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November 2003 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEF/DOC-995 Summary record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group, 19 November 2003, by A. Nouri
JEF/DOC-994 Summary record of the Joint JEFF/EFF/EAF meeting, 18-19 November 2003, by A. Nouri
JEF/DOC-993 Summary record of the JEFF Experimentalis sub-group meeting, 17 November 2003, by A. Nouri
JEF/DOC-992 Summary record of the sub-group on Decay Data and Fission Yields, 17 November 2003, by A. Nouri
JEFDOC-991 Status of Decay Data Evaluations, M.A. Kellett and C.J. Dean
JEFDOC-990 Status of UK Decay Data Evaluations, C.J. Dean
JEFDOC-989 Measurement needs for thermal reactor applications : A short list, A. Courcelle, Nov 2003
JEFDOC-988 New nuclear data libraries for Pb and Bi, A.J. Koning, M.C. Duijvestijn, R. Klein Meulekamp, S. van der Marck and A. Hogenbirk, Nov 2003
JEFDOC-987 First validation of the new BRC U-238 evaluated file, M.J. Lopez Jimenez, Nov 2003
Iodine-127 & Iodine-129 neutron capture and total cross sections from 0.5 eV to 100 keV for nuclear waste transmutation studies, G. Noguère, A. Brusegan, A. Leprêtre, N. Hérault, E. Macavero, O. Bouland and G. Rudolf, New version from Jan 2005.
JEFDOC-985 Experimental activities at IRMM, P. Rullhusen, Nov 2003
JEFDOC-984 Impressions from the CSEWG meeting, A. Koning, Nov 2003
JEFDOC-983 ENDF-6 Formatted Neutron Activation File improvements, P. Dos-Santos-Uzarralde and J-Ch. Sublet, Nov 2003
The JEFF-3.0/A Neutron Activation File, J-Ch. Sublet, A.J. Koning, R.A. Forrest and J. Kopecky, Nov 2003
JEFDOC-981 Milestones for the development of the JEFF-3 Decay Data file, O. Bersillon, Nov 2003
JEFDOC-980 Experimental Test of the Crystal Lattice Model of the R-Matrix Code SAMMY, A Courcelle et al, Nov 2003
JEFDOC-979 Summary report of the WPEC/Subgroup-22 "Nuclear Data for LEU-LWR Reactivity Prediction", A Courcelle et al, Nov 2003
JEFDOC-978 Improvements of Isotopic Ratios Prediction through Takahama-3 Chemical Assays with the JEFF3.0 Nuclear Data Library, A Courcelle et al, Nov 2003
JEFDOC-977 JEF2.2 Nuclear Data Statistical Adjustment Using Post-Irradiation Experiments, A Courcelle et al, Nov 2003
Delayed neutron data in 8 time groups, J.L. Rowlands, Nov 2003
JEFDOC-975 Spectral index calculations for Dimple, TRX, Proteus, Godiva, Jezebel and Skidoo, S.C. van der Marck and A. Hogenbirk, Nov 2003
JEFDOC-974 Criticality results for many benchmark cases - The releases JEFF-3.0, ENDF-B/VI.8, JENDL-3.3, and ENDF-B/VII-prelim, S.C. van der Marck and A. Hogenbirk, Nov 2003
JEFDOC-973 Benchmark results for the effective delayed neutron fraction, S.C. van der Marck and R. Klein Meulekamp, Nov 2003
JEFDOC-972 The Thermal Activation Cross-section of Fe-58, M. Moxon

