Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA)
Working Group on Public Communication of nuclear regulatory organisations (WGPC)

International Workshop on Crisis Communication: Facing the Challenges

Casa de América, Madrid, Spain
9-10 May 2012

Organised in collaboration with the Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear

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Final workshop programme and presentations

Final programme: International Workshop on Crisis Communication: Facing the Challenges

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Opening Session

09:30 Opening Address
 General Chair: Dr. Carmen Martínez Ten, President, CSN, Spain
09:45 Welcome Address
Mr. Pablo Matos, President of the Industry Commission, Spanish Parliament, Spain
10:00Opening Remarks
Mr. Luis Echávarri, Director General, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency
10:15 Objectives of the Workshop
Mr. Mike Weightman, HM Chief Inspector, ONR, United Kingdom, Chairman of the CNRA

Session 1. Key Elements in NRO Crisis Communication

11:00Key Communication Principles and their Implementation
  Chair: Dr. Jozsef Rónaky, Director General, HAEA, Hungary
 Co-ordinator: Ms. Elisabeth Besenyei, HAEA, Hungary
11:10 The CNRA Road Map for Crisis Communication of Nuclear Regulators: Challenges and Implications for Better Preparedness
Ms. Yeonhee Hah, Head of International Relations, KINS, Korea, WGPC Chair
11:25 The Daily Regulator's Communication Approach: a Key Element for an Efficient Crisis Communication
Ms. Karina De Beule, Spokesperson, FANC, Belgium
11:40 Using Social Media to Leverage Crisis Communications
Mr. Eliot Brenner, Director of the Office of Public Affairs, NRC, USA
11:55The Syndromes of Crisis Communication in The Nuclear Sector
Mr. Luis Arroyo, President of "Asesores de comunicación pública", Spain

Session 2. Lessons Learnt in NRO Communication from Past Crisis

14:30 Lessons from Nuclear and Non-Nuclear International Events
 Chair: Dr. Gregory Jaczko, Chairman of the US NRC, USA
 Co-ordinator: Mr. Eliot Brenner, US NRC, USA
14:35 NISA's Lessons Learnt from the Accident at TEPCO's Fukushima Nuclear Power Stations
Mr. Makoto Watanabe, Public Relations Officer, NISA, Japan
14:50 Crisis Communication: Indian Experience
Dr. S.S. Bajaj, Chairman, AERB, India
15:05 Core Communication Activities during Fukushima and Commendable Practices Identified by the CSN
Ms. Marina Calvo, Communication Advisor, CSN, Spain
15:20 Dioxin Contamination in Food – Lessons for NRO Crisis Communication
Dr. Ann Mc Garry, Chief Executive, PRII, Ireland, Chair of the CRPPH
16:30 Main Concerns for the Public? Main NRO Responses
 Chair: Mr. André-Claude Lacoste, President, ASN, France
 Co-ordinator: Mr. Emmanuel Bouchot, ASN, France


Mr. Claude Birraux
First Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Office for Scientific and Technological Assessment (OPECST), France

Mr. Roland Palmqvist
Mayor, Sweden / President of GMF (International Group of Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities)

Dr. María Neira
Director, Public Health and Environment, World Health Organization (WHO)

Mr. Pete Wilkinson
Wilkinson Environmental Consulting Ltd, United Kingdom

Mr. Laurent Stricker
Chairman of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO)

Thursday 10 May 2012

Session 4. Panel: Understanding Respective Roles of Media, NRO and Industry

09:00Timeliness vs. Reliability of Information
 Chair: Ms. Alicia Montano, RTVE, Spain
 Co-ordinator: Ms. Marina Calvo, CSN, Spain


Ms. Annika Digreus
Sverige Radio AB, Sweden

Mr. Hong-Sup Cho
The Hankyoreh Newspaper, Korea

Mr. David Crawford
The Wall Street Journal, USA

Dr. Hans Wanner
Director General, ENSI, Switzerland

Mr. Juan Eibenschutz
Director General, CNSNS, Mexico

Mr. Jonathan Cobb
Media Director, World Nuclear Association

Session 5. Need for a Global Approach to NRO Crisis Communication

11:00How to Address Concerns Outside the Affected Country?
 Chair: Mr. Mike Weightman, HM Chief Inspector, ONR, United Kingdom, Chairman of the CNRA
 Co-ordinator: Ms. Sue Kelly, ONR, United Kingdom
11:05 The Role of Nuclear Regulatory Organisations in Getting Information from a Foreign Event
Mr. Valery Bezzubtsev, Vice-Chairman, Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia, Russian Federation
11:20 Crisis Communication Consistency amongst Nuclear Regulatory Organisations
Mr. Jean-Christophe Niel, Director General, ASN, France
11:40 Communication Aspects of IAEA's Response to the Accident at Fukushima NPP
Mr. Denis Flory, Deputy Director General, Head of Safety and Security Department, IAEA
11:50 Global Approach to NRO crisis Communication, Do We Need a European Solution?
Mr. Andreas Molin, Federal Ministry for Environment, Austria, Vice-Chair of ENSREG

Session 6. Improvements in NRO Crisis Communication

14:30New Strategies – New Techniques
 Chair: Dr. Youn-Won Park, President, KINS, Korea
 Co-ordinator: Ms. Yeonhee Hah, KINS, Korea
14:35Crisis Communication Experience in China
Mr. Liu Hua, Vice Administrator, Director General, NNSA, China
14:50 Maintaining Public Confidence: Putting out the Right Information at the Right Time in a Nuclear Emergency
Ms. Sunni Locatelli, Director General of the Strategic Communications Directorate, CNSC, Canada
15:05 Sources and Measures for Improving the Public Communication of the Japan's Nuclear Regulatory Body
Mr. Makoto Watanabe, Public Relations Officer, NISA, Japan
15:20 Towards Improved Preparedness and More Effective Co-operation in Regulators' Public Communication
Mr. Risto Isaksson, Communication Officer, STUK, Finland

Concluding Session

Findings and Good Practices for Nuclear Regulatory Organisations

16:30Concluding Remarks from CSN
Mr. Antonio Colino Martínez, CSN Commissioner, Spain
16:45New Directions for Crisis Communication of Nuclear Regulatory Organisations
Mr. Mike Weightman, HM Chief Inspector, ONR, United Kingdom, Chairman of the CNRA
17:00Future Work for the WGPC in Crisis Communication
Ms. Yeonhee Hah, Head of International Relations, KINS, Korea, WGPC Chair
17:15Closing Remarks
Mr. Javier Reig, Head, Nuclear Safety Division, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency
 Outcome of the CNRA workshop
Jean-Christophe NIEL, CNRA Vice-ChairASN, France

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