EPR Working Group (EPRWG)

The MDEP EPR Working Group (EPRWG) has been operating even before the MDEP Policy Group formally approved the MDEP in March 2008. The group is focused on the safety design review of AREVA's EPR design.

The national regulatory authorities participating in the EPRWG include:

The members exchange information about their safety reviews in areas such as review and construction status, the digital instrumentation and control for safety systems, the probabilistic safety analyses, the severe accidents evaluation, accidents and transients methodologies and evaluations, internal hazards, human factors, and technical specifications (see the EPRWG programme plan below for more details of the group's work). The working group also discusses issues related to the Fukushima accident lessons learned.

The EPRWG reports its status to the MDEP Steering Technical Committee (STC) at the latter's thrice annual meetings.

The MDEP EPRWG's main stakeholders include:


For more information, see the MDEP Annual Report: 2017-2018.

Programme plan

2017-2018 Programme Plan


Last reviewed: 18 May 2018

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