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June 2009 Meeting, Manchester, United Kingdom

JEF/DOC-1294 Summary records of the JEFF Sub-Group on Decay Data and Fission Yields meeting, 3 June 2009, R. Mills & Y. Rugama
JEF/DOC-1293 Summary records of the JEFF working group meeting on Nuclear Data Measurements, Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking, and the Joint JEFF/EFF meeting, 4-5 June 2009, Y. Rugama
JEF/DOC-1292 Summary record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, 5 June 2009, Y. Rugama
JEF/DOC-1291 Need for Spectra in JEFF3.1.1 Decay Data, C. Dean et al
JEF/DOC-1290 Minor actinide fission measurements, experience with the building of experimental covariance matrices, G. Kessdejan
JEF/DOC-1289 New BRC evaluation of actinides, E. Bauge
JEF/DOC-1288 Generation of Covariances for Cr-52 up to 150 MeV, A. Konoveyev
JEF/DOC-1287 Decay Heat calculations for the Th/U cycle, M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1286 3D uncertainty calculations with MCNP: more than a possibility, A. Hogenbirk
JEF/DOC-1285 Nuclear Data Activities at the IAEA , M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1284 Experimental Activities at IRMM, P. Rullhusen
JEF/DOC-1283 A Review of the Evaluated Nuclear Data for Tungsten, A. Trkov
JEF/DOC-1282 Evaluations and experimental measurement of excitation functions for cerium radioisotopes produced, H-T Chau
JEF/DOC-1281 Adjustment of optical model parameters within the CONRAD project, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1280 Proposal for the contents of JEFF-3.2, A. Koning
JEF/DOC-1279 TENDL-2009 beta: Chasing JEFF-3.2, D. Rochman
JEF/DOC-1278 Uncertainty Analysis in Modelling PWR using the coupling of DRAGON and SUSD3D, A. Bidaud
JEF/DOC-1277 The validation of JEFF3.1 and ENDF/B7 data, G. Harris
JEF/DOC-1276 Retroactive Generation of Covariances on Nuclear Model Parameters with CONRAD, C. De Saint-Jean
JEF/DOC-1275 Measurement of the 16O(n,a)13C cross section, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1274 Validation of iron nuclear data for fission reactor calculations : progress report, C. Vaglio-Gaudard
JEF/DOC-1273 Stochastical Doppler Broadening and implementation of the resonant scattering kernel in MC Codes, R. Dagan
JEF/DOC-1272 A decay heat benchmark based on SKB published calorimetric measurements of BWR and PWR spent fuel assemblies, R. W Mills and A. M. Sutton

November 2008 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEF/DOC-1271 Summary records of the JEFF working group meeting on Nuclear Data Measurements, Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking, and the Joint JEFF/EFF meeting , 19-20 November 2008, Y. Rugama
JEF/DOC-1270 Activation Product Decay Data: UKPADD6.9 March 2009, A L Nichols, R J Perry
JEF/DOC-1269 Summary record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, 20 November 2008, Y. Rugama
JEF/DOC-1268 The first resonance of 113Cd, S. Kopecky
JEF/DOC-1267 50th Anniversary of the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart, C. Normand
JEF/DOC-1266 New neutron evaluations of actinides with the TALYS code : first validation tests, P. Romain
JEF/DOC-1265 JEFF-3.1.1/GP Library for Accurate Reactor Physics Calculations, D. Bernard
JEF/DOC-1264 He-EFIT ADS Core Neutronics: A Study Of Nuclear Data Uncertainties, A. Takibayev
JEF/DOC-1263 The recommended JEFF3.1.1 Library and its experimental validation, A. Santamarina
JEF/DOC-1262 TENDL-2008: Talys Evaluated Nuclear Data Library, D. Rochman
JEF/DOC-1261 Doppler Broadening Rejection Correction-DBRC for resonant scattering kernels, R. Dagan
JEF/DOC-1260 Experimental Activities at IRMM, P. Rullhusen
JEF/DOC-1259 Corrections on photon production for many nuclei of JEFF-3.1 library, C. Jouanne
JEF/DOC-1258 The development of advanced reactors; a new focus for nuclear data research, A. Plompen