April 2003 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-971 Summary record of the April'2003 JEFF SCG meeting, A. Nouri
JEFDOC-970 Summary record of the April'2003 JEFF meeting, A. Nouri
JEFDOC-969 Summary content of the JEFF-3.0 General Purpose Library, A. Nouri, April 2003
JEFDOC-968 U-235 evaluations Used in Molten salt project (MOST) by Kophazi, Szieberth, Fehér, de Leege, April 2003
JEFDOC-967 JEFF-3.0 Feedback: Status April 2003 by A. Nouri
Comparison of Thermal Cross Sections and Resonance Integrals for Dosimetry Reactions, A. Trkov, April 2003
JEFDOC-965 Investigation of U-238 Inelastic data from JEF-2.2, JEFF-3.0, ENDF/B-VI.2 and ENDF/B-VI.8, O. Litaize, O. Serot and E. Dupont April 2003
JEFDOC-964 Brief report on 99Tc: status and recommendation, O.Serot and F.Gunsing, April 2003
JEFDOC-963 Progress on Cr-52 inelastic scattering and Zr activation cross sections, A. Plompen, April 2003
JEFDOC-962 Modifications to COGEND, R. Perry, April 2003
JEFDOC-961 Further Analysis of JEFF-3T2 Decay Data Using FIZCON, R. Perry, C. Dean, April 2003
JEFDOC-960 Installation and Testing of FIZCON6.13, R. Perry, April 2003
JEFDOC-959 Specification and Maintenance Document for Decay Data Checking in FIZCON, M. Grimstone, R. Perry, C. Dean , April 2003
Preliminary testing of the JEFF-3T2RDD Decay Data Starter File, R. Forrest, April 2003
JEFDOC-957 Nuclides of importance to decay heat calculations, R. Mills, April 2003
JEFDOC-956 Preliminary Analysis of JEFF-3.0 vs. JEF2 Trends in Fast Spectrum Experiments, E. Dupont, April 2003
JEFDOC-955 Criticality benchmark results - The new releases JEFF-3.0, ENDF/B-VI.8 and JENDL-3.3, S. van der Marck, A. Hogenbirk, April 2003
JEFDOC-954 Needs for U238 cross-section measurements to improve LWR reactivity prediction, A. Courcelle, April 2003
JEFDOC-953 Analysis of Hellstrand experimental correlations, A. Courcelle et al., April 2003
JEFDOC-952 Summary report of the WPEC/Sub-group-22, Nuclear data for improved LEU-LWR reactivity prediction, A. Courcelle, April 2003
Microscopic evaluation of Eu isotopes, E. Bauge, April 2003
JEFDOC-950 MONK8B Analysis of the Hellstrand Experiment, D. Hanlon and C. J. Dean, April 2003
JEF/DOC-949 The Generation of Beta Spectra from ENDF6 Evaluations by C. Dean, April 2003
JEF/DOC-948 Measurements of thermal neutron capture cross sections of 241Am, 242gsAm, 243Am and 242 Pu by F. Marie, April 2003
JEFDOC-947 Comparison of Cs133 and Eu153 neutron capture from new evaluations to JEF-2.2 for a range of thermal reactors by R. Mills, April 2003
JEFDOC-946 Evaluation of the neutron cross-section for Eu153 by M.C. Moxon, April 2003
JEFDOC-945 Evaluation of the neutron cross-section for Cs133 by M.C. Moxon, April 2003
JEFDOC-944 cf. December 2002 Meeting
JEFDOC-943 Calculation of the VALDUC Lattices with revised U235 Data, D. Hanlon, April 2003

February 2003, Brussels, Belgium

Nuclear Data Networking: Minutes of the Informal meeting between OECD/NEA Data Bank and EC/DG Research, February 17, 2003

December 2002 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEFDOC-944 Summary records of the JEFF meeting (December 5, 2002) by A. Nouri
JEFDOC-943 cf. April 2003 Meeting
cf. February 2003 Meeting
JEFDOC-941 Summary records of the JEFF/SCG meeting (December 6, 2002) by A. Nouri
JEFDOC-940 Cross section covariance data available in recent evaluated nuclear data libraries, I. Kodeli
JEFDOC-939 Status of IRDF-2002 development, A. Nichols
JEFDOC-938 Cross section evaluation for the system n + 238U, M.J. Lopez
JEFDOC-937 Status of the CERN-nTOF facility, H. Leeb
JEFDOC-936 Status of Tc99 evaluation, F. Gunsing
JEFDOC-935 Nuclear data status and needs for medical applications, E. Menapace
JEFDOC-934 JEFF-3.0: NJOY99 and CALENDF-2002 processing: - Viewpoint, prospect and solutions -, J-Ch Sublet and P Ribon
JEFDOC-932 Brief Progress report of the WPEC-SG22, A. Courcelle
JEFDOC-931 Motivation for New 241Am Measurements, O. Bouland
JEFDOC-930 Status of the JANIS software, A. Nouri, December 2002

