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September 1998 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-776 Summary record of the 22nd meeting of the JEFF scientific coordination group, C. Nordborg
JEFDOC-775 Summary Record of the 3rd Meeting of the JEFF Intermediate Energy Working Group, 17 Sept 1998, A.J. Koning
JEFDOC-774 Summary Record of an Informal Meeting to Review Progress of JEFF-3.T, 14 Dec 1998, J.L. Rowlands
JEFDOC-773 Summary Record of the JEFF Working Group Meeting on Fission Yields and Radioactive Decay Data, 17 Sept 1998, A.L. Nichols
JEFDOC-772 Summary Record of the JEFF Working Group Meeting on Fission Product Cross Sections, 17 Sept 1998, C.J. Dean
JEFDOC-771 Summary Record of the JEFF Working Group Meeting on Benchmarking Testing, Data Processing and Evaluation, 15-16 Sept 1998, J.L. Rowlands
JEFDOC-770 Intermediate Energy Activation and Transmutation Cross Section Data: Status of Evaluation, Processing and Application in Activation Calculations at FZK; U. Fischer et al.
JEFDOC-769 MCNPX analysis of 68 MeV neutron transmission on iron; A.J. Koning
JEFDOC-768 Evaluation of 242-Pu Data for the Incident Energy Neutron Energy Range 5-20 MeV; A. Tudora
JEFDOC-767 Validation of the Bugle-96 ENDF/B-VI Library on the Venus-1 Shielding Benchmark Experiment; M. Pescarini et al.
JEFDOC-766 MCB6.BOLIB: An ENDF/B-VI Library for the MCNP Monte Carlo Code; R. Orsi et al.
JEFDOC-765 PRODEVA Load Log for JEFF-3.T (as of 14 Sept 1998); M. Konieczny
JEFDOC-763 Intercomparison of calculations made for Godiva and Jezebel; J. Rowlands et al.
JEFDOC-762 Status of Pseudo Fission Product Cross Sections for Fast Reactors; H. Gruppelaar et al. (copy of NSC/WPEC report 17)
JEFDOC-761 Plots of important fission-product radiative capture cross sections, EAF vs Experimental data; J. Kopecky
JEFDOC-760 Improved Structural Material Cross Sections for Steel Reflected Fast Reactor Calculations; J.C. Bosq, G. Rimpault and E. Fort
JEFDOC-759 JEF-2.2 Validation: Part 1 - General Purpose File; E. Fort et al.
JEFDOC-758 Possible origin of the gamma-ray discrepancy in the summation calculations of fission product decay heat, T. Yoshida et al.
JEFDOC-757 Validation of Decay Heat Data from ENDF/B-VI, JEF-2.2 and JNDC FP; P. de Leege et al.
JEFDOC-756 Neutron induced fission of 238-U at incident neutron energies from 1.2 to 5.8 MeV; F. Vives, F.-J. Hambsch et al.
