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June 1992 Meeting, OECD NEA, Paris, France

JEFDOC-390 Summary Record of the SCG meeting, June 1992
JEFDOC-389 Summary Record of the JEF Working Group Meetings on Data Processing, Benchmark Testing and Evaluations; NEA Data Bank, June 1992.
JEFDOC-388 Proposal for a New Group Structure (28 groups); P.F.A. de Leege
JEFDOC-387 Preliminary Decay Heat Calculation with JEF-2.2 and Fission Product Data Status; F. Storrer
JEFDOC-386 Viewgraphs of plots of GD-evaluations in JEF-2; P.F.A. de Leege
JEFDOC-385 U-235 Evaluation; C.J. Dean
JEFDOC-384 Processing of Unresolved Parameters in NJOY; C.R. Eaton, C.J. Dean
JEFDOC-383 UK Programme; C.L. Dean, A.D. Knipe
JEFDOC-382 PWR Pin Cell Benchmark Calculations at Winfrith; R.J. Perry, C.J. Dean
JEFDOC-381 Comparison Calculation of a Large Sodium-Cooled Fast Breeder Reactor using the Cell Code MICROX-2 in connection with JEF-2 Neutron Data; S. Pelloni, M. Caro
JEFDOC-380 Viewgraphs of ZEBRA Benchmarking; J. Gulliford
JEFDOC-379 Preliminary results of Calculations of U-238 Transmission and Self-Indication Ratios using the ECCO/JEF-2.2 Library and Comparisons with Experiment; M.M. Uematsu, J.L. Rowlands
JEFDOC-378 A Preliminary Analysis of the SEFOR Doppler Coefficient Experiments made using ECCO/JEF-2.2 and the ERANOS whole Reactor Scheme; V. Colacioppo, G. Rimpault, J. Rowlands
JEFDOC-377 Review of the Benchmark Activity; E. Fort
JEFDOC-376 The Effective-Beta Sensitivity to the Incident Neutron Energy Dependence of the Absolute-Delayed-Neutron Yields; A.D'Angelo, A.Filip
JEFDOC-375 PCA-Replica Shielding Benchmark: Final Comparison of the Validations of the JEF-1 and JEF-2.1 Iron Cross Section sets; M. Pescarini
JEFDOC-374 Neutron Heating from EFF-2.2 and JEF-2.2; M. Frisoni, G.C. Panini
JEFDOC-373 Agenda for the Fourteenth meeting of the JEF SCG; April 1992
JEFDOC-372 Announcing adjacent meetings of the JEF and EFF Projects; April 1992

December 1991 Meeting, OECD NEA, Paris, France

JEFDOC-371 Distribution of JEF-2.2 rev 0; NEA Data Bank, February 1992
JEFDOC-370 Summary Record of the JEF Working Group Meeting on Radioactive Decay and Fission Yield Data; OECD Headquarters, December 1991.
JEFDOC-369 Summary Record of the JEF Working Group Meetings on Data Processing, Benchmark Testing and Evaluations; NEA Data Bank, December 1991.
JEFDOC-368 JEF-2 Fission Product Library in VITAMIN-J Structure and Weighting; E. Sartori.
JEFDOC-367 Installation of JEF-2 Evaluated Data Libraries; C.J. Dean and R.J. Perry.
JEFDOC-366 Tables showing results of the AMARA adjustment code; E. Fort.
JEFDOC-365 View-graphs on a Data Base for Experimental data to be set up at CEN Cadarache; W. Assal.
JEFDOC-364 View-graphs on the Qualification of JEF-2 Cross-Sections through the ERASME Experiments; S. Cathalau.
JEFDOC-363 Calculations to Compare with Measurements of Thermal Neutron Spectra in Borated Water; J. Rowlands.
JEFDOC-362 Nuclear Data Improvements in the Decade with Special Emphasis on Very Recent Data Evaluations, and their Application to Thermal and Fast Reactor Analysis; A. Mateeva-Küsters and E. Kiefhaber.
JEFDOC-361 NEACRP/LMFBR Benchmark Results; S. Pelloni.
JEFDOC-360 JEF Working Group on Benchmark Testing, UK Programme; C.J. Dean for A.D. Knipe
JEFDOC-359 Accuracy of Methods used to Calculate Thermal Reactor Temperature Coefficients (Proposed Inter-comparison Calculations); J. Rowlands.
JEFDOC-358 Bragg Peaks and Bragg Edges: Coherent Scattering Effects; J. Rowlands.
JEFDOC-357 Remarks about the Uranium 233 Evaluations; H. Tellier.
JEFDOC-356 PCA-Replica Shielding Benchmark: Preliminary Comparison of Integral Results from Sn Calculations using the JEF-1 and the JEF-2.1 Iron Cross Section Sets; M. Pescarini.
JEFDOC-355 Resonance Parameter representation in JEF-2.2; NEA Data Bank, December 1991
JEFDOC-354 History of the JEF files; NEA Data Bank, November 1991