May 2008 Meeting, Aix-en-Provence, France

JEF/DOC-1257 Summary records of the JEFF working group meeting on Nuclear Data Measurements, Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking, and the Joint JEFF/EFF meeting, 22-23 May 2008, H. Henriksson and C. Nordborg
JEF/DOC-1256 Summary record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, 23 May 2008, H. Henriksson and C. Nordborg
JEF/DOC-1255 Modifications of ENDF libraries for thermal scattering, C. Calzavara, W. Haeck
The Need for Unit Base Interpolation in Energy Distributions Near Thresholds, C. Dean
JEF/DOC-1253 WPEC Subgroup 27: Gamma Source Data for Fission Products, C. Dean
JEF/DOC-1252 Actinides Neutron Evaluations with TALYS, P. Romain
JEF/DOC-1251 Activities of the IAEA Nuclear Data Section, M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1250 U-235 capture cross section around 1 keV: is there a problem?, R. Jacqmin
JEF/DOC-1249 Evaluation of the Unresolved Resonance Range with TALYS, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1248 Nuclear Data Activities at ITU: The "KarlsruherNuklidkarte", C. Normand
JEF/DOC-1247 Na23 Cross-section Analysis with JANUS-8 Benchmark experimental Program, P. Archier
JEF/DOC-1246 JEFF Report 20: documentation of JEFF-3.1.1, M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1245 Status of the Conrad code, B. Habert
JEF/DOC-1244 Resonance Parameters Analysis of Xenon Isotopes, O. Litaize
JEF/DOC-1243 GALILEE: A nuclear data processing system for transport, depletion and shielding codes, M. Coste-Delclaux
JEF/DOC-1242 Improvement due to JEFF3.1.1 for decay heat uncertainties for long cooling times, R. Eschbach
JEF/DOC-1241 Bigten: revisited with Monte Carlo probes, J-Ch Sublet, R. E. MacFarlane, D. E. Cullen, E. Lent
JEF/DOC-1240 Corrections on photon production for many nuclei of JEFF-3.1 library, C. Jouanne
JEF/DOC-1239 Summary record of the Meeting of the Sub-Group on Decay Data and Fission Yields, C. Nordborg
JEF/DOC-1238 Progress on fission product cross sections to improve LWR cycle length prediction, D. Bernard
JEF/DOC-1237 High precision measurements of neutron-induced reactions cross sections on 241Am, C. Sage
JEF/DOC-1236 From TALYS-0.64 to TALYS-1.0 and ALICE-91 to HMS ALICE. Comparison with experimental data, A. Konobeyev
JEF/DOC-1235 Recent entries on the High Priority Request List, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1234 Uncertainty evaluations and validations, D. Rochman
JEF/DOC-1233 Experimental Activities at IRMM, P. Rullhusen
JEF/DOC-1232 UKFY4.1: A set of prototype fission product yield libraries for neutron, proton, deuteron, alpha particle, photon and spontaneous fission, developed from UKFY4.0; R. Mills

November 2007 Meeting, NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

JEF/DOC-1231 Summary records of the JEFF Working Group Meeting on Benchmark Testing, Data Processing and Evaluation and of the Joint Meeting of JEF/EFF Working Groups, Y. Rugama
JEF/DOC-1230 Summary records of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, Y. Rugama
JEF/DOC-1229 Summary record of the Meeting of the Sub-Group on Decay Data and Fission Yields, Y. Rugama
JEF/DOC-1228 Experience using ERRORJ, I. Kodeli
JEF/DOC-1227 Activation Product Decay Data: UKPADD6.8, A L Nichols and R J Perry
JEF/DOC-1226 Needs for Zr and O16 cross-section improvements, D. Bernard et al
JEF/DOC-1225 NJOY Users group meeting, S. Kahler
JEF/DOC-1224 Heavy Element and Actinide Decay Data: UKHEDD2.6, A L Nichols and R J Perry
JEF/DOC-1223 Assessment of survived radiation defects by a modified version of NJOY,S. Simakov
JEF/DOC-1222 NJOY Update Procedures, A. Trkov
JEF/DOC-1221 Current status of the resonant scattering kernel,R. Dagan
JEF/DOC-1220 Testing of the JEFF-3.1.1 decay data file for consistency and comparison with JEFF-3.1 results, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-1219 Comparisons between JEFF-3.1 and JEFF-3.1.1 with Decay Heat Calculations, T-D Huynh
JEF/DOC-1218 Gamma Decay Heat Prediction for JEFF3.1.1 235U and 239Pu, C. Dean
JEF/DOC-1217 U-233, U-234 energy distribution of secondary particles, C. Jouanne
JEF/DOC-1216 Calculation of the fuel inventory and reactivity loss of spent fuels in BWRs with the APOLLO2.8 code, P. Lecomte
JEF/DOC-1215 Benchmark Calculations of Cross Sections for Tungsten Isotopes, H. Kim
JEF/DOC-1214 Nuclear data activities at IRSN, W. Haeck & J. Miss
JEF/DOC-1213 Thermal scattering data and Pu temperature feedback effects, W. Haeck
JEF/DOC-1212 Neutron inelastic scattering measurements of Fe using GAINS at GELINA, P. Plompen et al
JEF/DOC-1211 Experimental validation of Fe56 for fission reactors, C. Vaglio-Gaudard et al
JEF/DOC-1210 New Gadolinium parameters assemblage and benchmarking, J-Ch Sublet et al
JEF/DOC-1209 Experimental Activities at IRMM, P. Rullhunsen
JEF/DOC-1208 Update of the Zirconium Evaluations for JEFF-3.2(beta), G. Noguere et al
JEF/DOC-1207 Correction of the 16O(n,alpha) cross section below 6 MeV for JEFF-3.2, G. Noguere et al
JEF/DOC-1206 New prompt fission neutron multiplicity for 240Pu, B. Morrillon
JEF/DOC-1205 Development of the PSG Monte Carlo Reactor Physics Code, J. Leppanen
JEF/DOC-1204 Tungsten and manganese evaluations including uncertainty files in the resonance region, L Leal
JEF/DOC-1203 New thermal data processing with NJOY-99.252, J-Ch. Sublet, R. E. MacFarlane
JEF/DOC-1202 Improved evaluations for Pb and Bi isotopes for JEFF-3.2beta, D. Rochman
JEF/DOC-1201 Note on using JEFF-3.1/JEFF-3.1.1 data to calculate neutron emission, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-1200 The release of the JEFF-3.1.1 Decay Data Library, M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1199 Neutron Spectra Measurement and Calculations Using Different Data Libraries in Iron Benchmark Assembly, B. Jansky
JEF/DOC-1198 cf. June 2007 Meeting
JEF/DOC-1197 Euratom Framework Programs Research Activities in P&T and Gen IV Systems, V Bhatnagar

Last reviewed: 24 September 2010