JEFDOC-755 Investigation of the far from asymmetric region; F.-J. Hambsch and S. Oberstedt
JEFDOC-754 Fission Mode calculations for 239-U, a revision of the multi-modal random neck-rupture model; S. Oberstedt, F.-J. Hambsch and F. Vives
JEFDOC-753 Fission Physics investigations at IRMM; F.-J. Hambsch
JEFDOC-752 Contribution to the validation of the new 235-U evaluation; I. Guimier and A. Nouri
JEFDOC-751 Nuclear Data Adjustment using Spent Fuel Analysis: Feedback to the JEFF-3 Project; C. Mounier
JEFDOC-750 On the influence of Crystalline Binding on Resonant Absorption and Reaction Rates; D. Naberejnev, C. Mounier and R. Sanchez
JEFDOC-749 Evaluation of Decay Data for BNFL plc - 1997/98; A.L. Nichols
JEFDOC-748 Results from the critical intercomparison and selection of Cm isotopes evaluation for JEFF library purposes; E. Menapace, A. Musumeci and M. Vaccari
JEFDOC-747 Recommendations for basic data evaluation deduced from the validation of gamma heating calculations against experiments in Mascura; A. Luthi
JEFDOC-746 Analysis of the sample oscillation measurements in the Stek-facility using JEF-2.2 data; A. Meister
JEFDOC-745 Solid state effects on the reaction cross-section below a few eV; M.C. Moxon
JEFDOC-744 Benchmark Calculations for Uranium 235; C. Dean
JEFDOC-743 Experimental Activities at IRMM, Activity Report September 1998; H. Weigmann

June 1998 SCG Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-742 Status of the JEFF Project; NEA, Paris, June 1998

December 1997 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-741 New Evaluations and Revisions to the Proposed Selection for JEFF-3; revisions of December 1997
JEFDOC-740 Summary Record of the JEFF Working Group Meeting on Benchmark Testing, Data Processing and Evaluations; NEA, Paris 15-16 December 1997
JEFDOC-739 Summary Record of the EAF/EFF Monitor Group Meeting (Copy of EFFDOC-636), H. Gruppelaar and A. J. Koning
JEFDOC-738 Summary Record of the JEFF Working Group Meeting on Intermediate Energy Data
JEFDOC-737 JEFF Working Group on Fission Product Cross-sections; Summary Record of the Meeting held on Monday 15 December 1997; C.J. Dean
JEFDOC-736 NJOY97 Status; R. MacFarlane
JEFDOC-735 Status of pseudo fission-product cross sections for fast reactors - Results of the SWG17; ECN-R--97-011 ; H. Gruppelaar
JEFDOC-734 Comments from M. Kawai on :- "Status of pseudo fission-product cross sections for fast reactors - Results of the SWG17; ECN-R-97-DRAFT "
JEFDOC-733 Notes on energy dependence of capture cross section for individual nuclides (including 20 highest contribution nuclides and 7 nuclides with RMS (>10%))
JEFDOC-732 Notes in Support of Discussions at JEF Specialists Meeting on Fission Products Held at the NEA Databank Paris, June 1997; N.T. Gulliford
JEFDOC-731 Preliminary evaluation of the LENDEL et al. model to calculate the delayed neutron yield as a function of energy. First results of the JEF-2.2 data validation ; E. Fort, V. Zammit, A. Filip, E. Dupont
JEFDOC-730 Worth of Thermal Reactor Fission Products ; N.T. Gulliford, D. Hanlon
JEFDOC-729 Spins of resonances in reactions of neutrons with 238U and 113Cd ; F. Gunsing, K. Athanassopulos, F. Corvi, H. Postma, Yu. P. Popov, E.I. Sharapov
JEFDOC-728 Experimental Activities at IRMM - Activity Report December 1997 ; H. Weigmann
JEFDOC-727 Remarks on Measurements on long-lived radioactive Fission Products ; H. Weigmann
JEFDOC-726 Summary notes: Specialist' Meeting on Fission-Product Cross Sections, 18 June 1997 ; C. Dean
JEFDOC-725 Sodium Nuclear Data Evaluation - for a better prediction of Na Void Reactivity Worth in Plutonium Burner Cores and for deep propagation of neutrons in sodium ; G. Rimpault, P. Smith, B. Camous, E. Fort, P. Long, M.F. Toupin