June 1991 Meeting, OECD NEA, Paris, France

JEFDOC-353 Summary Record of the JEF Scientific Coordination Group, 14th June 1991; NEA Data Bank
JEFDOC-352 Summary Record of the JEF Working Group Meeting, 12th and 13th June 1991; NEA Data Bank
JEFDOC-351 Processing JEF2 with NJOY-89.62; C.J. Dean
JEFDOC-350 Benchmark Test of JEF-2 and ENDF/B-VI Evaluations by Calculating some Criticalities; M. Caro, S. Pelloni (Contribution to Jülich Conference in Germany, 13th to 17th May 1991).
JEFDOC-349 Integral Validation of the JEF2 Major Actinides for Thermal Neutron Reactors; H. Tellier, C. van der Gucht, J. Vanuxeem (Contribution to the ANS Conference, Pittsburgh, USA, 28th April to 2nd May 1991).
JEFDOC-348 JEF Working Group on Benchmark Testing, UK Programme; A.D. Knipe (ADK/M38/91)
JEFDOC-347 Short Status Report EFF Project (May 1991); H. Gruppelaar (EFF-Doc-100)
JEFDOC-346 JEF-2 Tests: Consistency of Point Data and Average Resonance Parameters for 241Pu + n and 242mAm + n in the Unresolved Resonance Region; F.H. Fröhner.
JEFDOC-345 Tests of the JEF-2 238U + n Evaluation in the Unresolved Resonance Region; F.H. Fröhner
JEFDOC-344 Letter from F. Fröhner to C. Nordborg concerning update of the Pu-241 and Am-242m unresolved resonance region.
JEFDOC-343 Status of the JEF-2 General Purpose File, June 1991; NEA Data Bank
JEFDOC-342 The Oxygen Evaluation for JEF; H. Condé
JEFDOC-341 Resonance Region Data for Structural Materials and Sodium; J.B. Brisland, M.C. Moxon, M.G. Sowerby.
JEFDOC-340 A Group Library from JEF 1.1 for Flux Calculations in the LHC machine Detectors; E. Cuccoli, A. Ferrari, G.C. Panini.
JEFDOC-339 Reserved for Gian-Carlo Panini
JEFDOC-338 Adjacent meetings of the JEF and EFF projects on 10th to 14th June 1991.

