Intermediate Energy Nuclear Data: Models and Codes

Proceedings of a Specialists Meeting
Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France
30 May-1 June 1994

The NEA Nuclear Science Committee organised an exercise on an intercomparison of codes and models used to calculate nuclear reaction processes from 20 to 1 600 MeV. This study was initiated to help determine the predictive ability of current nuclear reaction and transport codes for future design concepts for transmutation as well as for other application areas -- radiation oncology, accelerator shielding, astrophysics, radiation during space travel, etc.

As a follow-up to that exercise, a specialists meeting was organised to discuss the results of the two benchmark exercises organised by the NEA. The first one was on microscopic nuclear reaction calculations (thin target) and the results were published prior to the meeting. The second exercise, on transport calculations (thick target), is still in progress.

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Cover Page and Table of Contents

M. Blann
Summary and recommendations for microscopic nuclear physics development: Thin target benchmark

D. Filges
Summary and recommendations for development of transport capability: Thick target physics

M. Blann
Intercomparison of codes for intermediate energy nuclear data: The first step

M. Blann
Evaluation of LLNL-ALICE code contribution

Yu.N. Shubin, V.P. Lunev, A.Yu. Konobeyev, Yu.A. Korovin
Comparison between preequilibrium and intranuclear cascade models at intermediate energies

P.G. Young, M.B. Chadwick
Calculation of proton and neutron emission spectra from proton reactions with 90Zr and 208Pb to 160 MeV
with the GNASH code

M.B. Chadwick, P.G. Young, F.S. Dietrich
Progress in applying the FKK multistep reaction theory to intermediate-energy data evaluation

M.B. Chadwick, P. Oblozinsky
Physical basis for the Kalback angular distribution systematics

A. Koning, O. Bersillon, J-P. Delaroche
Nuclear model calculations below 200 MeV and evaluation prospects

S.G. Mashnik
Physics of the CEM92M code

H. Takada, Y. Nakahara, T. Nishida, K. Ishibashi, N. Yoshizawa
Microscopic cross-section calculations with NUCLEUS and HETC-3STEP

S. Chiba, H. Takada, T. Fukahori, T. Maruyama, K. Niita, A. Iwamoto
The quantum molecular dynamics calculation of nucleon-nucleus reactions

R.E. Prael
A review of physics models in the LAHET code

R.E. Prael
LAHET Benchmark calculations for protons incident on 90Zr and 208Pb
(A correction to the published benchmark results.)

H. Takahashi, X. Chen, H. Takashita
Calculation of nucleon yields in the nuclear reaction of intermediate energy proton with Zr, Pb and 238U

F. Atchison
A treatment of fission for HETC

P. Cloth, V. Drueke, D. Filges, R-D. Neef, G. Sterzenbach
The HERMES system of beam materials interactions and systematics of INCE calculations
of double differential cross-section measurements of neutron production by protons between
100 MeV and 800 MeV

A.V. Dementyev, N.M. Sobolevsky
SHIELD -- A Monte Carlo hadron transport code

F. Bacha, B. Lefievre, J. Maillard, J. Silva
Analysis of benchmark 2 results

A. Fasso, A. Ferrari, J. Ranft, P.R. Sala
Nuclear models in FLUKA for interactions in the intermediate energy range

D.O. Eremenko, O.F. Fotina, P. Neuhold, Yu.L. Parfenova, S.Yu. Platonov, O.A. Yuninov
Generation of neutron sources in proton-induced reactions in the energy range of 0.1 to 1 GeV

A.V. Daniel, V.Yu. Perov
The SITHA code

M. Salvatores
A first approach to data needs and target accuracies for hybrid systems

Y. Kadi, P. Wydler
Neutronic analyses of hybrid systems with TRU targets

S. Pelloni, Y. Kadi, H.U. Wenger
Present methods for physics calculations of hybrid fast systems at PSI

F. Atchison
Aspects of calculational needs for spallation facilities

E.D. Arthur, W.B. Wilson, P.G. Young
Nuclear data needs for accelerator-driven transmutation systems

S. Leray
Experimental measurement programme at SATURNE

V.I. Ivanov, N.M. Sobolevsky, V.G. Semenov
NUCLEX -- An IBM PC version of handbook on radionuclide protection cross-sections at intermediate energies

V.G. Semenov, N.M. Sobolevsky
Estimation of transmutation of long-lived fission products by proton beam

G. Peilert
A microscopic description of proton-induced reactions at intermediate energies

List of participants