of the ad-hoc Working Group Meeting on Decay Data Files, Saclay, 15 December, 1982.
JEFDOC-13 Summary Record of the Second Meeting of the Scientific Coordinating Group of the Joint Evaluated File Project; Antwerp, 8th September 1982.
JEFDOC-12 Proposal to the Steering Committee for Nuclear Energy for a Second Phase Joint Programme on Neutron Data Evaluation, NE(82)19.
JEFDOC-11 Evaluation of Activation Cross Sections of Corrosion Products, Cover-Gas Nuclides and other Nuclides in the Primary Cooling Circuit of a Fast Power Reactor; H. Gruppelaar and H.A.J. van der Kamp, August 1982.
JEFDOC-10 Addendum to the reports TIB/FICS(82)7 and TIB/FICS(82)8; G.C. Panini
JEFDOC-9 Recommended evaluated data for Cm-242, -243 and -245 (TIB/FICS(82)8); E. Menapace, G.C. Panini and M. Vaccari
JEFDOC-8 Recommended evaluated cross sections of the isotopes of natural Gd (TIB/FICS(82)7); E. Menapace, G.C. Panini and M. Vaccari
JEFDOC-7 Intercomparison of Oxygen Evaluations for the Joint Evaluated File; H. Conde, September 1982.
JEFDOC-6 Intercomparison of Am-242 and Am-243 evaluations for the Joint Evaluated File; H. Conde, September 1982.
JEFDOC-5 Intercomparison of Am-241 evaluations for the European Japanese neutron data library; M.A. Etemad and H. Conde, September 1982 (supersedes JNDF-19).
JEFDOC-4 The European-Japanese Joint Programme on Neutron Data Evaluation; C.G. Campbell and C. Nordborg.
JEFDOC-3 Compilation of JEF-1 at NEA Data Bank; T. Nakagawa and C. Nordborg, 31st August 1982.
JEFDOC-2 General information part of JEF-1; NEA Data Bank.

March 1982, First SCG Meeting, OECD NEA, Paris, France

JEFDOC-1 Summary Record of the First Meeting of the Scientific Coordinating Group, Paris, 30th March 1982.

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