April 2002 Meeting, Aix-en-Provence, France

JEFDOC-929 SAMQUA - A program for generating all possible combinations of quantum numbers leading to the same compound nucleus state in the framework of the R matrix code SAMMY, O. Bouland, R. Babut and N. M. Larson
JEFDOC-928 MYRRHA: a European Multipurpose ADS for R&D. Pre-Design Phase Completion, N. Messaoudi, April 2002
JEFDOC-927 HINDAS, A European project on High- and Intermediate Energy Nuclear Data for Accelerator-driven Systems, F. Haddad, April 2002
JEFDOC-926 Light charged particle emission in fast neutron induced reactions, J. P. Meulders et al., April 2002
JEFDOC-925 JEFF proposals for ENDF-7 format, P. Ribon et al., April 2002
JEFDOC-924 Current status and proposals concerning Hf evaluation in JEFF-3, J-M. Palau, April 2002
JEFDOC-923 FP6 integrated Projects: networks of excellence and expression of interest, April 2002
JEFDOC-922 The Difference between Thermal and Fast Spectrum Values of Fission Product Yields - the Information Obtained in Measurements of Delayed Neutron Yields, Antonio D’Angelo and John Rowlands, April 2002
JEFDOC-921 JEFF-3.0 trends derived from the PROFIL fast spectrum experiments, E. Dupont et al, April 2002
JEFDOC-920 Conclusions concerning the delayed neutron data for the major actinides, A. d'Angelo, J. L. Rowlands, April 2002
JEFDOC-919 New evaluation of 239-Pu data, P. Romain et al., April 2002
JEFDOC-918 Integral Validation of the Pu239 CEA Evaluation adopted in JEFF-3.0, E. Dupont et al.April 2002
JEFDOC-917 Re-evaluation of the 240Pu cross sections in the unresolved resonance energy range, O. Bouland, April 2002
JEFDOC-916 Re-evaluation and validation of the 241Pu resonance parameters in the energy range thermal to 20 eV, H. Derrien A. Courcelle A. Santamarina, April 2002
JEFDOC-915 JEFF-3.0 235U and 238U Trends in Fast Spectrum Experiments, E. Dupont et al., April 2002
JEFDOC-914 U8 JEFF3.0 benchmarking, A. Courcelle E. Dupont O Litaize, April 2002
JEFDOC-913 Aluminum Data Measurements and Evaluation for Criticality Safety Applications, L.C. Leal et al., April 2002
JEFDOC-912 Progress report on Main Fission Products: Recommendations for Rh103, Eu152 and Eu153, O. Serot et al., April 2002
JEFDOC-911 Comparative validation results of JEFF-3T2, JEF-2.2, ENDF/B-VI.5 and JENDL-3.2, A. Hogenbirk, April 2002
JEFDOC-910 Data Sensitivity of Design Calculations for High Conversion D2O Reactors, S. Pelloni, April 2002
JEFDOC-909 The UKFY3.4 fission product yield evaluation, R. W. Mills, April 2002
JEFDOC-908 Possible Re-evaluations of Decay Data for JEFF (UK sponsorship), A. Nichols, April 2002
JEFDOC-907 Spectral data in JEF-2.2 and JEFF-3T2, R. J. Perry, C. J. Dean, April 2002
JEFDOC-906 Analysis of JEFF-3T2 Decay Data Using FIZCON, R. Perrey et al., April 2002
JEFDOC-905 Experimental activities at IRMM, P. Rullhusen, April 2002
JEFDOC-904 Status of the nTOF facility at CERN, F. Gunsing, April 2002
JEFDOC-903 Measurement of the 232Th cross-section in the unresolved region, G. Lobo, April 2002
JEFDOC-902 Reserved for JEFF minutes, April 2002
JEFDOC-901 Reserved for JEFF/SCG minutes, April 2002
JEFDOC-900 Energy release in Pu-239 fission, O. Serot et al. April 2002

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