December 1990 Meeting, OECD NEA, Paris, France

JEFDOC-337 Distribution of updates to JEF-2.1; NEA Data Bank, January 1991.
JEFDOC-336 Natural Cr and Fe Isotopes Evaluated Files for JEF-2; F. Fabbri, G. Maino, E. Menapace, A. Mengoni, G.C. Panini.
JEFDOC-335 Summary Record of the JEF Working Group on Radioactive Decay and Fission Yield Data; December 1990.
JEFDOC-334 Summary Record of the JEF Working Groups on Data Processing, Benchmark Testing and Evaluations, December 1990.
JEFDOC-333 Updates to JEF-2.1; NEA Data Bank.
JEFDOC-332 Viewgraphs presenting first results with JEF-2.1 for the "Los Alamos Criticals"; M. Caro.
JEFDOC-331 JEF2 Validation; E. Fort.
JEFDOC-330 Calculation of Debye temperature, Q, from effective temperature generated from the scattering law data for UO2; J. Rowlands.
JEFDOC-329 Data and Results for KRITZ Experiments on Regular H2O/Fuel Pin Lattices at Temperatures up to 245oC; E. Johansson (STUDSVIK/NS-90/133)
JEFDOC-328 PWR Pin Cell Model; J. Rowlands.
JEFDOC-327 JEF Working Group on Benchmark Testing: UK Progress; A. D. Knipe.
JEFDOC-326 JEF-2 Test: 238U Unresolved Resonance Region - Comparison with Thick-Sample Transmission and Self-Indication Data; F.H. Fröhner.
JEFDOC-325 VITAMIN-J from JEF-2 rev.1 processed with NJOY-89.up62mm; M. Mattes
JEFDOC-324 Comparison between different iron cross-section evaluations ENDF/B4,ENDF/B5, ENDF/B6, JEF-2.1; C. Brienne, S.Kitsos, C.M. Diop.
JEFDOC-323 Graphical Comparison of some Dosimetry Cross Sections; NEA Data Bank.
JEFDOC-322 Status of the JEF-2 library; NEA Data Bank, December 1990.

May 1990 Meeting, OECD NEA, Paris, France

JEFDOC-321 JEF Memorandum: Release of the main Structural Materials in JEF-2.1.
JEFDOC-320 Summary Record of the JEF SCG meeting on 1st June 1990.
JEFDOC-319 Summary Record of the JEF Working Group Meeting on 30th and 31st May 1990.
JEFDOC-318 Release of the JEF-2 Radioactive Decay and Fission Yield evaluations.
JEFDOC-317 Sensitivity analysis and calculation of uncertainties in shielding; I. Kodeli (photo-copy of view-graphs).
JEFDOC-316 Photon Interaction Data for ENDF/B-VI; E. Sartori
JEFDOC-315 VITAMIN-J, a standard group cross section library structure for reactor shielding and fusion neutronics applications; E. Sartori
JEFDOC-314 NJOY-89.62 (Update information for NJOY-89 code); E Sartori
JEFDOC-313 Coupling the NJOY cross section generation code to the AMPX library system retaining the Nordheim resonance treatment option; P.F.A. de Leege and J.E. Hoogenboom.
JEFDOC-312 Note on the processing of JEF-2 data files for Ni-58 and -60, and Pb; H. Gruppelaar.
JEFDOC-311 JEF Integral Benchmark Testing in the UK; A.D. Knipe.
JEFDOC-310 Test of the JEF-2 Fission Product File; H. Gruppelaar and H.A.J. van der Kamp.
JEFDOC-309 Thermal Neutron Region Slowing Down Sources; Memo by D. Mathews.
JEFDOC-308 Report of the initiation of SWG2 on the generation of covariance files for Fe-56 and natural Fe; H. Gruppelaar.
JEFDOC-307 Memo from D. Mathews to R. Chawla about the JEF-1 Th-232 evaluation.
JEFDOC-306 Status of IRDF90; H. Vonach.
JEFDOC-305 Status report EFF and EAF projects; H. Gruppelaar.
JEFDOC-304 Letter by M. Salvatores to JEF SCG Members about the release of JEF-2 and the processing by NJOY; 9th April 1990.
JEFDOC-303 The JEF project beyond JEF-2; M. Salvatores.
JEFDOC-302 Status Report on the Ni Evaluation for JEF-2; J. Kopecky.
JEFDOC-301 Harwell evaluation work for JEF; M. Sowerby.
JEFDOC-300 to -296 cf. December 1989 Meeting
JEFDOC-295 Adjacent meetings of the JEF and EFF Working Groups.
JEFDOC-294 Postponement of the JEF-2 Working Group meeting on Decay Data and Fission Yields.
JEFDOC-293 Preliminary release of the JEF-2 file; C. Nordborg

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