JEFDOC-724 Validation of the Pu240 Cross Section Data Available with the ERANOS Formulaire ; P. Smith, G. Rimpault, O. Bouland,
JEFDOC-723 Monte Carlo Sensitivity and Uncertainty Calculations of Point Detector Responses in the TUD Iron Benchmark Experiment ; R.L. Perel, U. Fischer, H. Tsige-Tamirat
JEFDOC-722 Intermediate Energy Activation and Transmutation Cross Section Data - Status of Evaluation, Processing and Application in Activation Calculations at FZK; U. Fischer, U. v. Möllendorff, P. Wilson, A. Konobeev, Yu. Korovin, P.E. Pereslavtsev
JEFDOC-721 First Results of Benchmark Calculations for Intermediate Energy 56Fe Cross Section Data ; U. Fischer
JEFDOC-720 Fast Reactor Experiments with Thorium at the PROTEUS Facility; R. Chawla, K. Gmür, M. Jermann, R. Richmond, U. Schmocker
JEFDOC-719 JAERI/FNS decay power experiment - FISPACT -97/EAF-97 and FENDL/A-2.0 benchmark ; J-Ch. Sublet
JEFDOC-718 The EAF-97 Library - EAF-97 Revision 1 - Interpolation law correction; J.C. Sublet, M. Detoc
JEFDOC-717 On the Kalbach-87 Formalism in NJOY and MCNP ; A. Trkov
JEFDOC-716 Current Status of the 56Fe Evaluated Nuclear Data File ; A. Trkov, M. Hermann, S. Masetti
JEFDOC-715 Benchmarking the LAHET Elastic Scattering Model for APT Design Applications; Nolan E. Hertel and Thomas M. Evans
JEFDOC-714 LWR Pin Cell Benchmark Intercomparison ; J.L. Rowlands (editor)
JEFDOC-713 Intercomparison of Calculations made for GODIVA and JEZEBEL; J.L. Rowlands (editor)
JEFDOC-712 Mods. or a new evaluation of the Standards (extract from the 1997 CSEWG meeting summary) ; A. Carlson
JEFDOC-711 Neutron Data for Accelerator Driven Systems ; Nuclear models, Experiments and Data Libraries ; A. Koning, J-P. Delaroche, O. Bersillon
JEFDOC-710 ENDF/B-VI neutron and proton datafiles up to 150 MeV for 63Cu and 65Cu ; A. Koning, M.B. Chadwick, P.G. Young
JEFDOC-709 Neutron and proton transmutation/activation libraries up to 150 MeV ; A. Koning, M.B. Chadwick, R.E. MacFarlane
JEFDOC-708 An evaluation of the 235 U resonance parameters using the program REFIT; M.C. Moxon
JEFDOC-707 Qualification of the 235 U Leal Derrien Larson Evaluation using French Integral Experiments ; M.C. Alet, A. Benslimane, C. Chabert, C. Mounier, A. Santamarina, G.Willermoz
JEFDOC-706 The Effective Temperature for Doppler Broadening in UO2 Lattices; A. Meister, A. Santamarina
JEFDOC-705 ENDF/B-VI Multi-temperature neutron library for MCNP ; R. Orsi, M. Pescarini, A.I. Blokhin
JEFDOC-704 JENDL-3.1 and ENDF/B-VI Iron Validation on the (H2O/Fe) PCA-REPLICA Shielding Benchmark ; M. Pescarini
JEFDOC-703 JENDL-3.1 Iron Validation on the PCA-REPLICA (H2O/Fe) Shielding Benchmark Experiment ; M. Pescarini, M.G. Borgia
JEFDOC-702 Analysis, processing and integral testing of the 235 U Leal-Derrien-Larson's evaluation ; C. Mounier
JEFDOC-701 Agenda for the Twenty-second Meeting of the Scientific Co-ordination Group of the Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion (JEFF) Programme
JEFDOC-700 Extension and Maintenance of Decay Data files for BNFL plc: UKPADD and JEFF-3 - Quarterly Progress Report (Dec 1997); A. Nichols
JEFDOC-699 Non-fertile Fuel Benchmark: Sensitivity of the Calculational Results Against the Basic Cross Section Libraries; S.Pelloni
JEFDOC-698 Critical intercomparison and selection of Cm isotopes for JEFF purposes; E. Menapace, A. Musumeci, M. Vaccari
JEFDOC-697 Evaluated Nuclear Data of Neutron Absorbers for JEFF: last results from the intercomparison and selection work; D. Cepraga, E. Menapace, A. Musumeci, M. Vaccari
JEFDOC-696 Overview of JEF-2.2 Qualification for Criticality Calculations; A. Nouri, N. Smith

Last reviewed: 24 September 2010